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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
10,752 backers pledged $1,361,435 to help bring this project to life.

Post-Launch Features & Stretch Goals

Posted by Soulbound Studios (Creator)

Hey All!

When we first made our Kickstarter Announcement at the beginning of March we let people know that the $900k asking price was not arbitrary. We came about that number by taking all the features we had planned for CoE and bringing them before a panel of about a dozen or so community members. We asked them to help us select the features we could cut from launch relatively easily, without changing the overall spirit of the game, and which features we could cut from launch if we absolutely had to. 

From the list of remaining features we calculated the engineering costs and art costs and came up with the $900k. It had been our plan all along to take any money we raised above and beyond our funding goal and use it toward helping us get those features back in for launch. However, after talking with the community we've decided to take only those features which are most anticipated by the community, and re-introduce them, saving the rest for addition at a later date.

This allows us to take some money and put it toward extended features, while taking the rest and using it toward taking the features we already have and ensuring they're of the highest quality. In exchange, we'll be offering additional rewards at a few of the tiers to increase the overall value of supporting us.

That all said, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the features that were cut from the initial launch of the game, and give you insight into which features we're considering for re-introduction. We'll be providing a poll tomorrow which will include those features we're looking at re-adding, as well as other rewards that provide additional benefits and provide us new ways to say thank you to our awesome backers.

With no further ado, here's the cutting room floor... Where you see "Not considered for voting", it means the feature has been cut for what we feel are good reasons, and won't be voting on them to be re-added at launch. We still plan to add most all of these features eventually.

Wards of The State
Wards are a feature that allow players to create characters separate from any family, in exchange for additional character customization. We cut this because while it's nice to have, it's always possible to create a character from an NPC family and then go about playing the game as you'd planned. *On Poll*

Submerged/Underwater Swimming
Submerged swimming is relatively easy at first-glance, it seems as though it just requires a few physics changes and a few animations changes. The reality is that it quickly balloons out as we then have to create new underwater content to make swimming interesting. It requires the addition of new terrain, coral, creatures, etc.. this requires time from animators, character artists, and level designers. In the end, we felt like we could build out underwater areas at a later date, without taking away much from launch. (Not considered for voting)

Sunburns / Wind burns / Sand Burns / Frost Burn
We'd initially planned for a few more survival mechanics which would encourage players to take shelter under certain conditions. This leads to all kinds of interesting story opportunities as players hide in abandoned caves, caverns, etc. However, after further discussion, temperature itself can be used to force players inside in the middle of a hot day, and to take shelter from the chilling cold. So we've abandoned the different "burns" for now and are just keeping temperature. (Not considered for voting)

Social Activities - Gaming/Gambling
We'd long wanted players to gather in inns/taverns and play dice and card games. However each game has its own overhead as we have to develop new assets, a few new animations, and the rules for each of the table games. That all said, we still think this is an awesome feature and we hope you guys agree. *On Poll*

Astral Projection / Dreaming
One feature we discussed in a Q&A was the ability to "dream," to transport your spirit into the Astral Plane while sleeping for the purpose of exploration and discovery. We were really excited about this, however like underwater swimming, results in the need to create a slew of new content. For now, we'll leave this for later, as it will eventually become part of the 10-year story. (Not considered for voting)

Heirlooms are any item of high quality that a player passes from themselves to their heir. Each generation the item becomes more a part of their family, until eventually characters develop a sixth sense for the item, allowing them to easily track its location for recovery. Eventually, heirlooms may even bestow a curse upon any non-family members who happen upon the item through deviant means. *On Poll*

Digging & Burying (aka. Anything is a Container)
This system evolved from being about digging holes and hiding things in the ground to eventually being about hiding anything, anywhere. The system would allow you to hide things in tree trunks, in a book-safe, or even inside of a pastry. This ties in heavily with the new Search feature we're working on and could add a ton of new RP and surprise elements to the game. *On Poll*

Sensory Map
While we wanted a UI element or visual indicator of sounds and smells, the feature was cut as being non-essential. Without it, and without a mini-map, players will have less information about what's going on in their environment and will have to rely more on what they can actually see and hear as players, rather than what they can see, hear, or smell as characters. That said, there's some cool side-effects that come from being able to sniff out a corpse, or hear a trap re-loading, etc. Feel free to suggest it returns. *On Poll*

