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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
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      John Abbate on

      @Brian Baggerly: I would assume that revolutions would work like they do in the real world -- that is, when enough people are unhappy with how things are going, they take up arms and depose the current rulers.

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      Brian Baggerly on

      So, what happens if a King or other government body starts trying to take advantage of their people? Racking taxes up to ridiculous levels, having their troops muscle around the civilians and such? Ho would revolutions work? what is our defense?

    3. Anthony Minacapelli on

      So if i pledge the 120$ i get into the exposition and get some land, is it possible through hard work and a bit of luck after the game releases, that i can expand my land and move up in titles and create my own kingdom on it's own separate from the ones already available

    4. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Kickbacker: Correct. Each server is different, and between alpha, beta, and exposition we may re-create the world to keep it fresh and interesting for those who participated in earlier phases of testing. Also, testing new features may require more or less of certain biomes.

    5. Kickbacker

      After reading one of your comments below this update, I would like to make sure that I understand correctly.
      Each server's world will be unique? Also, each server reset will make the game engine recreate that server's world, generating a different landscape each time?

    6. Solaris on

      Great update thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ulfnaor on

      Amazing system. Can't wait to see it in action.

      Keep up the good work, Souldbound.

    8. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Melibabe, it's assume that the titles are gender specific - King/Queen, Count/Countess, Duke/Duchess. It's listed that way on our backing tiers, however for the sake of brevity, it's awkward to always write the double-genders every time we mention a rank. But thanks for the feedback. We'll make sure to drop in the feminine more often to be clear.

      So for privileges, we want the ratio of male : female characters in the world to be as close as possible, so there's no incentive for us to give male characters benefits that females don't get. So at the moment, King/Queen, Count/Countess, is purely a pronoun. The "powers" are the same regardless of gender.

    9. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hey all. Sanguinesh has done a great job answering questions.

      @Trystan We keep an ear to the community to make sure the general population receives our ideas the way we believe they will. But we have every intention of staying true to our design. Partly because it's complex enough, and has enough layers that, it takes a while for everything to click together and make sense. And partly because this game is our art. Like other forms of art, we don't expect everyone to appreciate/understand it. We're ok with that. While we want the community of players to be as inclusive and large as possible, the game is meant for a specific audience, and as long as that audience is good with it, we're good with it.

      @Torbjørn Bergwitz Lauen: Your children will still be able to inherit your land as well as your title. The major distinction between Nobility and Aristocracy comes from the fact that the latter must own the land. ie, your Baron must own the land underneath them in order to claim the titles. Nobles don't own their land, they manage it. For example, a Count doesn't own the land of the entire County. Technically, they could sell it to themselves for $0, but there would be no point to it. They wouldn't collect taxes from themselves, etc...

      The result is that Counts focus on infrastructure, transportation, resources, etc... that are concern of their entire county, while barons and mayors focus solely on what lies on their land and within the borders of their settlement.

    10. Sanguinesh on

      @ Aeryn Suun YAY Farscape yes, if all of the available royalty positions arent filled by players they will populate them with NPC

    11. Sanguinesh on

      @ melibabe - your title will depend on character gender which you decide - as far as equality, its a non issue really, everyone is encouraged to be who they are or want to be. you should check out our already established community - we are about as diverse as it gets and all very accepting of one another. if you join irc chat you will see how great we all relate to one another…

    12. Patrick Flynn on

      @melibabe Hate to break it to you, but the game will have genders, and terminology to go with it. It's not Chronicles of Progressiveness. They have said absolutely nothing to suggest that female characters will be treated any different than male characters in any way.

    13. Aeryn Suun on

      So far the game has 2 King/Queen will there be other kingdoms in game ran by NPCs we can choice from also? This is well thought out.

    14. melibabe on

      @sanguinesh Thanks, I know what the words are. I want to know whether the game will use them all or just the masculine term (akin to everyone being Sir in scifi shows). In fact, I'm curious about what the game will be doing with gender in general. We already know that same sex marriages will be allowed. What else is planned to support inclusion and equality? I'm interested in hearing that, especially given the toxic Gamergate environment the past year or so.

    15. Sanguinesh on

      @ melibabe king or queen duke or duchess count or countess baron or baroness

    16. melibabe on

      Should we assume all these titles to be gender neutral? In other words, can there be a female King? Or, if you will be using gender specific terms, you may want to consider being more inclusive in future updates. I think it's a good habit to get the team into.

