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write. laugh. repeat.
write. laugh. repeat.
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AndThen™... Happy New Year!

Posted by Something Creative Here LLC (Creator)
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Delivery Update

I hope the holidays were a festive and wonderful time for everyone!  I'm happy to report that 137 of the 146 backers should have now received their game(s).  And about 90% of the packages were mailed before Christmas.  Phew!  

What they were doing:  "laugh-crying"

Since then, I've been getting reports from every direction that you're enjoying AndThen... as much as I dreamed you would!  One Kickstarter backer's family "laugh-cried" playing the game.  Another guy admitted he's not really into games, but he enjoyed AndThen... so much he played multiple rounds.  A parent told me her teenage kids didn't want to play until they heard all the adults laughing so hard, and they all came and joined in.  YES!!!  AndThen...that's what it's all about...bringing people together to create a fun, joyful experience!

AndThen... isn't just winning over those who are a bit crusty or too cool for school.  Another friend told me he came home to his kids playing AndThen... instead of with their other Christmas toys!  What a HUGE compliment!  I mean kids know their stuff when it comes to imagination and fun and play.  In my family, Grandma helped write for one toddler, and there just wasn't even room for her to write down all the story that came out of this kid!  Brilliant!  Writing stories about all these fun stories about writing funny stories makes me feel a little repetitive...and also all warm and gooey inside.

Additional Copies Now Available for Pre-Order...

My next goal has been to make AndThen... available for purchase online as soon as possible, so more people can join in the fun.  (I'm particularly thinking of everyone who either missed the Kickstarter or who played the game and now wants their own copy or additional copies.)  More warm gooeyness!  Thank you all so much!  I'll be honest, the warm gooeyness helps me stay motivated when I sit down and try to do web programming all alone late at night...for multiple workdays in a row...backed up against the cliff, with rations running low, and zombies closing in...  Ugh!  No, it's not that exciting.  But I'm happy to announce that AndThen... is now available to pre-order online!  Just follow the links here:  

I expect a big shipment of games later this month, and I'll post another update here when it arrives.  I hope to keep hearing about your fun experiences with AndThen!  You can tweet them (#AndThen) or post them on Facebook with the tag "Something Creative Here LLC".  More importantly, have fun sharing the game in person, in real life, with all these awesome people around you!

Thank you all so much for making the fun and games possible!  It's a dream come true for me, to know the world is a bit happier, a bit more connected, and a little more fun.  It was a wonderful way to end 2018, and I wish you all a delightfully creative and connected 2019!

(And a special "thank you" to my kind, super smart and wonderful web programmentor!)

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