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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
10,752 backers pledged $1,361,435 to help bring this project to life.

Kingdoms, Chronicles, and Mud

Posted by Soulbound Studios (Creator)

Hey All!

Welcome to the Chronicles of Elyria Weekly Update for the week of June 20th! We've got tons of great information to share, as well as a few things to show off. But, before we get to the good stuff there are a few things we need to discuss with respect to our Kickstarter. First, it was a huge relief this week when we checked our bank account and saw that the money had finally been transferred from Kickstarter to us. Again, and likely not for the last time, thanks to all of those who showed their support during the Kickstarter and pledged to make Chronicles of Elyria possible. The remainder of the month and into July, we'll be working to get our job postings listed so we can recruit the talent we need to get us to Alpha.

That said, having the money in our hands also means that Kickstarter is no longer involved. While Kickstarter ensures people know that no charge will happen unless a funding goal is met and then holds the money for a full three weeks from the date the Kickstarter closes, there have already been a few people come to us and say "we backed you over a month ago, we got the daily emails during the KS and the weekly ones afterwards, we saw we had a 14-day period after the KS in which to go to Kickstarter for a refund, but now we're asking you for a refund."

This is an uncomfortable position for us to be in. On one hand, we don't want anyone backing the game that didn't want to. We certainly want everyone to feel like they're getting their money's worth. On the other hand, there comes a point in time where "what's done is done." 

As it stands now, from the money pledged during Kickstarter, the payment processing system and Kickstarter have already taken their cuts. Add to that, with each copy of the game purchased during the Kickstarter counting as a pre-order with respect to our various licensing agreements, it means we now owe additional money to some of our partners for each copy that was sold during the Kickstarter. So even if we wanted to provide people with a full refund, we couldn't. Attempting to refund the full amount now would come at a loss to us.

So we're right now working with people on a case-by-case basis to make sure refund requests are resolved to everyone's satisfaction. That said, we will be, along with our online store, posting a very clear refund policy.

Ok. The heavy stuff is over. Let's get on with the good stuff!

New Haven at Sunset
New Haven at Sunset


Prologue: The Awakening: In the June 10th update we talked briefly about "Prologue: The Awakening", but didn't talk much about what it was. So in this update, I wanted to talk a bit more about what it is and what purpose it serves. We'll also talk a bit more about other milestones we've set for ourselves, along the same lines as the Prologue.

To begin with, Prologue: The Awakening is an offline, single-player experience that is designed to act as a hands-on test of some of our most important client feature areas. It ties in closely with our "Rope Bridge" philosophy of development as it's a first opportunity to get feedback from players, even before the Alpha 1 (Pre-Alpha) release of our game client and server. Over the last couple weeks we've been defining the feature areas which will be touched during the Prologue, and currently have a set of 22 feature areas which players will get some exposure to. These include (but are not limited to): 

  • the UI system
  • characters & character creation
  • inventory & equipment
  • world interaction
  • locomotion
  • identities
  • survival & resting
  • lifecycle
  • skills and crafting
  • combat 
  • NPC interaction & AI
  • ecology
  • crime & punishment

As you can see, some of these are systems we've already shown off in videos. That is, of course, not at all by accident. Since we've known from the beginning that we would have an offline, testable version of the client at an early stage, the things we've been working on thus far have almost exclusively been systems that will be testable during the Prologue.

It's also important to call out that the Prologue serves a dual purpose. While it will initially be "pre-alpha" quality and as such be released to our Alpha 1 backers and high influencers only, it also serves as an introduction to the world and the story. In fact, the events of the Prologue are quite significant and take place approximately five Elyrian years before the start of Exposition. As a result, at some point before Exposition we will make the Prologue available for all backers to play.

Kingdoms of Elyria: While the Prologue is the first opportunity players will have to experience the world of Elyria, it may not be the first opportunity players have to impact it. We've got about 18 months left of development and during that time we want players to remain connected to the world. Idle hands and all... In addition, one of the biggest challenges MMOs face is creating a connection between the players and the history of the world. Oftentimes, games solve this by scattering books and lore throughout the world for players to read. While that's great at communicating to players the history of the world, it still doesn't connect them to it.

While it shouldn't come as a surprise, with Chronicles of Elyria we wanted to do something a bit different. So, sometime after v3.0 of the website we'll be releasing a web-based portal that will allow players to play the Dance of Dynasties. While we haven't set the full feature set yet, what we do know is it'll enable players to form and change alliances, declare wars, fight for shared resources, and even invest in research.