Hair / Beard Growth
Originally we wanted characters to not only age, but to also grow stubble when out in the wilds and have their hair grow dynamically over time. Unfortunately, the way hair is implemented in most MMOs makes this a time-consuming effort to make it look good. In the end, it was cut because while it's a cool feature, it's not worth the effort it would take to make it look awesome. (Not considered for voting)

Mounted Combat
Yep. We had to cut mounted combat. Combat as we've implemented it uses stances and techniques with various weapon sets. The addition of Mounted Combat means we not only must double the number of animations, as we need mounted versions as well as unmounted, but in most cases would need to create whole new stances. Plus, jousting would add additional mechanics around movement speed and targeting. In the end, we thought this would be an amazing feature, but cut it to fit within $900k. Feel free to add it back. *On Poll*

Integrated VoIP
There's pros and cons to having integrated VoIP. At the end of the day though, this is a survival game and the time it takes you to alt+tab to activate/configure a chat client could mean your death. We'll let you make a final decision on how important this feature is. *On Poll*

Research allows for the development and introduction of new technology into the world. Initially we'd planned a patent system that would prevent other people from crafting something you'd established a patent on for some period of time. In the end, we decided we could accomplish something similar simply by slowing down the rate at which people discovered newly researched technology. This provides a similar effect, with less explicit paperwork by players. (Not considered for voting)

Vehicle Customization
Our original plan was for anything above a single-player mount to be configurable to some degree. ie, determining whether a wagon would have shields on the outside, or attach points for other things. This would also mean being able to trade seats for storage boxes, etc. Without it, it would require a different pattern to create a different type of vehicle more like what you're looking for. *On Poll*

This is our system for creating underground grottoes, caverns, mining shafts, etc. It's one of our favorite systems and we're looking forward to adding it to the world. However, it was deemed a painful but possible cut as it's non-essential to have underground lairs, etc. *On Poll*

Terraforming is different from tunneling as it involves the change in actual terrain, rather than the addition of tunnels. Honestly, we think tunneling is cooler than straight terraforming. This was cut to keep us under $900k and as we favor tunneling over terraforming it's um.. (Not considered for voting)

Natural Disasters
Earthquakes, avalanches, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and landslides. These all add dramatic story opportunities to the world. Each one requires a good amount of work however, and so was cut in an effort to keep us under $900k. *On Poll*

Ok all, those are the list of cut features and the ones we're considering for stretch goals. In addition to those we're also looking at Mac/Linux support, as well as VR support. While not on our original feature list, there's been a lot of requests for them and they're not too much work to add.

Feel free to provide feedback in the comments below, and look for our poll tomorrow. We're not ready to post the poll yet because we're still finalizing the additional rewards we can offer, and we want to put those on the poll in addition to the indicated features above.

Until tomorrow, "Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth..." -Spoon Boy

-Jeromy Walsh

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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Magnusson on

      Mac/Linux support would be awesome so that we who do not use Windows may play as well. To fund a game and not be able to play it, well, bummer ;)

    2. Stacey Lackey on

      Now that I've had time to think about it, I will say that I agree with all of the [Not considered for voting] category and I've changed my mind on how important some of the features are.

      When it comes to the features that are [On Poll], I've listed them in order of their importance (IMO): Natural Disasters, Digging/Burying, Social Activities, Mounted Combat, Heirlooms, Tunneling, Vehicle Customization, Wards, Sensory Map, Integrated VoIP.

      The first 3 are essential, IMO, and the next 3 are important, but not necessary. The remaining 4 are extra fluff. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Lyck on

      Yes PLEASE add VR Support!

    4. Valkyn on

      I still firmly believe most of us would like concrete information about game mechanics and organization of kingdoms ect as well as a game with less bugs and produced more swiftly at least to alpha stage then to add a bunch of feature each with it's own set of glitches.

      Most common complaints across all games is that creators keep adding in new features rather then making sure that all the ones they have actually work.

