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Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
Dynamic & immersive MMORPG where your character ages & dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.
10,752 backers pledged $1,361,435 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Colin Mueller: Not that we can publicly discuss. For more details, check the Early Access forum on our site for Alpha backers. Thanks!

    2. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Jonathan Plummer: If you need help with your account, you'll need to email us at

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Plummer on

      I too asked for a refund long ago and received no response to my message.

    4. Missing avatar

      Colin Mueller on

      Is there any news as to when the Alpha will begin? The only updates I seem to get are the ones asking for more money. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    5. mark fluter on

      I would like a refund of my pledge.

    6. mark fluter on

      At this rate computers will be obsolete by the time the game is our

    7. Missing avatar

      Fox on

      This project has missed every deadline since the close of Kickstarter. Even your webpage was late and a mess for the longest. How about you guys update us when something is released and playable? Until then keep your napkin notes and overblown ideas to yourselves, and I'll keep my money.

    8. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      @Prue: You can review the development timeline here: nothing much has changed since that was posted.
      @John Smith, we have no plans for that to happen, if you have specific questions please let us know!

    9. John Benji Smith on

      Is this project going down the same path as Ossic X headphones? I have already lost $350 on those headphones, will I be loosing the few hundred a spent on you guys?

    10. Prue Dwyer on

      Has a clear date for release of the game been announced? I've read through some updates but nothing jumps out. Can anyone point me to a clear FAQ that explains the process, the project timeline and forecast delivery dates?

    11. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      If you need customer service assistance, please contact us directly at We are ready to help!

    12. Ben C on

      @Damien Tan don't count on it I've been asking ever since they missed their first deadline. They probably blew past the money already.sad

    13. Damien Tan on

      Hi Creator. I was wondering if I could get a refund for this project. Thank you.

    14. Edward Wyatt on

      Hey @Jessika S.

      The Development Timeline you've linked to is just that, a development timeframe. It's when SbS are working on things, *not* when they're releasing them!

      If you have any questions, jump in the Discord server. Lots of discussion happens there :)


      @Eddie Dover
      There are emails being sent out with additional sales because Soulbound are remaining entirely crowdfunded until a later stage of development. The initial investor sweep would have meant making compromises that as a studio they were not willing to make. :)

      Got questions - as above, jump into Discord with the rest of the community!


      @mark fluter
      The kickstarter date was only ever a best-case scenario, and it is my understanding that they were unable to set a date later than Dec 2017. The existing timeline has been in place for almost a year now. Swing by the discord server to chat to us in the community if you have questions! :D

    15. Jessika S. on

      You may want to update your Timeline...

      Alpha 1 estimate is over in 2 days...No Alpha still.
      Exposition should have a 3 month Window, not a 6 month. You will confuse people and you'll not hear the end of it.

      Just sayin'

    16. Missing avatar

      Eddie Dover on

      I'm so tired of getting emails about new 'features' then finding out that it's completely gated until I 'increase my pledge'. Stop it. You got a million from the KS, your site says you're at 4 million. If you don't have enough money by now then you need to seek outside investors instead of throwing what amounts to promises and DLC at the people who hoped this game would be amazing. Personally, this far in, I doubt this game will happen and if it does it'll die out within a year. Stop emailing us more crap you want us to buy.

    17. mark fluter on

      " full launch towards the end of 2019." so two years behind schedule? Delivery was supposed to be Dec 2017

    18. TheMightyWashburn on

      @Ben C

      Actually I think Star Citizen is much more likely to have a final finished product. very late, but also very big. Not saying it will have been worth it.

      This game, I doubt anything will come of it.

    19. Ben C on

      Just another star citizen. But with this game I don't even get to play it. What a joke

    20. Ben C on

      I would like to get a refund.This project is already a year behind. And we have not even seen any real gameplay just some basic unity assets in a dungeon. Please give me back my money.

    21. Missing avatar

      Christian Stettin on

      @Mike: You surely didnt read the entire thing at the start of the kickstarter. High Pledged players get the initial position in the nobility, which can be lost from day 1 onward. Surnames was already part of a lot of Kickstarter reward, but those who don't have one can still buy it.

      We never was supposed to start at the "same level". We all got different jobs, different families, different cities etc: Everyone get his unique start and only his skill decided if he can hold his power, increase it or get it stolen by other players. They decided against a publisher in this early stage, as the most publisher want to kill their games with unfair Revenue methods like lootboxes, Itemshops etc..
      In opposite of the most other Dev's, they are honest and talk about such things, that they need more money to make it happend and that they put on the community instead of the moneygrabber Publishers.