And here's the coolest thing about it all: Kingdoms of Elyria will begin approximately 90 Elyrian years before the Exposition. The actions that take place during Kingdoms of Elyria will quite literally be writing the recent history of the servers. As you can imagine, Kingdoms of Elyria will come after selection of Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, and settlements, as well as selection of custom family names. The aristocracy and nobility that participate in the Kingdoms of Elyria game will be playing as their noble houses, 2-3 generations before the birth of their first character in Chronicles of Elyria. To protect the identity of the players, the KoE game will be entirely "in-character", with no visible indication of which player corresponds to which noble houses, etc.

So, right about now you're probably thinking to yourself, this all sounds great, but won't this extend the timeline and make it take longer until Chronicles of Elyria is complete? The answer is no. The reason that is, is because aside from the web front-end, the work going toward Kingdoms of Elyria is work that needs to be done for Chronicles of Elyria anyways. Much like the Prologue is an opportunity for us to test the game client, Kingdoms of Elyria is an opportunity for us to test some of the back-end databases, political systems, and other game mechanics.

Finally, you might have noticed that Kingdoms of Elyria is intended for the nobility and aristocracy. But what about the gentry or other players in Exposition who want to participate in the game and testing? Read on.

ElyriaMUD: That's right. You read that correctly. We've been talking with Improbable on ways in which we can expose the back-end mechanics of the game for early testing in the form of a text-based role-playing game. The idea is that by granting players an opportunity to get into the game in a strictly textual format, we can exercise and stress some of the server-side game mechanics even before pre-alpha. Again, aside from the MUD interface and the time spent on building out some of the textual elements of the world, all the mechanics are things we’re developing and testing anyways.

What does this mean for the players? It means that upon launch of ElyriaMUD, players will be able to create characters and walk around in the world, role-playing and interacting with their fellow players while helping us test the game mechanics. And to keep life super exciting, events that happen in Kingdoms of Elyria will be mirrored in ElyriaMUD and vice-versa! If a Kingdom in KoE declares war on your kingdom, you can be sure the NPCs in ElyriaMUD will be talking about it. And if you happen to kill a noble while in ElyriaMUD, it’ll be reflected in the dance of dynasties!

Those players wanting to begin building their guilds, forming in-game relationships, and staying connected to the world throughout the development process need look no further than Kingdoms of Elyria and ElyriaMUD.

Design / User Experience

Ok. Enough with the talk of text-based games. Let's get to some pictures! As I mentioned in previous updates, right now each of the teams are working to move existing systems which were currently "rope bridges" to something more stable and robust. At the same time, we hired a game / user experience designer this spring which many of the community members known as "Death." Yes, that's actually his alias on the website.

Death is currently going back over some of the designs of the game which are more heavily impacted by user interface and user experience and is working to make them better. One of the first experiences players will have in the game is character creation, which includes family selection.

If you saw some of our earlier screenshots on Family Selection you know we had a clunky filter system that was filled with drop-down boxes, checkboxes, etc. After a conversation, Death and I agreed that for being the most immersive world to date, and the first to offer a real family, that's a horrible first experience.

So instead, he's working to change the family selection to be more "wizard-like." In the new system, players will tell the story of their character's early childhood, and in doing so, the game will match their story against the best-fit family or let players know no such family exists. Here are some comps Death has been working on which demonstrates his plan for the new Character Selection / Family Selection system. Remember, these are just comps and are still subject to change. That said, they do reflect the new direction of family selection / character creation.


 Character Art

Since we've been having so much fun looking at pictures, let's look at a few more. We haven't shown much of what the character artists have been working on lately, so let's focus on that this update.

Over the last couple weeks, one of the character artists has been re-visiting our layer and equipment system. The idea is that there are multiple layers of body and leg equipment. This includes a clothing layer, jacket layer, and armor layer for the top, and a pant and armor layer for the bottom.

While that sounds great, it brings with it two important complexities. The first complexity is overdrawing and clipping, and the second complexity is transparency.

What that ultimately means is, if we draw a jacket over top of an undershirt (or armor over a leather jacket), we need to make sure there are no shirt-bits poking through the jacket. Nothing makes the world seem less real than equipment and clothing on the character cutting through each other.

At the same time, if we want to put a jacket on that has elements that can be seen through, such as lace-up drawstrings, we need to make sure the shirt underneath it is still visible. At the same time, the layer underneath the jacket can change as well. It could be a sleeveless shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, or even a long-sleeve shirt. Each type of shirt changes what would need to be hidden or shown by the layer above it.

