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Your sleep companion to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.
Your sleep companion to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.
Your sleep companion to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.
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    1. Somnox Creator on June 1

      @Peter Franken, update will be live this Monday! Woohoo! Sorry for the delay, it should have been this week :( Can't wait! If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on May 30

      Is the update ready?

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on May 18

      Awe me, I'm very excited!

    4. Somnox Creator on May 17

      @Peter Franken, yes! We are working on a new update to be published next week :)
      Since the first hand samples came in it will be an interesting one. Including an overview of delivery slots!! Can't wait to share it with you guys. Hold tight and sweet dreams.

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on May 17

      Any updates??

    6. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on April 24


    7. Somnox Creator on April 24

      @Udo Krueger, of course you can! Total darkness is very important. So it's up to you! The standard setting is that the light turns off automatically while breathing. So no worries!

    8. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on April 24

      Thanks for the live stream!!!
      Just a Short question, could i switch off the light in the Somnox that there is total darkness?
      Thanks Udo

    9. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on April 5

      Any news about shipment date?

    10. Somnox Creator on March 31

      @Udo Krueger, yes there will be! After Eastern another production update :) Meanwhile, make sure to check out our twitter and facebook as well.

    11. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on March 31

      Again time for some news please!!!

    12. Somnox Creator on March 9

      Dear @Jennifer Brownell,

      Thanks for your comment! Happy to explain:

      The European RRP (recommended retail price) will be €549,- (incl. VAT excl. shipping) and the American RRP will be $549,- excluding VAT & shipping.
      Which indeed means that the US-version is cheaper compared to the European one. This indeed makes your Kickstarter discount somewhat smaller than that of Europeans that backed our project. We apologize for this difference and the confusion it may have caused.

      We are very thankful to our first backers, so you can be sure you have the best price and product that will be delivered at first.

      Your advantage for pre-ordering the first 'snoozer' edition of the Somnox Sleep Robot is still significant:

      549 EUR = 869,36 Canadian Dollar (RRP) vs. €449,- = $711,00 (KS Edition) is still ~$150 discount compared to the RRP. And of course, the Kickstarter badge will be shipping first (starting July). Whereas the other models only will start shipping in October.

      During the time we set up our Kickstarter we didn't take into account the varying taxes in other countries for the RRP. Therefore the difference in pricing. On the other hand, we want to help as many people improve their sleep. We found that 549$ excl. tax enabled us to reach more people and have a 'steady' price for other countries.

      I hope this helps you understand! If not, we are happy to help!
      Contact us here: or +31 6 18265186

    13. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Brownell on March 8

      I couldn't help but notice on the clip for Ryan and Kelly that he said it's going to retail for $549, not Euros, Dollars, I paid $749(CDN, but still) with the promise that I was saving around $300. It seems this is no longer true. Is it possible that we've all overpaid for the first models, to get your company off the ground?

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on March 7

      Hi Creator,

      Thank you for the update :). It looks very good. I like the packaging too although I expect it will seldom be used.

      I have a small concern about the label. Since it is used for sleeping usually labels could be very annoying. At least in my opinion. You could think of something like printing the name and/or instructions on the cover itself

    15. Somnox Creator on March 6

      @Peter Franken, it's a kind of magic! The new update was just published! Let me know if you have any questions.

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on March 6

      Hi Creator,

      Is there already an update?

    17. Somnox Creator on February 27

      @Peter Franken, a new update will follow this week! Including more updates regarding the timeline and packaging. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on February 26

      Hi Creator,

      I saw the new packaging on Facebook. Could we get a full look including pictures in an update?

    19. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on February 17

      That s great!!!
      Thanks a lot!!!
      Happy Weekend!!!

    20. Somnox Creator on February 17

      Hi @Udo Krueger,
      Thanks for the feedback! We will have a more elaborate update regarding the production next week! It's almost Chinese new year so we are collecting the images as we speak!

    21. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on February 17

      Sorry Somnox ...
      I don t want to hear something about socks etc ...
      What s about the Somnox ???
      The production, timeline and so on...

    22. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on February 13

      New Update please!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on January 25

      Thanks for the update!!!
      Can t wait to get my sleep robots!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Franken
      on January 24

      Hi creator,

      Email would be preferred since I think not everybody reads the comments

    25. Somnox Creator on January 24

      @Udo Krueger, will do! Tomorrow there's an exciting update coming your way. How do you prefer to be updated? (email / kickstarter)

    26. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on January 24

      Time for an Update!!!