      How mad will people be if you add tunneling but they cna't get into there house or fall threw the earth all the time or constantly crash or any of the other common bugs that 75% of games seam to suffer from.

      So number 1 new feature to add is remove the bugs from the core game that you planned then move onto expanding the features. And for the love of god give us more concreate facts about the game, update your pages to list features that arn't parts of the core game as it stands, let us know what is and is not part of the game as planned at 900K then get that working and move onto new stuff.

      You have cash for X new staff members, great use them to develop the core game faster and double and triple check all of the coding to fix bugs.

      @creator you should add faster more efficient core game onto the polls list and see how many of us would prefer the rest of the feature to be added in slowly and have a better core game produced and testable slightly faster

    5. Lee Sweeney on

      VOIP has many programs made just to do that. Why duplicate effort.

    6. Valkyn on

      @ Jonathan Miller about 2 hours ago

      ""I'd like to echo several other comments. VOIP is too easy to integrate via Discord or TS. I can't imagine a need for it in the game. If it were something that you just randomly heard people talking in your vicinity, it would destroy any immersive illusion. If I want to plan a battle, I'll just hand out a Discord channel. ""

      I find that I rather strongly disagree with the comment that VOIP would take away from immersion. If done similar to ESO the further away the quieter the sound so you hear people talking around you like you would in real life. You could of course Mute your mic and use Skype ect basically whispering or giving thew equivalent of telepathic communication. But if the closer someone was the louder there voice was, as well as a way to mask ones voice with the right skills it could greatly add to the game.

      I wouldn't care if it was not put back in however if they put in VOIP and made distance a factor, then added a static voice alteration making you sound a little different then you really sound with the option of while using a disguise to slightly alter this further but still risking people recognizing your voice. This adds a lot of realism. Walking away from someone while still talking with them while cool for bsing with friends is much less real, further having to type or deal with scrolling text all the time to me takes a lot away from the realism.

      All that being said I still suggest they just add in all of these features later after the game is set and going, give them 100% focus on the main game as it is to get it to alpha and bug free ASAP then slowly integrate further options and funds permit.

    7. Missing avatar

      AraKirian on

      I can see why terraforming is not as cool as tunneling, but without it i would think you cant modify land to grow crops or build. Like mountain side rice paddies or villages. Just a thought though.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kasiski on

      Heirlooms sound pretty cool but it also seems like a type of mechanic that could become unbalanced overtime. Overall all these potential features are enticing and leave me excited for what's to come.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Thamm on

      No choice, tunneling is a must.

    10. Missing avatar

      Magvad on

      Terraforming not considered for voting!?!?!?!

      Am I the only one that understands that procedural terrain is straight boring and players need to be able to make actually interesting places? Just having some houses on a hill isn't interesting.

      The developers don't understand because they HAVE the tools...when players see how boring and dull endless soft hills and some bogus cliffs and uninteresting mountains become when exploring they'll wish players were there fixing it.

      I'd put tunneling just under terraforming.

      As for necessities:

      Sensory Map is a MUST

      Social Games as well. If I can't play cards and gamble how am I going to have that moment where I bet my entire duchy on one hand.

      Mounted Combat is rather important as well...although not crucial at launch


      Patents are a modern concept...this is medieval times, I don't want it in the game in the first place. If they want to keep their secrets safe...don't share them. Be smart.'s cool but w/e

      As for beards...can't you just make stages of hair that appear on login if you've not been near civilization for awhile? Getting longer and longer as you don't cut it or fix it.
      If not, I loved the mechanic in the Witcher...add a ton to the concept of time.

      Natural Disasters can wait till later as well. But they will be cool. I just imagine forest fires to be HELLAH resource intensive...something i don't want to deal with when the game is early stage and not optimized in the first place.

      Wards is rather pointless to anything other than players wanting to be exact with their vision...physical looks don't matter, just give them a good haircut, dye their hair, and throw on some sweat cloths. Done.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      I like the idea of natural disasters but I hope it won't completely destroy whatever it is you've worked for. Or at the very least, give us a way to mitigate it by building something (reinforced walls, vault, etc). I think dynamic weather and environments would be really awesome though. I think having to rebuild some of your structures would be fine, but completely destroying everything including items would suck. And not have it occur with ridiculous frequency, just like in the real world, you don't have constant disasters.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gerald on

      Please give me Wards back :(

    13. Missing avatar

      TheGlassSpider on

      @Joshua - no matter what, I trust the team to listen to what the community is saying, and that more than anything, is awesome. Thank you for the update on the polls. Here's keeping our fingers crossed!