In the end, we've come up with engineering solutions that enable us to do what we want to do, but it requires the character artists to construct equipment in very specific ways. Among those, each style of clothing is created as a full piece of clothing and then is cut up to support the various combinations it can be combined with to create a final outfit.

Here's an early render which shows a wireframe version of a character split into the different sections necessary to support the different formats and lengths of clothing that can be worn on the base layer. Or put differently, this shows the parts of the figure that could be hidden or visible depending on the equipment worn. To re-iterate, these systems are currently undergoing revision and are subject to change.

 In this render, we've got a couple different equipment pieces worn over top of each other. There are pieces with different shoulder lengths, different boot lengths, etc. Please note, layers underneath aren't hidden in this picture. It's designed to show how different length equipment would lie against the body.

Finally, this render is designed to show what kind of flexibility the system brings to the game. Here we've got a single "style" of shirt. But as a result of the cutting we do when introducing new clothing styles, it's possible to have the same shirt crafted with different sleeve lengths, different collar types, and as indicated by the patterns, even with different material types.

Each section of the shirt could be individually colored before being cut and combined with the rest of the shirt, and within certain constraints, each section could be made of different materials or fabrics. You could mix cotton with a brocade fabric in order to have some sections of your clothing patterned while other sections are not. And while not visible, crafting finished pieces is asymmetric. You could have a long cotton sleeve on the left-hand side of your leather jacket, with a short-sleeve, or even no sleeve on the right.


The main takeaway from this update is that development is steadily moving forward. Systems that will be part of the Prologue but were previously put together as proofs of concept or “rope bridges” are now being polished and cleaned up in preparation for the offline demo.

Likewise, we continue to iterate to bring players the best, most immersive experience possible. And finally, pre-Alpha (alpha 1) will not be the first opportunity players have to experience or impact Elyria. With Kingdoms of Elyria and ElyriaMUD, Alpha 2+ backers and then perhaps more will have an opportunity to write the history of Elyria almost 100 years before, and leading up to, the beginning of the official game.

That’s all for this week. Also, as next week is the 4th of July weekend we’ll be taking the week off from updates. Look for our next Update the weekend of July 9th and 10th.

Jeromy Walsh

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    1. Mackenzie Dommer on

      When can we expect the link email for the IP?

    2. Aeryn Suun on

      What version of the website you guys are updating to? It is the v3 when we can see the awakening? Looking to check out the new website!

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Robbins on

      I feel that offline RPGs are currently in a Golden Age with the likes of Pillars of Eternity, Divinity - Original Sin and Sword Coast Legends, but you guys might be just ushering in an online Platinum Age. Your ideas are making Black Desert Online, for instance, look very backwards facing. Looking forward to helping to create the back story, though upping my backing just became a lot more expensive since Brexit.

    4. Scott Ryan Stroup on

      I'm excited to be a backer with this endeavor and it's potential for actual player impact on the game world progression. I do have a question about the 'Lich' story example...if this is a possible scenario, does the Lich require several Sparks of Life to exist? Or does he gain undead status and require 'Sparks of Death' or something completely different? If this is in the FAQ somewhere, I apologize. Keep up the ground breaking work Soulbound Studios!

    5. HolyAvengerOne on

      @Soulbound Studios : thanks for the update, very interesting!

      Sorry to sound like that, but I feel however that you guys may be underestimating the costs of shipping those items. Testing the underlying systems using these other game outlets is a brilliant idea but I feel it is a lot more expensive, requiring a lot of overhead...

    6. Missing avatar

      Tekronos_Selah (aka: Leproff) on

      Hey team I had sent an email to the support email with concerns on my pledge level. No response yet.. Just wondering if I pledged correctly for the level I wanted etc. Sooooooo Help?! please? I may be upping my pledge again.. I have been feeling like I am losing my desire to play mmorpgs.. this actually may be my last attempt, simply because I haven't found a game that meets the internal desire and expectation. I think you guys may do it and am crossing my fingers that you do as I still remember fondly spending hours back in the beginning. And yes I have alpha and beta'd most all of the older games from Meridian, ultima, eq, ac and on and on and on. Many had different things I loved but alas I find myself not able to find that feeling of 'home' when playing. I am a solo player that likes groups, a true 'ranger' style of play and enjoy the rigors of crafting and making 'great' items. All of which require a balance on resources etc. Programming and planning are paramount in all of these as too much access makes it boring and monotonous and tooo little makes it irritating and frustrating. As with many things in this life 'balance' is truly the key. I look forward to playing a ranger that can truly track and hunt, as well as hide and protect. (with a lil subterfuge thrown in for good measure hehehe) Look forward to hearing back from you guys soon! Tekronos