    27. Hylke Collaborator on January 10

      Great to see us featured more and more in Germany, we are getting a lot of media attention from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Thanks for keeping us up to date :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on January 10
      Some news from the CES in a large german newspaper
      Picture 2 is Somnox

    29. Hylke Collaborator on January 7

      @Udo Krueger We are very busy developing our sleeprobot and this week we are standing at CES in Las Vegas (Huge Opportunity). The mobile app is making progression and furthermore have we started designing the packaging.
      More updates coming soon!

    30. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on January 7

      Happy New Year Somnox!!!
      Some more News please...

    31. Somnox Creator on December 17, 2017

      @Christa Jepsen Yihaa! We can't wait to deliver your sleep robot.

    32. Christa Jepsen on December 17, 2017

      You did it, you doubled your goal! To be continued...

    33. Somnox Creator on December 15, 2017

      Hi @Arthur Hofman!

      Yessss! We are currently celebrating like crazy. What an amazing ride it was.
      We will post an update in a moment about our next steps!


      Can't wait to make a difference. Start the sleep revolution!

    34. Arthur Hofman (Ψ) on December 15, 2017

      YES! So excited for you guys!

      Have fun celebrating and creating a product that’s making a difference in being different.

      Thank you - can’t wait to experience the real deal!

    35. Somnox Creator on December 9, 2017

      Thanks for meeting Henk. Very cool and inspiring to get into touch with you..

    36. Silverback on December 9, 2017

      Had a meet with the Somnox .... and designer and now I have a positive feeling that it's a excellent project. And will realize for people to get a deeper sleep .

    37. Missing avatar

      Stijn Antonisse Collaborator on December 7, 2017

      @Luc De Wilde, thank you for your question! This really depends on how you use the sleep robot. The battery will give you a breathing time of 2-3 hours (depending on the settings). So if you use it for 20 minutes per night it will last for about a week. Nevertheless we recommend to charge it every day, so you're always sure it has enough power to help you charge at night ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Luc De Wilde on December 7, 2017

      How long does the battery last? Do you have to charge it every day or can you use the robot several nights in a row without charching?

    39. Missing avatar

      Wouter Kooyman van Guldener Collaborator on December 5, 2017

      Hi Silverback, we will ask Iens and post an update on our website if we were able to retrieve the data. :) Iens is not involved with Somnox in any other way than having tested the Somnox sleep robot. There was no financial compensation or incentive otherwise to make a review.

    40. Silverback on December 5, 2017

      I see the dutch lady speakers ( IENS Boswijk ) talk about fitbit and theire positive results measured during longer deep sleep .
      Can you place these measured FITBIT sleep results on the website ...... without SOMNOX and with SOMNOX ! BTW ...Is IENS financially involved ?

    41. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Brownell on December 1, 2017

      Thank you for the extra information! I'm so grateful to your team for this invention and I'm counting the days until I get to meet and benefit from my very own Somnox! All the best and keep up the good work!

    42. Somnox Creator on December 1, 2017

      Hi Jennifer, thank you for the questions! We want you to have the best experience, so a free subscription to updates is included.

      For charging a regular adapter is used to charge the rechargeable battery in the sleep robot.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Brownell on November 30, 2017

      I have a couple of questions that I would've liked to of asked you and your live stream but I was working missed it; is a subscription to the updates or the app included in the price meaning will it always be free to people that have a somnox to get updates for it? My second question is how does the robot charge when not in use, does it have a dock and a rechargeable battery?

    44. Somnox Creator on November 30, 2017

      @Silverback Bluetooth can be configured to be fully off while sleeping. Just as sounds.

      @Brian Cool, we are looking into the best way to make this possible. Keep you updated!

    45. Silverback on November 29, 2017

      Question .... is bluetooth on while sleeping .
      Can it be turned off. ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Brian N on November 28, 2017

      I would really like an extra sleeve to be included to swap out while one is being washed.

    47. Somnox Creator on November 25, 2017

      @Good we do have some wonderful ideas!
      Do you have any suggestions for stretch goals?
      Sleep well ;)

    48. Missing avatar

      Good on November 25, 2017

      Do you have planned stretch goal?

    49. Somnox Creator on November 19, 2017

      Yes @Udo Krueger we can't wait! Our partner Auping is already informed! Let's get these sleep robots produced!

    50. Missing avatar

      Udo Krueger
      on November 19, 2017

      Ok Julian ...
      Now it is time to start the production!!!

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