    14. Solovanov on

      1) Wards
      2) Tunneling

    15. Kinoss on

      @TheGlassSpider I totally feel you on the tunneling. It is one of my favorite features too. There are two player made polls going around right now and both of them have tunneling as #1. So here's hoping :)

    16. Trisha on

      A sensory map would be awesome, especially considering how much we will depend on senses (vs. maps) in the game.

    17. Tobias on

      Thanks for summing those up - will be interesting to see how these turn out :) (Mounted combat please!)

      Also (there should be hearts here but kickstarter thinks I'm trying to inject HTML...) for the willingness to add Linux support, just hope you're not underestimating the effort. I know you got the Unreal engine... but still, seen too many projects delivering Linux support 1+ years later and in a very bad quality (aka unplayable).

      So far, I'm also REALLY happy with this kickstarter, I've rarely seen such engaging updates. Looking forward to them in my inbox every morning, keep it going!

    18. Missing avatar

      TheGlassSpider on

      @Joshua - thank you for taking the time to answer. I do understand that, and perhaps didn't communicate myself well enough. I think the tunneling is a very high priority for returning to the game, regardless of the polling - without it, CoE is not exactly the game I envision, and it's not a feature I would have been willing to allow cut (as I understand the feature, and I may not be understanding it properly). Of course, I also understand that's MY opinion, and we all know what opinions are like ;-) My excitement for the game still outweighs my concerns by a landslide.

    19. Moaaz Khalifa on

      1) Tunneling
      2) Digging & Burying
      3) Mounted combat
      4) Vehicle customization
      5) Sensory map

      Getting a bit greedy but one can dream.. and in that order too!!

    20. Kinoss on

      @TheGlassSpider No one said that any of the voteable options and the non-voteable options are going to be permanently cut out of the game. Eventually given enough time and money all the above features will be put into the game. Its just that Soulbound wants to complete the game with the proper budget within a reasonable timeframe. To do that some features are being delayed.

    21. Sozoshin on

      2.Digging & Burying,

    22. Missing avatar

      TheGlassSpider on

      Hi Elyria Team!

      Thank you SO much for all your hard work and continued updates about CoE. I really am looking forward to playing it; I’ve never put so much money into a game, I’ve never looked forward to one that isn’t finished SO much.

      That having been said, given what I’ve read (especially the publication that spoke specifically about an underground place to hide one’s goods: DJ #15), I am having trouble understanding how/why tunneling was removed and is even considered an option NOT to be put back in the game. In my (admittedly biased and probably not as knowledgeable opinion), this should not be up for debate or voting, it’s going to need to be a part of the game, in order for it to be the game advertised so far – with mining shafts and player made labyrinths, dungeons, and cellars. But maybe I’m missing some important aspect of this; here’s to hoping you can help me understand :-)

      (Heirlooms should also be a given, since we can pass things to heirs, but I understand that their special behavior is what has been removed, and am not as concerned with it).

      Other than that, here are my top choices to see in the game, in order of importance/desire.

      1. Mounted Combat
      2. Digging & Burying
      3. Sensory Map
      4. VoiP

    23. Shambler on

      Tunneling, Mounted combat, Digging & Burying and Heirlooms.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ste Leitch on

      Definitely mounted combat would be #1 on my wish list. If you haven't played it already check out 'mount & blade warband' it's a great game. The mounted combat gives that game it's edge and would be a great feature of CoE.

    25. Jonathan Miller on

      I'd like to echo several other comments. VOIP is too easy to integrate via Discord or TS. I can't imagine a need for it in the game. If it were something that you just randomly heard people talking in your vicinity, it would destroy any immersive illusion. If I want to plan a battle, I'll just hand out a Discord channel.