    7. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Aeryn Suun - Keep in mind that these are concepts and could be subject to change. All the dotted red lines/text you see on the family selection screenshot are drop-down menus that have the same functionality as the filter system you saw in earlier screenshots. The current concept just makes the filter system look a little prettier. Additionally, there's more than just the one page you saw of the conceptual family selection tool :)

      Additionally, We're still waiting on 2 things before sending out the survey:

      * Integration of Kickstarter accounts into CoE accounts where a shared email address exists
      * Website rewards store launched

      As you can see, we're approaching the post-Kickstarter survey a bit differently than many projects. We want the situation to be as seamless as possible, so we're going to first integrate any accounts where the same address is used on both Kickstarter and your CoE account. From there you'll have a few things still to do - answer other questions (custom surname, region preference for server, etc.) and choose any add-ons from the web store with your pledge credits. This would typically be handled by a survey from Kickstarter or BackerKit, but we're going to do it with a straight email and choices on your CoE account.

    8. Aeryn Suun on

      Now I can not directly select region where I would like to start in and friends I would like to join in game the same family? So my friends have to choose narrative same as me to be in the same family and region I am? The previous seem to give me choices geared to how I want to start and would be easier to join in the same area with friends.

    9. Aeryn Suun on

      So will we still need to fill out the survey? How will we link up emails to Kickstarter accounts? Did I miss the information?

    10. TheEvilBassist on

      @Kathryn Race they said that for the first month or so after the launch of the store, the packages will be the same as on Kickstarter. So we'll definitely have the opportunity then.

    11. Kathryn Race on

      When the online shop is up and running will you be able to upgrade your backing status to be able to get involved with the pre-Alpha and MUD? Because they sound really exciting. I cant wait for this game, its going to be epic.

    12. TheEvilBassist on

      Thanks for the response, Soulbound Studios! It put some of my concerns about this update at ease. I think it's more if the rest of us is going to get our hands on these features , it's more than fair that the alpha 1 backers get it sooner. Other than that, it's a great update! Will most likely update to Beta 1 on July 5th :)

    13. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hi @TheEvilBassist. The Alpha 1 reward tier is for the people who want the very earliest access to the game, and want to participate in providing feedback before features are locked in. As a result, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 testers will frequently gain access to content, whether it be an offline demo, features of ElyriaMUD, etc., before the other backers do.

      However, as stated below and in the article, we will roll out access to these preview releases in a similar fashion as the game itself. Ultimately, all backers will have access to these previews before Alpha 1 / Pre-Alpha of Chronicles of Elyria.

    14. TheEvilBassist on

      So only the people in alpha 1 are going to be able to play the offline demo? That's at least 350$ if you want to get familiar with some basic game mechanics? Not happy with this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      @David C Lawrence They mentioned in a few updates once Kickstarter ended. I'll post it below for your convenience as they covered this already.

      With that in mind, we'll be transitioning from the roughly daily Kickstarter updates we had during the Kickstarter campaign to roughly weekly updates throughout the remainder of the project. In addition, I know there were questions about the best way to stay connected to our progress so I wanted to list some of the most important sources here in order of regularity, from least to most.

      Newsletters: Monthly
      Media: Every few weeks
      Kickstarter Updates/Design Journals: Weekly
      WIPs/Comments/Thoughts: Every couple days
      Forum Questions: Daily if possible
      Chat: Daily if possible

      What this all means is that we will continue to push out monthly newsletters that will contain important announcements, as well as links to our past updates and design journals, the best media to be released over the last month, etc. If you just want to hibernate for a while, then reading our newsletters as they come is the best way to get everything in one place.

      Beyond that, we'll continue to put out new screenshots, animations, concept art, etc. every few weeks. The best places to find those things is on our social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, as well as on our website in the media section.

      Next, we plan to continue to do weekly updates here on Kickstarter, which will often take the place of a design journal. Or, when we have a design journal, will be replicated as a Kickstarter Update to keep everyone informed.

      Next, we'll occasionally post "Work in progress" stuff or comments through Twitter or Facebook every couple of days. Again, we aim for quality not quantity, so if there's a Facebook post from us, hopefully there's always value in it.