    22. Mike on

      I really loved the concept of this game when I pledged on kickstarter, but now there's just more and more emails asking for more money. 10 bucks here, 20 there, and now 45-800 to reserve a surname and get a spot in the hierarchy. REALLY?? Guess it really is based on the real world. Money gets you a spot in the government. I just wanted to play a game where everyone was starting out at the same level, which is what I thought I was going to get when I pledged at the beginning. Guess I'll just be starting at the bottom since I don't have the money, and the ones that do have the money will be starting at the top. Sounds like a REALLY fun game so far. (sarcasm intended)

    23. Missing avatar

      Colin Mueller on

      If I am reading the Development Timeline correctly, Alpha I should be released sometime this Spring, at the latest. Is that still correct?

    24. Lee James Wood on

      There are multiple stages of pre-release gameplay you might miss out on if you were to pledge right now though. We have these ALPHA and Beta events, one if called Exposition, where players are literally building up the settlements so that in the lore the next generation, say 50 years in the future, has a bit more history.

      By building , I mean we have a UI that works as an architectural tool and can place down structures and much more, to custom specifications. Think how customizable the SIM4 is

    25. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hi Richard, the timeline I have listed previously shows all of the pre-alpha activities, the alpha and beta periods, exposition, domain selection, and then full launch towards the end of 2019.

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Lovering on

      Not a negative comment, simply a clarifying questions.....When will we have a retail version of this game available to play? Am I reading the timeline right, in early 2020?

    27. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Absolutely Kyle, you can login to your account and head to the store to see what packages you are eligible to upgrade to. Let us know if we can help further!

    28. Kyle Saritelli

      Is it possible to upgrade my pledge level to another one?

    29. Jeremy Hehl on

      Imagine what SBS could do with even 5% of what StarCitizen has raised, much less 10% ���

    30. Lee James Wood on

      OMG Serpentius is ruling this domain as well ! Insane dedication.. I'm quite proud to be a part of this community, sure sounds promising. I'm just not sure why it doesn't have 200M in funding yet, lol...because it should. It's that promising !

    31. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Sam, you can check the current timeline on our Wiki page here: Let us know if we can answer any other questions!

    32. Sam Ansah

      and when will i get my Beta 2 access

    33. Sam Ansah

      Hi when will we be receiving the game

    34. Soulbound Studios Creator on

      Hello Skyler, please email us at and we'll you taken care of.

    35. Skyler James on

      How do I tell the website that I’m a backer? I wanted to upgrade to nobility and it says I’m not an Elyrian.

    36. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Jessika, We have discussed this in detail on our site, you are welcome to join in. After reviewing this news, the vast majority of our community supports is. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on every dissenting or toxic thread on the internet, but we thank you for your feedback.

    37. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Paulo, we're not certain which survey you are referring to. If you can contact us directly we can communicate with you faster and easier and help resolve your inquiry. Please email us at from the email attached to your CoE account. Thank you!

    38. Missing avatar

      Paulo Seng on

      Hi, I'm just wondering if the survey has gone out? I've been kind of out of touch with information about the project. If it has, I've checked my kickstarter email and I did not find anything about it. thanks.

    39. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Ben,

      We're sorry you feel that way, but that is simply not the case and we have plenty of progress to report on and do so regularly. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know!

    40. Ben C on

      Thanks for the lack of help. Basiclly anyone that wants to get a refund wont be able to get one because the studio has wasted our money on who knows what. This game is a big sham and i wish i had never backed it!

    41. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Ben, we got this message. We tried to find your comment from last week and respond, but it seems it was deleted before we could get to it. If you could please contact us directly via our email, we'll be able to assist you further. Thank you.

    42. Ben C on

      I asked you last week and am still awaiting a response

    43. Ben C on

      Hey i dont like where this game is going. It looks like you guys are going in the way of star citizen. You keep on taking more money with little to nothing to show for. I would like to pull my pledge. Thanks!

    44. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for your question.

      Pre-Alpha activities have not started yet.
      Backers will be notified of the start of any of the pre-Alpha experiences many ways.
      We will directly email you if your rank requires participation of a specific activity, but we will also make announcements here, on our official website and community, and on our Social media channels.
      So don't worry, we will keep you in the loop as everything progresses!

    45. Jonathan Weng on

      I have the Astronomer Pack

      When will we receive information on Alpha 1? Did I miss it already? How will we be informed of Alpha 1 when it starts?

    46. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Peter, we're not quite at that stage yet. To stay up to date on announcements, you can continue watching here, you can join our official Discord server, or keep an eye out for news our website.
      Thanks for reaching out!

    47. Peter Hedges on

      Have I missed an email or information about being able to play the game or are we not at that stage yet?

    48. Serpentius Collaborator on

      Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately when we replied to your previous email it bounced and we had no CoE info to contact you by :( We've responded to your forum post in our community and are ready to assist you as soon as we receive a reply. Thanks again and our apologies about the email issue.

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