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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
10,752 backers pledged $1,361,435 to help bring this project to life.

Violence, even well intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself - Lao Tzu


Hey Kickstarter!

I'm going to try and get another daily update in before I call it a night, however first I wanted to share a decision we made internally. 

With all of the questions about Exposition (the three month story-development phase), losing resources, land, titles, etc... we wanted to re-assure people that the goal of exposition, while partly to build conflict, story, and unfolding events, is also about giving early players an opportunity to build out a flourishing world.

It's notably difficult to do that when there's potentially people attempting to tear it down. The point of Exposition is to exit with a world fully developed, not smoldering in ashes.  

So our plan as of now is to take the three month period of Exposition and divide it up into three phases. During the first phase there will be no non-voluntary PvP. Meaning, you can spar/duel in order to begin mastering combat, but you will not be able to attack other friendlies. At the same time, you will not be able to commit any crimes. No stealing, lock-picking, etc...

During the second phase you will be able to commit most crimes as well as incapacitate other players, but you will not be able to coup de grace, nor build siege equipment.

During the third and final phase the gloves come off. We will give players anywhere from one week to one month of unrestrained, open-world PvP before the server finally opens. The amount of time will depend upon the state of the world during exposition.

Again, the reason we're doing this is to give players an opportunity to become familiar with the world and let their creative energies flow before story, conflict, and drama comes along which might otherwise hinder that.

That's all for now!
-Jeromy Walsh

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ross on

      Will PvP be on during testing phases prior to Exposition?

    2. Caeoltoiri

      @Everyone - The three months of head start/world building/Exposition will be three months less those seeding players have on their lifespans, allowing the newer players that entered upon launch to take over trades and titles as the elders age and die.

      This will allow for an ever-dynamic story, as the system helps prevent stagnation and the time frame lets the older people teach the younger ones before passing on.

    3. Caeoltoiri

      @Jeremy Phelps - The Exposition phase, also known as the world building phase or headstart, will not be wiped. It's the three months allowed for those at the $120 tier and above and those who've earned access through Influence Points to essentially seed the world with actual players and begin creating stories that people will be able to interact with when the game officially launches.

      All alpha and beta test phases will be wiped, however. The Exposition won't.

    4. Anna on

      Griefer city there with PVP.

    5. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hey all, an important thing to call out. Exposition isn't just for people at the $120 tier and above. Exposition is for anyone with enough Influence to get in. When Exposition begins we'll begin adding people in descending order of IP. We just guarantee people access for people with $120+. It's entirely possible to spend $0, be a very active community member, answers lots of questions, recruit friends, etc... and still get into the Exposition.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Phelps on

      I can agree with this because a big issue with the internet is that you give it any amount of power and it will destroy itself. Allowing PVP and instantly killing players from day 1 would basically destroy the world. Trolling and such is going to be a huge issue. People doing things to hurt communities for no gain or anything. They do it because they can. An argument against me is that "Well it is what it is.", and yes you are correct that it is. But it won't help the game if that's how it is from the start. Allowing a sort of "peace" time will allow players on both sides to learn more about the game. Plus during this "peace" people might actually end up having a reason to want to try and kill someone. Which then it wouldn't be trolling because it would create a story and actually be fun. Not just pointless slaughter because "I can." At the end of the day it's your opinion, and the devs have the last say. I am perfectly fine with this as I can at least learn how to fight and what do before it goes into a full on blood-lust. In-fact I am probably going to increase my pledge to the $350 mark. Plus as long as they wipe the alpha and beta servers this whole exposition phases wont matter for when the game goes live. Let the devs do what they feel is right to help us have a good time in their game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ulfnaor on

      So far, it's a little over 30% of the backers. I'm sure that as more people are aware of this Exposition phase - I, for one, wasn't - we'll see more people up their pledges to 120$.

      30% of the playerbase is a lot. There is also no telling that there will be a lot of servers. They said the infrastructure would support 100k unique PCs on a given server (not simultaneously, just 100k players). We're far from there and the need for extra servers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anthony Cocilova on

      in reality the 1 or 2 thousand people that would actually get the early access divided by the number of servers compared to the tens of thousands of people on the server...its really going to be a small percentage of people.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ulfnaor on

      The thing that I see here is that a lot of the PvE crowd seem to love this idea, thinking it's going to give them "an edge" over the "rabid" crowd of PvPers who would do nothing but destroy their belongings.

