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The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed by slowing down your breathing, focussing your attention and playing soothing sounds.
The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed by slowing down your breathing, focussing your attention and playing soothing sounds.
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Product Update: Packaging / Sleeves / Timeline

Posted by Somnox (Creator)
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Dear Backers, 

Time for another update regarding the production of your sleep robots. 
At the moment it's freezing in the Netherlands and it's possible to do some ice skating on the canals. 

However, we have been very busy with new developments. 


We are currently designing the packaging of the Somnox Sleep Robot. It's meant to serve as a cradle to charge your robot during the day and also to prevent the box from being thrown away. What do you think about this concept packaging design? 

Packaging Design Concept
Packaging Design Concept

Feedback from our community on social media

We were amazed by the cool feedback we received through social media. (instagram / facebook and linkedin). 



What do you think could be a great addition to the packaging? Since it's still in a concept/prototype phase we are very interested in your feedback and ideas!


Sleeve Design

Designing the sleeve of the Somnox Sleep Robot. Trying different colours and labels to add up to a wonderful design experience. What do you like the sleeve to look/feel like?



In the following overview we want to show you what our current production / delivery timeline looks like. We will include this overview in every update so you can see our progress / milestones / delays. 

At the moment it is Chinese New Year. So, the factory is closed.
However, delivery in July is good-to-go!

Timeline update
Timeline update


Somnox in NYC

Baginda went to NYC to Disney's ABC Studio to bring the Somnox sleep robot to Live with Kelly and Ryan. Watch the video below. Altough it was just 30 seconds of fame it's kinda cool to be recognized internationally. 

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Stay up to date

We are improving our content and update interval. 
Make sure you follow us on facebook / twitter / instagram / linkedin and subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated about the latest developments. We post regurarly. 

We know many of you still have questions, so please feel free to reach out to us at our support address or give us a call +31 6 82421037.


Schrijf je in bij de slaapmakers! (DUTCH ONLY)

De Slaapmakers Facebook Groep
De Slaapmakers Facebook Groep


Met team Somnox zijn we constant bezig met het verbeteren van de slaaprobot voor jou. Omdat je ons in de vroege dagen hebt gesteund, willen wij je vragen om deel uit te maken van de Slaapmakers.

Wat is de Slaapmakers precies?

De Slaapmakers is een exclusieve Facebook groep waarin wij samen met jou de slaaprobot willen verbeteren. Dit doen we door samen te kijken hoe we het beste onze slaaprobot kunnen verbeteren, jouw feedback te vragen over onze ideeën, slaap bijeenkomsten te houden, een exclusieve behind-the-scenes van onze vooruitgangen en vertel ons vooral je eigen ideeën!


Klik dan snel hier en claim jou plek in de slaapmakers FB groep:

Samen slapen we beter.

Sweet dreams for now! 

Julian - Team Somnox

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    1. saitei on

      I'd probably be tempted to remove any tag that sticks out, especially if it will be near my face/skin. Even if it were stitched down on all sides, the disparity in textures between it and the sleeve would bother me. I think screen printing the logo or putting it inside the sleeve is the best option, but this is coming from someone that hasn't used the device. Tot ziens!