      Mounted combat sounds tricky. I've never played a game with decent mounted combat. It just doesn't work. Mounts in game aren't as elaborately controllable as a a real horse. It's always like trying to sword fight while riding a Harley.

      Natural disasters...I'd love to see it eventually. Not at the beginning. We're going to have enough to deal with, trying to stay alive without losing our $250 strongholds to a tornado.

      Anything water is big for me. If swimming is part of the game, it stands to reason that nautical exploration could come faster.

      Tunneling is also pretty fun. You pitched us as being dungeon masters, without tunneling, that won't be a feature we'll be able to fully embrace.

      The big thing, not being a programmer, which ones are the hardest to integrate. I'm all for expansions throughout. Are any of these going to hurt Alpha/Beta/Exposition release dates? I'd rather see a brilliant core game with features regularly added than a ton of promises that make the game harder to complete.

    26. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Roberts on

      I have to say, natural disasters could be incredibly amazing. So definitely my #1.

      My #2 favorite is Digging & Burying, especially with the ability to lay traps. :} But if that isn't possible, then I definitely wouldn't really want to waste the time on it.

      Tunneling would be my #3 favorite. I think that could be pretty interesting.

      Mounted Combat is pretty cool, but it's never really turned out very well. But if it's given the time and attention it deserves, it might actually be quite amazing! (I believe in you!) This could easily be my #2 - but I think a lot of people are just kind of skeptical because of the past experiences with things like mounted combat. It could be an interesting opportunity to show the gaming industry how it's done. ;) I just think mounted combat needs a certain attention to detail, and it kind of feels like a last minute addon in most games I've played (not worth it). But if you can do it right, and give it the TLC it deserves, easily #2. :)



      #1: Natural Disasters
      #2a: Digging & Burying (WITH Traps)
      #2b: Mounted Combat (if devs are actually willing to spend the time fleshing it out and not slapping on fancy / clunky animations :( (I believe in you!) )
      #3: Tunneling

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Sil (Silaven)

      1) Tunneling

      2) Mounted Combat

      3) Vehicle Customization

      4) Natural Disasters

    29. Missing avatar

      Trevor king on

      I think it's clear to most that we are going to far surpass the $900k. If we really really push it past the goal, is it possible that we could add more of these features? From what was said, it sounds like the constraint is money, if we get more of it, can we get multiple poll options implemented into the game?

    30. Missing avatar

      Sahnz on

      Can the poll be "check as many that apply" so that people can select all of the options they feel are worthwhile? I'm pretty interested in mounted combat and two other things, but wouldn't want those to not be reflected by the poll.

    31. Jared Staudenmeier on

      #1. Social Activities
      From my understanding, this should be the easiest accomplished goal, which means it shouldn't require that much additional funding, and could be slid in with any other potential update. Aside from the economic reasons, I think that something like this is integral to the experience in the game, and without a built-in system you open the risk of gambling developing that is exploitative in nature.

      #2. Tunneling.
      Really cool. I would love to see it happen.

      #3. Most Everything Else


    32. Kinoss on

      Social Activities - Gaming/Gambling
      Any reason to encourage friendly interactions with other players should always be a good thing. As mentioned in one of the Design Journals, Taverns and Inns are usually pretty empty in most MMOs due to the fact that they arn't useful for anything. They can be a catalyst for great roleplaying and storybuilding though. I'd love to see Taverns and Inns be the bustling and busy heart of the city.

      Digging & Burying
      Don't be too quick to skip over this one, its not just digging and burying. The description mentions hiding things all over the place. Including in your home. This is important if you want to keep valuables safe from theives. It can also lend itself towards interesting quest/worldbuilding.

      Integrated VoIP
      This could be done interestingly. Imagine walking down the street and as you get closer to other players you begin to hear their voices come into audible range. Depending on the environment, say you are in a claustrophobic dungeon, you would get echoey sounds from voices. This would pair amazingly well with VR.

      This would add some great worldbuilding tools to your belt. Imagine mining a tunnel through a chain of mountains to increase the trade from city to city. Mine a tunnel as the path to the top of a mountain stronghold. Discover a mysterious cleft that leads to another world... oops sorry, that's Myst.

