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The Shift of the Ages film is a true & authentic Mayan story about the Calendar, 2012 & the turbulent times in which we are now living. Read more

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The Shift of the Ages film is a true & authentic Mayan story about the Calendar, 2012 & the turbulent times in which we are now living.

About this project

The Shift of the Ages film is a true and authentic story of the Maya, the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and the turbulent times in which we are living. Compelling and timely, this story is told through living Grand Elder, Wandering Wolf, also known as Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj.

We kindly ask for your help to complete and deliver this independent film to a global audience.

We invite you to join us in our campaign to help the Maya share their message through the Shift of the Ages film.

The Story

The Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala has a profound story, shared by their leader, Wandering Wolf.  As the protagonist of the Shift of the Ages, Wandering Wolf is known as "the voice of the jungle and the messenger of the Maya."  The film is the Maya’s first official discourse to the world, and sharing this story with humanity is Wandering Wolf’s destiny. 

In the film we journey with Wandering Wolf as he fulfills his mission to bring peace and unity to our shifting world. We learn of the Maya, the history they want shared, their spirituality, their prophecies and their honor and respect of nature. 

Along the way we join Wandering Wolf on a quest to recover a sacred Mayan staff that has been misappropriated by an elder from another nation. As Wandering Wolf’s symbol of authority, the staff has the power to unite nations and to fulfill destinies.

Image: Wandering Wolf and Kiriyama Kancho (Kyoto, Japan, 2010)

The film documents this engaging recovery mission, while taking us through Wandering Wolf’s humble beginnings as a shoe-shine boy to his political ascent as Extraordinary Ambassador to the Indigenous Pueblos of Guatemala. 

Testament to the staff’s power, shortly after its recovery in  2007 the first Guatemalan Mayan President, Alvaro Colom, was inaugurated into office by Wandering Wolf. 

Wandering Wolf’s journey mirrors each human being's quest to regain authority for the fulfillment of both individual and collective destinies, as we navigate these rapidly changing and shifting times. 

The Mayan Calendar Connection 

The famous Mayan Long Count Calendar, expected by many to end on December 21st 2012, has prompted unnecessary fear, because people are unclear of the calendar's meaning. Wandering Wolf helps clarify these and other misunderstandings in Shift of the Ages. He says that according to Maya prophecy, we have entered a unique time-period, a “change of Suns” during which humanity traverses a significant evolutionary shift. Wandering Wolf and many Mayan Elders believe it is crucial for humanity to prepare for this transition. 

Why Now?

The Maya consider themselves the Keepers of Time, and prophesize that the new “Sun” is about to dawn. Wandering Wolf tells us that in order to facilitate the transition, we must collectively learn to cooperate, to treat each other, the earth, and it's life with dignity and respect. As he suggests, “We are one, like the fingers of one hand.” Wandering Wolf admonishes humanity to immediately stop wars, pollution, discrimination and avarice in order to avoid further tumult.

Image: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The wisdom offered by Wandering Wolf in Shift of the Ages delivers very potent and relevant messages for our times. Unfortunately, many non-Mayan researchers, academics and film makers have misrepresented the messages and prophecies of the Maya. Films like Apocalypto incorrectly portray the Maya as vicious human sacrificers and 2012 fuels fears that the Maya predicted the end of the world, which they did not. 

Allow the Maya, through the Shift of the Ages film, to clarify these misconceptions and offer a new, empowering vision for our future that eases fears of 2012

With Your Help… 

Image: Steve (director) and Mayan youth in Guatemala.

We respectfully invite you to actively participate in the Shift of the Ages film project, to financially contribute to the delivery of this epic story. Our minimum need of $125,000 allows us to complete post-production for a DVD release. However, our goal to create a theatrical-quality film will require at least $500,000 to complete. With your generous support, we can not only kickstart this project, but exceed our minimum and achieve our full goal so we can release the film to both theatrical and DVD audiences. 

As challenging as an independent film is to fund and produce, we humbly acknowledge the greater magnitude of the sacrifice and contribution to humanity that the Maya have made: holding a vision for humanity’s future that has been kept sacred by the living Maya for thousands of years. 

Please, won’t you join us in honoring this great civilization by allowing them a voice on the world stage of modern media? 

Please pledge your support now. 

Thank you! 

The Shift of the Ages Team 


When will the movie be released?

Our goal is to premiere the movie at a festival such as Sundance, early in 2012, followed by a theatrical release. DVDs will be released after the film's theatrical release. 

Where can I see film clips of Shift of the Ages?

Film clips can be viewed at

What happens if the money is not raised on time?

If our goal is not met prior to the deadline, distribution and release of the Shift of the Ages film will be delayed.  With your help we can avoid this scenario. 

$125,000 seems like a low number for a movie budget, doesn’t it? 

You are correct. Fortunately, other Ambassadors have helped support the project along the way. The $125,000 to $500,000 figure is the remaining balance of a larger total budget. Our goal is imperative for the film project to become a reality. 

If I donate, when can I redeem the incentive? 