      The thing is: it won't. Instead, it's going to give PvPers the same ammount of time to actually build up their characters. On day 1, they're going to be roaming the map with well-organized groups who will have leveled without hindrance for three months. They'll be ready, with funds and in good gear.

      I mean, enjoy the two months of non-obstructive build up, sure, because after that, unless I'm wrong, it's going to be bloody murder.

      I'm a bit on the fence with this. I see what the devs are trying to accomplish - to populate a world with player-made constructions and crafts so it doesn't feel like a wasteland on Day 1 - but three months is a huge edge given to those who can afford it. I had not heard of that when I bought Baron so I'm happy I'll be in that phase, but I still think it should be shortened to three weeks tops. A week to build, a week with baby wheels and a week off. The longer this Exposition is, the more we'll be ahead of the rest.

    10. Jonathan Miller on

      This solidifies my decision to back for a higher level since I can be assured to keep it at least long enough to amass some defenses.

    11. Shambler on

      Reasonable. Also what about create protection rings around the cities? with guards patrols hired by players or generated by developers. A Militia building where you can hire for a prize an escort just to short movements near the most populated cities etc

    12. samuel on

      @Trevor Lutes lol they dont force you to pay 100+, instead of the developers making/flesh out the world the expedition people are. This is a great idea - this will issues there are more families that have parents that are real players instead of npc.

    13. Aeryn Suun on

      got the answer, sweet.

    14. Aeryn Suun on

      This would be cool.

      Would I have to worry if I help build the world by breeding transportation animals that someone or a group of someones can come by and purposely wipe them out and their would but no horses, mule or Ursaphaunt in the world?

    15. EpicU on

      Aww gee, now everybody's gonna get murdered on sight. The world will be on fire and people's characters will be young all the time because they keep getting killed.

    16. Missing avatar

      Willie on

      Very happy about this announcement. Hoping it leans more towards a week than a month so the new players that will be joining will at least not have to struggle to stay alive starting out.

    17. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      Anyone that pays at least $120 can get in for the 3 months of exposition time. Currently 424 have pledged at that level with another... 1134 backers at levels above that tier.

      That is 1558 out of 5170 backers as of when I got those numbers. Or over 30% of all backers.

      This is not an unheard of concept to give higher tier backers access to the game early, though yes, usually it is only limited to beta testing, it makes a lot of sense for a game that will have so much of a focus on story and roleplay to allow people on early to build that very thing.

      The concept of letting everyone into any part of that may as well just be "Release the game early and skip that part" because that would be what it would amount to. Sure, they could in theory allow the next tier of backers or two in for the later parts, but the concept was that the Bloodlines backers would get 3 months of exposition time before those below them. To remove that bonus seems a tad unfair, so unless they made the timeline longer or in some other way recouped that it would seem kinda callous towards those that pledged higher.

    18. Solaris on

      "select few who have both backed the kickstarter AND paid up to that specfic tier "
      Select few? It's a rather large percentage of Backers that qualify. Not 1% whale backers.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt Dio on

      I see that this 3 month expositin period is only open to the select few who have both backed the kickstarter AND paid up to that specfic tier (around $100+). I was wondering if this exposition period would allow for specific advantages over other players who wouldn't be able to be a part of it, OR perhaps the only advantage (which may not be particularly be an advantage as much as a different experience) would be just to help define the world.

      Maybe allow the expositon period to all, but fragment the different periods of it to the different tiers (1st part to the $100+ or so tier, then the 2nd part to a tier below that, then the 3rd part to a lower tier OR everyone else. I don't know, just thinking out loud (or in text in this case), and it might just introduce more confusion.

      Whatever you choose to do, my full faith (and pledge money) is with you. Just give me my Ursaphant please, and I will be a happy camper.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adrian Richards on

      I love this idea. This will give me a safety window to build up my stronghold so me and my allies will have a fighting chance at keeping the peace when you let the dogs out.

