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write. laugh. repeat.
write. laugh. repeat.
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AndThen™... it was Tuesday, a lot like other Tuesdays...

Posted by Something Creative Here LLC (Creator)

The only difference is this is the last Tuesday you can donate to this Kickstarter campaign.

It's been a blast seeing all the excitement about the game!  With a few working prototypes, it's also been fun to play the game with friends and friends of friends who have either played the game before in various forms or never heard of it. (I do enjoy a run-on sentence from time to time.  (And a parenthetical one. (Does this remind anyone else of the movie Inception?)))

AndThen... encourages creativity, comedy, and connection.  It gets the hamster wheel in your mind spinning and your face grinning.  (Disclaimer:  If you play it a lot, you may have more random funny thoughts pop into your head throughout the day that make you laugh.)  And even if you play the game with complete strangers (new friends), something about the collaboration and the wittiness creates these memorable, special moments that you can cherish forever, or perhaps never forget.  (Like the special occasion when you introduced each other to your families in the ball pit at McDonalds.  SO classy!  Or the moment when the two of you stopped eating cookies to exclaim, "Um, that's not chocolate!")

Get Ready to Share

Speaking of chocolate, I got permission to share one of my favorite images from a past game night.  You can tell how much we enjoyed hearing the 3 bears quoting motivational Dove chocolate wrappers.  I hope everyone gets to experience this sort of game night from time to time. It builds such a great sense of community and fond memories.  I don't remember the quotes, and the image quality from phones back then was not the best, but I sure remember the 3 bears' accents were remarkably convincing!

If you know 4 other people who enjoy a good laugh or who need a little creativity, comedy, or connection in their life this winter, let this average Tuesday be the one where you either a) share this Kickstarter campaign with them, or b) make plans to play the game with them later in December.  They will thank you.  They may also make a music video with you...with no video crew...and no sense of choreography or coordination.  Or a store mannequin that looks like them may converse with you in mime.  With this game, the possibilities really are infinite!

Thank you all for helping make my dream come true, to bring these experiences to all of you! 

(And really this Tuesday can be whatever you want to make of it, just like other Tuesdays...  I hope you have a great one!)

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