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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
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      Nikolai Janikowski on

      @Matthew character change over time has been possible for quite a long time, its not very ambitious in particular id say (there are a lot more ambitious things in this game than that) the ambitious stuff is 100k people on one server in a seamless world with persistent objects that don't just disappear, that would kill traditional mmo servers a hundred times over if i understand correctly. character change over time is (im going to oversimplify this here because i have little experience coding anything) fairly simple in theory(lol), you just program character stats to change in reaction to character particular actions in certain degrees at certain intervals. at least this is my understanding, if anyone knows more and could explain better.

    2. Matthew Parker on

      @Chas and anyone in general who knows more about this than me, does this mean that ambitious concept of character change over time on a smaller scale (hair growth, cuts and bruises) will be relatively easy to pull off now?

    3. mowseler on

      Sounds great!

    4. Theodore


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      Chas Hornung on

      All SpartialOS is a networking tool. Instead of the developers also having to program an ambitious networking tool they will use SpartialOS instead which will make the game development much faster. The graphics of the game relies on the developers not SpartialOS. In the case of Worlds Adrift it seems to being made by 5 programmers so idk about that

      But after reading all about SpartialOS, I believe the partnership was the best thing COE could do. They will save a lot of money and be able to deliver their game faster. With SpartialOS they will be able to deliver a game where anything u do will last forever until someone does something to it. Animals will follow an actual ecology like in real life. Animals will breed and die. Animals will hunt. The animal population will change depending on hunting. All this is SpartialOS, although the game devs still have to program it into their game. The game will have no loading screen and will be able to run the 100,000 players they wanted to.
      SpartialOS will also be able to handle millions of entities allowing for so much creativity its unbelievable. They can literately run a simulation on roads that if someone doesn't walk on a road for a certain amount of time grass will start to grow over it and such.

      I hope this will help some people

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      Nikolai Janikowski on

      @Pharticus oh i agree, i love great graphics, especially if i have enough money for an up to date video card.

    7. Pharticus on

      @Nikolai Yea I know this game will look much better UE4 games all look great, the ones I've played up to now. That other game has such wonky animation and gravity, I guess some people will like it, but to me it looks really poor overall, not only graphics.

      Also yes, graphics are not the #1 priority in a game like this, but great graphics add a huge amount of immersion to these games, black desert is not a perfect game by any means but the beautiful world and characters really make it enjoyable to run around in that world. It also has no loading no matter how far you go on foot or mount or boat, etc. Seamless beautiful world with awesome lighting, weather effects, etc.

      I am hoping this game looks as good as that one or even better. If not, at least close to it and with these awesome features, it would be great!

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      Nikolai Janikowski on

      @Pharticus i believe its poor graphics reflect its use of the Unity engine and sub par textures and player models. basicly the art is not aiming to look anything other than cartoony, plus unity engine. UE4 i believe is what they are using here as far as rendering and such go, look at the in game stuff they have already shown, its going to look atl east that good, probably better if they polish it up more, but thats up to the graphics design guys.

      ultimately i care less about graphics and more about mechanics, i mean i play modded minecraft after all.

    9. Pharticus on

      @Maric I'm sorry that you don't understand that this is the internet and we all have our own opinions. I backed this game, same as you did... but I am a veteran of backing games and I don't sit there for 3 years while waiting for a game not playing anything else dreaming up what I will do in game, etc... I play many games and I like to question the devs while they make this game and will be that way til its out doubting if they can make "the dream MMO revolutionary masterpiece" that all devs promise and none deliver the past decade+ now.

      Also yes, World's adrift looks terrible to me. I am playing Black Desert online and those are the visuals that are now the base I will compare all MMORPGs to from now on. If it looks worse than a 2014 Korean F2P MMORPG I will say its not acceptable to me visually.

      This is the video I watched -… and that is terrible looking. It looks like a much worse looking version of EQ Landmark which I don't like, but yea, a really bad looking Landmark is what it looks like.