    21. John C on

      @ Trevor The content is player driven, I am 100% for someone else building the infrastructure of the village before I enter it. At least that way I will have interesting quests to do, I don't want to start in a world like a caveman scrounging for food.

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Love this idea, now I need not worry about bandits stealing my mounts etc. before I am competent enough to defend my property.

    23. Trevor Lutes on

      I'll just keep my fingers crossed they open up new servers at release and give us the option of "chaos" or bowing down to people who bought 3 months of pre play.

    24. Missing avatar

      asenscient on

      @trevor The main reason for this is to flesh out the world in the beginning. Many players will be willing to share any knowledge or help out new players in the beginning. Give the devs a chance to prove their ideas.

    25. Trevor Lutes on

      Letting people play during alpha with a wipe is entirely different. Even most closed betas wipe. Open beta sometimes doesn't. I'd be fine with three months of play that gets wiped.

    26. Trevor Lutes on

      Clearly you all paid over a hundred for the early access. I've played plenty of sand boxes. Establishment for 3 months means there will be people light years ahead of everyone and elitists. Not a fan. Keep it a fair playing field.

    27. Missing avatar

      Silence Will Fall on

      @Trevor Lutes |

      If you want and pay to visit a theme park, I guess you'd hope there is a minimum of structure in the park, not just a puddle of mud... That's what the Exposition is about : a limited controlable number of players, helping laying the foundations for everybody else.

      And if you're thinking : "well let everybody lay the foundations", think that if things go south, it is easier to control or, worst case scenario, undo the actions of a few than the mess of a many.

      And server wise... the alphas have a limited number of players, a bit more during betas, a little more during exposition... it's a nice crescendo to slowly load the server capacity.

      Not everybody in the world has bad intentions you know...

      My 2 cents.

    28. Jason Purcell on

      Trevor, there just pacing it, giving players to explore and get a feel for the game before all hell out breaks loose. Its like crawling before walking, then running. :) thats all

    29. Missing avatar

      Firenomad on

      I think this is wonderful news. While my attitude was essentially what will be will be to exposition and I wasn't that worried I know plenty of people who did have concerns. I think that this update is more important however because it continues to show one of the qualities that lead me to pledge and that is that the dev team care and not in some shallow political facade way but as genuinely as can be. Sure the devs have a vision of the game that they need to stay true to but they are listening to the community and responding in ways that I think stay true to their vision while also working with community concerns to shape a better path towards the dream we're all pulling for. Keep it up guys and continue to shine bright.

    30. Solaris on

      Trevor I think you misunderstand. All they did was change an already announced phase of design. It's so there is a world built to launch with, instead of chaos if Exposition were a free for all.

    31. Solaris on

      100% support this move.

      Will help make for a well developed, established world come launch.

      Thank you Soulbound

    32. Jason Purcell on

      Good idea, I am glad your doing it like this. I have played MMOs where you are just thrown at to the wolves and you have very little time to get the hang of things.

    33. Trevor Lutes on

      So this is essentially a way to get people to pay more money to you in order to be able to be viable for official release? That's how I read it. Just make it that way for release. 1 month no pvp, 1 month no coups and then open it up. Why force players to spend over a hundred dollars to do that? What difference does it make? Other than to your pockets?

      Definitely not impressed.

    34. Swordsaint on

      Thank goodness. I like this alot.

    35. Falendor on

      Seems like a reasonable way to make sure there's no of the "unfortunate" turn of events many have feared.
      It always takes me a couple hours to get any kind of handle on a game, and ideas hate to be plunked during that aquard phase.

    36. Count Raithe on

      This is an awesome way to split it all up and allow us headstarters to be able to flesh out the world for the general public when they breach the walls. Awesome job Soulbound, keep it up!

    37. Missing avatar

      Erica Martin on

      Sounds great!!

    38. Jonathan Conley on

      That gives me plenty of time to get an apothecary build. Supply healing AIDS for the wounded.... And poisons for the vengeful ;) hahaha.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sorrowfox on

      A fox approves!