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Hilarious characters & darkly ridiculous text, this book is perfect no matter where you work!
Created by

Joe & Janell

68 backers pledged $3,675 to help bring this project to life.

Not-Yet Backers, this is for you:

GOOOOAL! (and then some?)

Grateful to our current Backers? YES (we love u).
Happy to have made our goal? THRILLED! 
Calling out the voyeuristic watchers who've been monitoring our campaign but haven't made a pledge yet? Mmmmmm...A little.

There's still time! Although we've made our minimum goal, we set it at the lowest possible to cover the smallest print run. Many other Kickstarter projects go over their funding goal, and any over ours will help offset other out-of-pocket costs (rewards swag, shipping, etc) and enable a larger run even!

So in short, us making our minimum goal today doesn't mean that it's too late to make a pledge. It also doesn't mean that we're not grateful. We're just tapping into the abundant good energy and supportive momentum that this is, and want you to know that you too can ride this wave! 

Below are some screenshots of some spectacularly funded projects that inspired us in some way. We're not daring to push for their numbers, but rather show you what amazing possibilities Kickstarter can hold. 
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