    33. Eric Feuerstein on

      1. Heirlooms -> A great way to protect items that are high quality and/or have sentimental value after generations of being in the family. Also helps fight against griefers that much more.
      2. Social activites -> My favorite social aspect if successfully introduced into the game. I've always loved playing card games with friends and I hope I can do the same in-game someday. It also allows for fun way to bond with strangers as potential companions.
      3. Tunneling -> As long as it's implemented reasonably (i.e. not allowing players to dig 5 mile tunnels under walls that took years to build and under others' hard earned property) I would love to see this happen. Ever since I saw that secret doors were a thing, I've been wildly excited for hiding dungeons in my modest cabin!
      4. Digging/Burying -> Adds a nice element of surprise that can liven the experience so that finding something another player intentionally hid from others isn't easy.
      5. Vehicle Customization -> Takes into account how different roles have different uses for the same vehicle. I admire the flexibility with allowing merchants to carry more or royals adding shields onto their vehicle of choice.

      I'm uneasy about natural disasters (just like real life!) being in the game. Yes it'd keep things interesting and throw people's carefully thought out sieges into the gutter, but I'm more concerned about my house along with all my items inside it being lost to nature forever.
      I'm on the fence about VoIP, but if it does make it I think it should be more for families than anyone else. As stated by another comment, it could break the system of disguises generally speaking.
      I would like to see how people on the ground could fight against mounted players before voting for or against it.
      That being said, I am sad to see the hair growth gone. I'll miss the idea of my character having proof of his lengthy journey out in the wild, but I understand it puts more unneeded work for a game that is just almost funded.

    34. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      I would be very interested to see Tunneling in the game, along with Natural Disasters. It would be interesting to see how players would be able to protect their underground investments against a earthquake, floods, or landslides. Also how will larger towns and cities protect themselves from having a tunnel dug in underneath them? adds a much more dynamic siege environment where the defenders would need to worry more about overall routing and defeating of an enemy rather than simply sitting behind their walls and making sure they don't put up any siege weapons. With Tunneling the attackers would need to regularly search their country side for evidence of a tunnel, or even have tunnels inplace themselves and actively booby trapped and/or guarded to alert them of a enemy forces tunnel breaching into the defenses tunnel system.

    35. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      wards, mounted combat, and natural disasters would have to be my top 3 choices.

    36. Alex Grimes on

      If the Ward system would take away votes from some of these amazing features, I think it should be axed completely.

    37. Jared Clark on

      Natural disasters, Sensory Map, Tunneling, digging/burying items, Vehicle Customization, then Integrated VoIP.

      I believe these will create a more immersive game the other items would be great in the longer run of things but these would create the world.

    38. Xavi Orin on

      While I completely appreciate the transparency and constant updates, some of the most updates have many of my gaming community concerned.

      Some of the features listed above we were under the impression would be in the game based on dev journals and video on your main website. Now that we are seeing there's a chance some of the features we were extremely excited about may be axed it's putting all of us on the fence about what else may happen before funding actually goes through.

      For example, personally, my major area of concern (which both issues are up for voting in the poll) is tunneling and digging. The biggest feature I was excited about when I found out houses could be torched was building your own dungeon with traps etc under your house. This blew my mind and is what sold me on the game. However now that there's a chance that may not make it into the release (dependent on votes of course) we are all concerned about the implications of this. Dev journals have stated house can be burned down, and with that their contents as well, meaning once a house is burned down EVERYTHING inside is gone. If we don't have tunneling OR digging to protect our stuff what would the alternative even be? Are we to let our stuff burn down with our house and not have an alternative way of protecting the very items we may have spent hours working to get?

      Also, when the poll is issued please be VERY detailed in what we are voting for. Is the poll going to make us choose between all votable options for the ONE (1) thing we want the most while the others are forgotten about for release? Are we going to need to choose the top 3 things we want the most?

    39. Missing avatar

      Timothy Erwine on

      I'll wait for the poll to weigh on the specific addons.

