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€16,481 pledged of €39,000 goal
By Sorry We Are French
€16,481 pledged of €39,000 goal



 Immortal 8 is a civilization card drafting game with hidden identities set in a heroic-fantasy universe, playable from 3 to 8 players. It lasts approximatively 8 minutes per player. At the beginning of the game, players secretly receive an Immortal card which will guide them through their strategic decisions.





PDF Rulebooks in French and English will be available soon (we are finishing the layout).


IMMORTAL 8 IS KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN RETAIL. Check the “Why Kickstarter” section for more information.











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French review by Cwowd :

French review by Ludovox :

Immortal 8 is a game with a steep learning curve. Thus, it needs a lot of games to be mastered. Likewise, it required a lot of playtesting to achieve its development. After more than 250 games, the Sorry We Are French team believes Immortal 8 is now ready to give you an amazing experience. Working on the game every day for the past 6 months, recruiting an artist and an in-house developer were necessary costs to offer you a deep, strategic and renewable experience through the play of only 5 cards during the entire game !  

Because of the numerous combos and tough decisions to make, we think the game is not anymore adapted to the mass market . It was designed for groups of gamers who like to play the same game together over and over again, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the 8 Immortals.  

Choosing Kickstarter Exclusive for Immortal 8 gave us the possibility to develop its graphic identity with a very particular touch. The huge amount of tokens, the absence of a main board and Immortal 8 being for the most part a card game make of it a quite unique game. And it would have been too risky to offer it on the classical market.  

So, Immortal 8 is Kickstarter Exclusive. However, if we have remaining stock, we will have it on sale at various game conventions (on our booth) but in limited supply and at a premium once all backers will have been served.  

Sorry We Are French aims at publishing board games that give a special experience to the players. And to us, Kickstarter Exclusive is the best way to go for this kind of games.  


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We will be charging shipping once the Kickstarter is over, based on the actual costs. We will collect the information via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. We will ship your rewards at our cost to our international hubs. Depending on where in the world you are, we will either ship to you from our hub in South Korea (Asia, PACIFIC), USA (USA CAN AUSTRALIA And New Zealand), and France (EU backers and the rest of the world). Keep in mind these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals.  

USA: 9€  

CANADA: 14€  

• EUROPE: 9€ to France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands. 14€ to Spain, UK, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic and to most other countries.  

• LATIN AMERICA: 60€ to most countries.  

• ASIA: ONLY 5€ to South Korea. 25 € to Japan, China and Hong Kong.

• OCEANIA: 20€ to Australia and New Zealand.  

• AFRICA: 60€

• DOM-TOM: 30€ to Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Guyane.


• Rest of the world 60€

We cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally, and to the following countries: Russia, Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan, North Korea and Syria.







Risks and challenges

Experience :
Sorry We Are French and Moonster Games have a long experience in the board games industry, having published games for 8 years, like Gosu, Machi Koro (in French), Koryo, etc.
We promise you that we will handle everything with the highest level of professionalism.

Delivery date :
We expect the game to be delivered on early October 2018. This is the mandatory time we need to prepare the game for manufacturing, produce it and ship it to you. It includes a safety margin in case an unforeseen event delays the delivery.
Our best interest is that every backer gets the game as soon as possible. We will do our best to avoid any delay. However, if some issues with production, shipping or customs should happen, we will keep you updated and we will handle it in the shortest delays.

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