    16. DP on

      Easy solution for the refund issue... Most of us are going to be adding to our pledges when the store goes up in the next couple weeks. Have a channel setup for us to pay their part at the same time as upping our pledge.. eg. "Joe" wants a refund for his $120 pledge. I arrange to pay him his money and with proof of payment, the 120 is added to my pledge amount

    17. DP on

      Easy solution for the refund issue... Most of us are going to be adding to our pledges when the store goes up in the next couple weeks. Have a channel setup for us to pay their part at the same time as upping our pledge.. eg. "Joe" wants a refund for his $120 pledge. I arrange to pay him his money and with proof of payment, the 120 is added to my pledge amount

    18. Aeryn Suun on

      Nice, looking forward to participating.

    19. David C Lawrence

      Request for the future please: more frequent but smaller updates. It is far easier to take in a bite-sized update than find the time for a wall of text.

    20. Andrew Adams Couch on

      Alright, so I have a few questions:

      ''It means that upon launch of ElyriaMUD, players will be able to create characters and walk around in the world, role-playing and interacting with their fellow players while helping us test the game mechanics.''

      Does this mean it's an early pre-pre-Alpha that takes place textually, with some animation or all animation? And is it open for everyone or just a select few?

      ''So, sometime after v3.0 of the website we'll be releasing a web-based portal that will allow players to play the Dance of Dynasties.''

      I read the next part which explains that Kings, Duchies, Counts, etc go first, but does it mean it's open or still closed to save a select few?

    21. Solaris on

      Thanks for the Update.

      Sad you had to address refunds weeks after campaign close.

      It is mind boggling that people attempt to pull pledges on a crowd funded project after Kickstarter close. Honestly Kickstarter should implement a 20% fee that goes to developer if a refund/charge back is implemented after close. This would deter such reckless behavior.

      On a positive note, everything sounds amazing. Too amazing. I really hope you have the resources to accomplish all of this and stay close to target. You're scaring me. Also excited but you know the old saying "When it sounds too good to be true" :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Clark Cooper on

      Are we still getting that 5th July website update fellas? Or is that delayed until the week after?

    23. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Pharticus and Blackghost: We believe your questions were addressed in the update. Prologue: The Awaking is both a playable demo, as well as a pre-alpha test for feedback. Once it has been used to gain feedback from the Alpha 1, etc. folks, it will be available for all backers to play.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      @Theodore These are the people I am afraid of and don't want to play the game :/

    25. Theodore

      @Jake I'm thinking they just don't read the comments.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      @Pharticus & @Blackghost They answered this in the comments below yours: "Creator Soulbound Studios about 7 hours ago - Both Prologue: The Awakening, as well as ElyriaMUD, will begin with Alpha 1 and expand outward, eventually reaching all backers. Kingdoms of Elyria will begin with the aristocracy and nobility and very quickly expand to all people with access to Exposition."

    27. Blackghost on

      Why is the demo is going to be for alpha 1 backers only ?
      Are we not worthy enough to get the demo as well ?
      I mean, we backed the game and as backer, we really deserve it.

    28. Pharticus on

      Why is the DEMO going to be for alpha 1 backers only? I mean it would be nice to at least have an offline demo since people that didnt pay a fortune could have something to mess with in the next 2 years. I think normal backers can only get in beta which could be that long away. I think you should let all backers play that demo.

    29. Stuart Shaw on

      A couple of questions though...

      The actions that take place during Kingdoms of Elyria will quite literally be writing the recent history of the servers.

      So each server will have a KoE set up for it yes?

      It does bring me back to asking about the APAC server ... when can we get a final confirmation?

      Also, by playing the Dance of Dynasties before Exposition is it possible for the events in KoE to change the rank of nobility of the player that they have pledged for???

      For example, a player has pledged as a Baron, and yet through the DoD they elevate their family line to have a County ... does this mean they have a "free upgrade" to a Count?

      Or the player in KoE might lose their family as in line for the King/Queenship ... does this mean they have lost their pledge tier?

    30. Stuart Shaw on

      What did you think of today's update?

      >> People asking for refunds...

      Pay them with a smile and a "thank you". They will pay full price when they return at launch.

      >> Prologue: The Awakening

      Bring it on, I simply cannot wait to get my hands on it and test the limits and capabilities of CoE.

      >> Kingdoms of Elyria

      What an absolutely brilliant idea. There already is enough politics going on in the forum and on Discord so to have folks playing the Dance of Dynasties for "realsies" AND for it to become part of the world politics is just sheer brilliance.