    10. Solaris on

      World's Adrift looks terrible? That's your opinion. I've played with the island creation toolset. It's fantastic. Personally had a ton of fun in beta as well.

      @Pharticus Your trolling methodology is old. Time to move on.

    11. Pharticus on

      Hmmm. I am not sure what this even means. The first game made using this companies OS is this other sandbox MMORPG and it looks terrible. I guess this OS allows them to create a huge world without them making it and they just use this tool/engine to do it all? Hopefully its good, we will see.

      @Richard All wrong buddy.. I play games daily and have fun daily in gaming and in life. This game sounds very interesting so I backed it with a minor pledge, nothing much to lose. So, even if it never becomes anything we can play or anything worth playing it would not bother me too much. All my marbles are not with one game ever. I have 5-6 upcoming MMORPGs I am also invested in and own and am in the alpha/beta right now... the fun and good ones will get played, the bad ones will not, same as always.

      However, I am critical of all games that I back when they are being built because I do want them to do their best and do not want them to once again build up the hopes for something "revolutionary" unless they really mean it and can do it. So when i ask them a question on here and have doubts, its because I have seen it all before and just want to let them know we are all expecting something great and if they are getting our hopes up, they better intend to deliver on their promises, if not then we will bury them like the other ones that talked the talk and could not walk the walk.

    12. Aeryn Suun on

      Ah, not sure what was presented, sounds unique. Would this be the big news?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Tyler on

      Errr... Improbable* (Sorry!)

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      Jonathan Tyler on

      This sounds like fantastic news...?

      For us non-tech types, is there a way to explain what this all means? I have done a tiny amount of coding, but when you talk about, "networking on the server, load balancing all the entities in the world, replication of entities across multiple server nodes, cross-process communication, collision detection of millions of entities, etc." I (and I imagine many many others) have only the vaguest notion of what that means.

      Is there a SpatialOS For Dummies that can relay in non-techspeak what all that means, and how SpatialOS keeps you from having to worry about it?

      Thanks in advance for any help (from Soulbound, or Improbably, or just other backers with more knowledge than I).

    15. HolyAvengerOne on

      This is huge news, so glad to hear it. Congratulations Jeromy & crew!

    16. Roudinesco on

      Fantastique !

    17. Theodore

      Over 20M went into SpatialOS, so a fair bit.

    18. Theodore

      I'm gonna sing the Doom Song! Doom doom, doom, de Doom doom doom...

    19. Missing avatar

      Callum Finlayson on

      Interesting, I nearly applied to Improbable for a job not long ago.

    20. TheEvilBassist on

      This is very exciting! And an answer to a lot of the skepticism expressed towards making this idea a reality. Once again, not disappointed for backing you guys! :)

    21. Liquid Wolf on

      Whoops! Forgot about World's Adrift... But that is still waiting for release... I might go see how their system runs.

    22. Liquid Wolf on

      I remember these guys! The articles released about this tech in 2015 were promising, but I've not seen any new developments related to it... Likely because all the newer MMORPGs had already put development into their own versions.

      Good to see someone diving into this new tech... It really did look promising!

    23. Missing avatar

      sedilis on

      Awesome news. This should put at ease those who were worried about your ability to deliver the server architecture needed to support this ambitious game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ulfnaor on

      Amazing news.

      Should definitely reassure the "it can't be done in X months" crowd.

      This is really exciting to see.

    25. Jonah Culver on

      This is it, this is where everyone throwing doubt can see how wrong they were!
      This game is happening!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Hold up, Pharticus. I got you.


      "All this proves is that Soulbound Studios can't build their own tech! They made us a bunch of empty promises based on technology they didn't even know they were going to have access to! I'm still pissed off that my favorite stretch goals aren't first! My life is misery! Please validate me!"

      There you go, buddy. Go away now.

    27. Brynath on

      This is easily like getting several million in R&D dollars, along with another couple of years of Dev time put into the game.