    17. John Ford on

      Ha, once again the continuous good things you keep building into the game keeps me reevaluating how I will play it. The depth of choices will surely drive me insane. I like that you are providing some predetermined settlement planning. I like that we will get an opportunity to review based off IP where we can settle. I also like that you have made it harder for the mad hordes so they cant just run rough shod over everyone's hard work without serious consequences.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dragor on

      @Dranbalt - If nobody saw you, nobody can blame you for it.

    20. Jason Purcell on

      thanks for the new information! Ill ponder it while at work! but everything sounds good. Keep up the good work :)

    21. Torbjørn Bergwitz Lauen on

      Also, is there a larger version of the New Haven image posted here? I'd like to use it as a background on my House's website ( :)

    22. Torbjørn Bergwitz Lauen on

      Quick question. I've pledged for my own barony. But upon reading this update you say barons aren't nobility, what do you mean by that? And what does this mean concerning inheritance? Will my children still be able to inherit my stronghold and title even though we're not nobility? If not I don't really see the upsides of pledging for barony atm...

    23. Diego Bao Montero on

      @JaPeMo As I understand it is not possible to upgrade your KS tiers once the KS ends. Though you will be able to pledge more money after the KS to get different things. But also keep in mind that most of the rewards will be available in the IP Store, so you can buy IP and use that to get the rewards you want.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dranbalt on

      Let's say I assassinate a Duke without being seen. Do I still become a criminal and get "black-listed" or whatever, even though nobody knows it was me?

    25. Trystan Vel

      This game (our game:))is so complex, almost too good to be true. I hope that it maintains it's complexity and yields to no one, be they rival developers or players and it is everything we are hoping for and more. My partner told me to up my pledge tonight, we are going to share a Baron title and character. We are so very excited!

    26. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hey David,

      Thanks for your feedback. Each server is randomly generated, and data and maps are not preserved between alpha, beta, and Exposition.

      As for the Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, etc... there would be no way really for players to pick them, as the first person in would just claim everything. That, or they'd pick land that wouldn't naturally be defensive. It really is best to let the AI lay out the boundaries.

      As for villages, towns, etc... we again look to put them nicely distributed from other settlements, close to resources, etc.. I assure you, the placement of the settlements won't be a concern.

      Once players get into the world they can use their IP to make modifications and add on to their settlements and make it their own. And once PvP and sieges are enabled, who knows what the map will become.

      Keep in mind, Exposition, etc.. is really just about creating the world "before the story begins." What players do with the world at that point is up to them.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Andrew Reeves on

      Grats on the goal firstly.

      That said, I am disappointed that you feel the need to create the world for us. I thought and hoped that this would be seeded a little, with base Hamlets, villages, and maybe a small keep in the "natural boundaries". These being laid down by the Alpha testers, then expanded on by the Beta, etc. and see how the world evolves from a player standpoint.

      Eventually the world will either be completely void of anything but ruins, or it'll be a mish-mash of what people want anyways. If it were left to us the players, we'd be finding the best spots. I highly doubt that a procedural spread will be as effective if it were hand done by players.

    28. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Aaron: What all constitutes a Casus Belli is a growing list, however it's not so easy to create that people will need to worry about doing it accidentally. We want power struggles, invasions, etc.. to be planned and calculated. So in most cases people will need to work to acquire a Casus Belli.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aaron McIntyre on

      While I am a little disappointed to hear that the land will not be an entirely untamed wilderness that the players will have to tame and build up I am okay with this development. I don't think 3 months would be enough time to build everything up to a point where all of the neat things could happen on release.

      I really like the Casus Belli thing for nobles, but how will one acquire one of these? Will their citizens be able to create them? Like, if I were count X's citizen, and I stepped on count Y's shoe is he going to freak out and say that I assaulted him, and use that as a casus belli to invade? Or will it have to be something like citizen from X county murders someone in from county Y?

    30. JaPeMo on

      Hi good and great news. Congrats for this 2/3 goals.

      I have a Question, is posible after Jun 3rd, upgrade my Kickstarter package, for example. I buy MERCHANT ans after I would like upgrade to Baron?

      Thanks and congrats!!!