All incentives, big and small, will only happen if our goal is met. When we do meet our goal we will finish the film and submit it to film festivals. The Official DVD will be released after the film shows at theaters. The Ambassador DVD featuring Wandering Wolfs video messages will be released summer 2011. It will be our priority to send out the incentives as soon as is possible.

Can we exceed the goal?

Yes! Exceeding our goal allows us to give the appropriate honor to the inspirational teachings of the Maya, as we would make a better movie and reach a broader audience with a theatrical release. 

Can I increase my pledge once it’s been made?

YES! Click a blue “Manage Your Donation” button on our Kickstarter campaign page and you can enter a new amount or choose a new incentive. 

I am not in the US. Can I still pledge to this project?

Yes. You can pledge from anywhere in the world.

Where does the money go to?

The money goes directly to the production company, P-Qubd LLC, for funding the post-production phase of this film. 

For more information please visit

Any other questions? Email us at

-- Joseph, Steve, James, April, David, Rachel, Sammy, Gregor --


  • Our goal is to premiere the movie at a festival such as Sundance, early in 2012. With more exposure, more people will be reached by the crucial messages in this film. DVDs will be shipped after the film's theatrical release.

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  • If our goal is not met prior to the deadline, distribution and release of the Shift of the Ages movie will be delayed. We hope to avoid this scenario.

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  • We have invested our money into the extensive documentation of the Shift of the Ages story. Now our biggest challenge is funding the post-production process for a theatrical film. This figure helps us »lock the picture edit« so we can edit the feature length film to DVD. This goal is imperative for the film to become a working reality. Our true goal is to raise $500,000 which will allow us to submit to festivals and to present it to movie distributors.

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  • Exceeding our goal allows us to give the appropriate honour to the inspirational teachings of the Maya, as we would make a better movie and reach a broader audience. We have set our goal at the low end as we feel that the message must be shared regardless. We believe that more supporters will join us once we have a »locked picture.«

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  • YES! Click a blue “Manage Your Donation” button on our Kickstarter campaign page and you can enter a new amount or choose a new incentive.

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  • Yes. You can pledge from anywhere in the world.

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  • Your money goes directly to the funding of this film.

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    “We are one, like the fingers of one hand” (Wandering Wolf). You have become a Shift of the Ages Ambassador! We thank you and give you a virtual hug on our website. A special fire ceremony by Mayan Grand Elders will be dedicated to all Ambassadors.

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    Thirteen is a sacred number. Trecena is a cycle of 13 days, each day having a different tone. Start your journey and attend a Shift of the Ages tele-webcast. You will also receive a one page Mayan Birth-Chart reading (Sent via email).

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    The 20 glyphs of the Mayan Calendar represent all aspects of energies and human needs. Before the film release, you will receive a special edition Ambassador DVD with exclusive videos, photos and interviews.

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    It takes 52 years for all variations of daily energies and it is the age when you become an elder. You will receive more Maya wisdom with the limited edition Shift of the Ages DVD (upon official DVD release). Limited to Ambassadors (pledgers)! Above gifts are included.

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    When the Eagle meets the Condor it is time to unite. One world, one peace, one love. 1+1+1=111, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    All of the above gifts plus:
    Limited edition signed Printed Photo. Suitable for framing.
    Limited Edition Official SOTA Eco-Tee

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    Number of days in sacred Mayan Calendar also known as the Tzolkin. Decode to natural time. Hint: what matters is now.

    All the above gifts plus:
    Special Limited Edition Maya Calendar Poster for tracking the daily energies. For the most creative time that is ahead of you.

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    Did you know that it takes 584 days for Venus and the Earth to line up in their previous position as compared to the Sun? The Maya know a lot more. The wisdom of the ancestors is returning.

    All of the above plus:
    Signed First Edition Shift of the Ages book of photography and Poetry by Wandering Wolf.

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    13:20, the sacred ratio, the cosmic frequency. We invite you to join us with your soul mate in the first screening of the film where you’ll see also your name in the film credits. Wrap up party and above gifts included, transportation and lodging not.

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    Thirteen is a sacred number in the Maya system of timekeeping. Thirteen 260-day counts of the Tzolkin complete 3,380 days. Experience the joy of completion and share your 4 complementary Full Access Passes to screening, wrap party, and official festival premier with your friends (transportation and lodging not included). A special gift for you will be a personal Maya reading by Grandmother Elizabeth.

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    The length of the Long Count cycle completing soon is around 5,125 years. The shift is happening. A new Sun is rising…

    Share your vision of peace with the world! We’ll include your video in the Ambassadors section of the DVD release and on the SOTA webpage. You guessed it. Above gifts are also included.

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    1 backer Limited (8 left of 9)

    9 steps of the pyramid, 9 underworlds, 9 lords and 9 rewards. Your purpose is beyond personal rewards as you know that the true reward comes from within. Thank you.

    Become part of the crew and receive Associate producer’s credit in film registered on IMDB and other official movie presentations. Share a meal with the team and present your ideas. You'll be also the first one to be invited when a sacred journey with Elders happens.

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