      I would hope that the features that don't require environmental and play mechanic changes be put to the top of the list. I am super excited about this game but worry how things like tunneling will impact scalability and stability. I think the premise of the game and what is all about is strong on it's own without needing to add the "minecraft" effect that will certainly push the system requirements for running the client and server. Don't get me wrong, it would be neat, but I don't think it would be worth a sacrifice in polish and performance on the rest of the game.

      My two cents!

      No matter what changes are accepted I am still really excited for this game!

    40. David G Macarthur on

      Player made poll up:

      I really hope the Devs go along the lines of letting us pick multiple options not just one and then seeing which one gets the most votes.

    41. Missing avatar

      jason on

      digging then heirlooms

    42. Missing avatar

      Havel on

      I'm confused, it says right in the Kickstarter video that the engine supports events like disasters to occur naturally. Also the hair growth is cut completely, there is no opportunity for this feature to make it in game? Would be silly to age 100 years and never have your hair change.

    43. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      I think my top five would be
      1. Wards
      2. Mounted Combat
      3. Tunneling
      4. Terraforming
      5. Vehicle Customization
      Obviously others would be awesome to have as well but that would be my vote likely.
      I would say the game honestly could go without patents and hair/beard growth if I had to pick 2 of them I would be least likely to vote on.

    44. Gabriel Deslandes on

      @Creator Please... tell me you are going to do mounted combat before the ability to sniff dead bodies... What is the point of a Medieval-fantasy game without mounted combat... Horse archer? cavalry? i don'T want to always get down from my horse if i want to fight... or if some1 is following me... i want to be able to shoot him with a bow! Also this would go against your Trison War mount concept art ;)

    45. Christian Courtwright on

      Thanks for the constant updates. I love it.

      I would love for you to add in Wards. Having the opportunity to tell a story, separate from an existing family or dynasty should be an option for all players. I, for one, was drawn to this game because of the Ward feature and would very much like to see that as #1.

      2nd, mounted combat, though expensive to add, should be pretty easy right? You have the framework, you just need the time (and money) to add it in. So Mounted combat would be my #2

      Heirlooms would be my #3. Again, it's low hanging fruit. You should have systems related to inheritance already in the game so tweaking it to specific heirlooms, and the super cool curses and benefits of them would be awesome.

      My #4 isn't on your list, but other people have mentioned it. Adoption and Exile. I would love to see adoption added in for non-family players (Wards) and be able to work your way into a family if you decide. Or leave a family if you feel like you need to (for honor's sake) and become a ronin. These would both offer compelling story telling options and create options for players that maybe decided to go with a Ward and regretted the decision or for a player that joined a family and disagreed with their politics and give them a chance to strike out on their own.

    46. Spencer Davis on

      not sure where your 'poll' is, but I like the idea of custom dungeons (aka tunneling) and heirlooms the most!

    47. TigsKC on

      My favorites are Tunneling and Heirlooms with Digging/Burying and Mounted Combat coming next. Natural Disasters would be cool if not too costly. I do not care about the others.

    48. Missing avatar

      Joshua primeaux on

      tunneling would be a great feature you would be able to make your own little dungeon with traps and treasures.
      heirlooms and natural disasters would be great too.
      I would really like to be able to play on mac because that's all I have lol.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kyle Metzger on

      Let's start with the simplest things.

      Heirlooms and Wards of the State.

      I feel like these are relatively simple asks that don't have a massive impact on gameplay and don't consume a vast variety of resources but that add a sense of achievement (in the former) and opportunity for customization (in the later). Additionally, how about adoption? If a lonely knight, last of his line, meets an orphan and decides he wishes to pass along his heirloom and name to the young woman who's eyes remind him of his lost daughter's - I'd like to be able to tell that story somehow.

      I would love to see tunneling beyond that - simply again for the opportunity to customize the world - but let's ask for the simple things that won't break the bank and that you guys can definitely deliver. There's always time for more content and future updates. If you guys end with funds left over after production finishes I'd rather see future Free Updates than a thousand features at launch. It will keep the game fresh and new if Disasters eventually come out or if the Digging/Tunneling update comes out one day.

    50. Blatherbeard on

      Is it going to be a rating system or just vote for one thing as your most important feature?

      im still begging for 21:9 widescreen support as well. (just in case my whining hasnt been clear enough lol) ;)