      It will also make the folks bordering on entering into aristocracy/nobility up their pledges to enter into KoE ... a masterful implementation of engagement-based marketing. 5/5

      >> ElyriaMUD

      I gotta admit I am lukewarm on the idea. I remember the first MUD RPG's (did anyone else play the original Hitchhikers GTTG??) and I enjoyed them.

      I see the appeal though and also can see how it would be a way of testing a lot of the non-graphic elements so I think it is a fine idea. I am prepared to be surprised and no doubt will give it a lash.

      Again a great way to get folks into the vibe of the game before it launches.

      >> Design / User Experience

      Strange to be giving thanks to "Death", but definitely thanks to the person who is working on bring RPG to even the character development stage. Definitely see some enhancement there.

      >> Character Art

      I simply love the indepth character customization option being offered. It truly get bored with other MMOs with the fact that you just pretty much look the same as everyone else ... "Oh look! You are wearing the Archmages Cloak of the Owl full-set as well!!"

      So yes this is pretty awesome. Also awesome that styles of clothing will be area dependent. You will truly have folks mimicking the fashion of the court in the kingdom. What a boon for tailors!!

      >> Conclusion

      This update shows intelligence in design, player engagement, and marketing. It gives me confidence in SBS to deliver everything within the timeframe presented.

      Huzzah SBS!! Huzzah!!


    31. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hey all, just wanted to clarify in case there was still some confusion before heading to bed:

      Both Prologue: The Awakening, as well as ElyriaMUD, will begin with Alpha 1 and expand outward, eventually reaching all backers. Kingdoms of Elyria will begin with the aristocracy and nobility and very quickly expand to all people with access to Exposition.

      Cheers, everyone!

    32. Missing avatar

      Owen Wilde on

      Although, after thinking about it for a few seconds, perhaps NPC interaction with players will use a UI... Wait and see I guess. Loving the work so far!

    33. Missing avatar

      Owen Wilde on

      @Soulbound I meant the NPC chat as one example. Do you mean to imply that NPC's will communicate using audio? Thanks for the reply too, it is much appreciated. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Myers on

      Have a safe and happy 4th. As someone who played muds from 1993 until 2014, I am looking forward to seeing the mud. I just wish I could play the Kingdoms version, but the best I can do is upgrade to baron after the PayPal goes into effect. Hopefully that will be soon. The sunset is gorgeous. I do like the new 'story' version of character creation.

    35. Missing avatar

      Firenomad on

      I'm pumped for Kingdoms and the Mud. It's stuff like this that makes me love this project and brings a lot of hope for the future games that might take note when this is successful.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kelly Bowen on

      Wow, the roleplay potential and crafting potential of this clothing system is... astounding. And I can't wait to see how the "Dance of Dynasties" in Kingdoms and ElyriaMUD play out :P

    37. Matt Mozingo on

      The layering is one of the most exciting things to me. I'm tired of games that don't display gear properly or have visuals for belts. Asymmetrical crafting sounds really cool too. Being able to craft heavy armor that is armored on your sword arm but not your offhand would be cool.

    38. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hi Owen: By textual we mean text-based, like the MUDs of old. Mechanics which don't require a graphical UI can be tested and validated in ElyriaMUD before being added to the Alpha client.

    39. Missing avatar

      Owen Wilde on

      @Soulbound By "Textual elements" do you mean that ElyriaMUD will be the method for testing NPC communication skills? i.e. talking with players?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jake on

      Man, talk about just skimming the top of the iceberg on this. I can only imagine what the end results are going to be. I've been following this really closely thanks to our good friend BicycleWalrus and can't wait to see what you have to come in the future. I keep trying to pass word around of the game but one of the small things I've run into is that there is SO MUCH information about this game it almost seems overwhelming to the new people trying to catch up. Good and bad things for both, but in my opinion more is better as long as it is all organized correctly. :) Great job team!

    41. Chong Thow Chuang

      I am a jaded gamer, I still got wow-ed by this update. Started my online gaming as a mudder. Definitely good wow!

    42. Michael Adam Bartlett on

      I just looked at this page 30 minutes ago and didn't see this update, looks amazing, don't think I've ever seen a Kickstarter only a couple weeks after the deadline with so much content to show off.

    43. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Chong Thow Chuang - Good wow, or bad wow?

    44. Chong Thow Chuang

      Wow. Just wow.