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Book exploring the composition and construction of Sonnenzimmer's screen printed posters.
Book exploring the composition and construction of Sonnenzimmer's screen printed posters.
401 backers pledged $20,690 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cheryl - OC on

      I've been meaning to comment that the book is fantastic. I wasn't sure what the book would be like, and was hugely surprised by the approach - the project breakdowns and exercises. Really cool.

    2. Beak on

      You totally did it.

    3. Missing avatar

      bobzeni on


    4. Missing avatar

      Shirley Butcher on

      Your mom and dad are so proud of you and Nadine. This is so impressive. Alot of people know ya'lls work and are very appreciative of art. Get to work, you have alot of books to send to your backers. You are going to be very busy, but we still need to see you sometime soon.

    5. Robb & Char Irrgang on

      Congratulations, folks.

    6. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      We are so excited to be producing this and getting into hands of interested people. Best scenario, first edition is sold out!

    7. Original Replica on

      Congrats! You worth it!

    8. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      We are so humbled - but ready to charge this!

    9. Jordan on

      Your No Order/Clarity of Intent/Genre set is the best thing on my walls. Real happy to support some excellent local Chicago artists.

    10. Laurel Hechanova on

      The bumpers alone were worth the pledge price.

    11. Connor Bell on

      Sounds like it'll be awesome. Good luck Nick and Nadine!

    12. Alex Fuller on

      i can almost smell the press sheets!

    13. Michael Cina on

      So close it HURTS!

    14. Umbrella Tree on

      So close already!

    15. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      Joaquin -. Thanks much. We don't apply any specific edition numbers to orders, it's a logistic jungle for two people. Also at to your tier, we don't even have 13 backers, so we don't know the end edition as of right now for that. As to the other books, they are not numbered. If that changes your mind, we understand.

    16. Joaquin Roibal on

      Wow very interesting project!! I am excited to support in purchasing on of the limited edition sets (1 of 15) , if possible can I please have #13? Also I am interested in purchasing the other two books as well, do you have any option for 1 of 15 and the two books? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    17. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      It's true it's a bit hidden, here are the links:
      Formal Additive Programs:
      Field Integration

      Thanks for asking.

    18. Vincent Lynch on

      Hi Nick and Nadine,

      I looked at your site but couldnt find any info about your other books, "Formal Additive Programs" and "Field Integration", can you provide some information about their topics and contents (or link to a page about them if Im a dummy and missed it)


    19. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      Thanks Sam for backing it! But we're not taking it for granted yet... still a bit to go.

    20. Sam Valenti IV on

      Super excited, this will happen!

    21. Sonnenzimmer 2-time creator on

      Working with Michael Cina was amazing. He is so generous, talented and very detail orientated. It was a super fluid collaboration, yet the project was initiated by the amazing Ghostly International. We are so very excited that he is part of this project. He creates so much unique content and his critical writing is spot on. Thank you for supporting this!

    22. Erica Toelle on

      Thank you so much for the beautiful Bumbershoot 2011 / Ghostly / Decibel Festival poster last year! (and thank you Michael!)

    23. Michael Cina on

      Look forward to seeing this happen! Much love and half way there!