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write. laugh. repeat.
write. laugh. repeat.
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AndThen™... to celebrate, they threw axes?

Posted by Something Creative Here LLC (Creator)
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Thank you all so much for making the Kickstarter a success!  It was such a great experience for me getting in touch with all my friends and family and sharing the excitement.  It was also hilarious to introduce the game to so many people who never played it before.

Launching Axes vs. Launching a Kickstarter

I spontaneously got together with some friends and random strangers (new friends) to throw axes last night.  I've never thrown axes before, and it really was sort of the perfect unique experience to celebrate the end of this Kickstarter campaign.  

I can't help but see some parallels. The first and most important similarity is that to our knowledge no living things were harmed in either activity.

This is the first time I've attempted to do a Kickstarter campaign.  It was a learning process, and it required a lot of effort.  The same was true of throwing axes.  I had to learn some new skills and put in some effort.  And at the same time, there is something about AndThen... and something about axes that makes both of them inherently perfect for launching.  Axes are balanced just right that they can spin and lodge directly into the wooden target.  AndThen... is inherently funny and creative.  It's really the perfect activity to get out there for people to enjoy. 

Just like it was exciting and satisfying to see the axe stick, I'm so excited for all you to play the game.  I just know AndThen... will stick, and I'm eager to get feedback and start hearing everyone's favorite funny stories as they get passed around on social media.  [#AndThen ...]

AndThen... bullseye!

Axe throwing is random, at least it was for me. AndThen... is also random. And yet somehow, they are also just right.  Part of my personal mission is to make the world a more delightful, happy, connected place. So I really hope that some of the spontaneity and joy of AndThen... finds its way into your everyday life...and vice versa!!!  Seriously, that's what I consider a bullseye!

Oh wait, did someone leave an axe right here?  In the center of the target?
Oh wait, did someone leave an axe right here? In the center of the target?

Sometimes it takes a little work to pull the axe out of the target.  Over the next few weeks, while I wait for Kickstarter finance to work out billing details with each of you, I'll put some work into prepping for packing and shipping, setting up some fun game launch events, and maybe even getting my website set up with Amazon.  But for now, my main goal over the next month is going to be getting AndThen... out of the woodwork to all of you, so that you can play it with your friends and family!

Again thank you so much for your support!  Have fun!  Love you!

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