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Handmade bath and body products for the morbid~
Unique, inspired bath products made with natural ingredients in small batches for the discriminating. Art as soap, as life, transient.
Unique, inspired bath products made with natural ingredients in small batches for the discriminating. Art as soap, as life, transient.
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    1. Christina Graylee on

      Hi there,
      Can you please tell me where my soap is? Please email thanks!

    2. Katya Whittaker on

      Disappointing! No soaps and no explanation/update either. No notification of posting so I can't even chase up with the post office. Shame really.

    3. John Saiz on

      I would assume if you have yet to receive your soaps, the issue was with the shipping. By now certainly all have been shipped. But apparently the mixup came from a special handling request that completely baffled most post offices. I never got mine either, but I'm fairly certain it was due to the incompetence of my local post office.

    4. Katya Whittaker on

      Still no soaps here :( could we have an update please?

    5. Ana Guevara on

      Have all memento Mori soap packs been delivered?

    6. Katya Whittaker on

      Not received my soaps yet (uk) so was just checking in to see if you had any eta? I'm hoping to give them to some teenage chums as Xmas pressies!

    7. Missing avatar

      Katherine on

      Soaps arrived today in practically perfect condition! They smell far more lovely than I could have possibly imagined--can't wait to try them out! Will definitely pass the info for your store on to my friends.

    8. Lydia Ruby Atsma on

      My soaps came safe and sound today! But I didn't get either the goat soap or a coupon. Will there be a code updated here? Otherwise, thank you so much for your hard work, I can't wait until my next shower!

    9. Aya on

      Hi Eden,
      I never received my soaps :( they shipped to my post office, but I never got notification from the post office so I'm not sure which one specifically they went to. Were they returned to sender ? Look forward to getting them someday ! Aya

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Torsch on

      Is it possible to get an estimate on when the last of the packages has been shipped? I haven't received mine, and would like to know that it hasn't gone astray.

    11. Ivan Prapatanan Cunningham on

      Hi Eden! I messaged you about a month ago requesting to wait on the goat soap rather than get a coupon, but I didn't hear anything back from you…

    12. Sabrinna A. Werner on

      I have not received my soaps, yet, and just wanted to check in. I know you had much work to do (more than expected, which is wonderful!) I love what you are doing and plan to build a special shelf just for your soaps and I hope to get many more from you in the future! As your earliest convenience, an update would be spectacular. Until then...

    13. Nandi on

      I got mine today. LOVE them. Love the detail on all of them. Tried the solid lotion and really enjoyed it. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kim ANDRINGA on

      Hi Eden,
      Received mine today here in France, with some delay due not to USPS but to French postal services. Same minor meltdown of the lotions here, but nothing serious. Love the detail on the Vanitas soaps. It's really too bad I missed out on the Astral Goat, but then again, that gives me an excuse to order more as soon as your website is operational!

    15. stephen andreski

      After 4 days use in an outdoor beach shower, I'm amazed and entertained by how well the mini skull soaps' shape holds up! I expected the brows and orbits to quickly dissolve but instead they're 'melting' with use, true to form. Awesome.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wes Ewing on

      Received in Vancouver Canada today! They are wonderful. Nice work! There's some very slight dulling of features due likely due to a combination of temperature and bumping into each other in the package, but nothing significant. They're fantastic :D

    17. Charles S. Morrill on

      The post office refused to delivery today. My normal mail came at 1030 but this stayed as out for delivery. So if it ever does arrive, it's trash

    18. Susanne

      My package arrived and my daughter was thrilled. Like others, the detail on the skulls were a bit melted but still awesome. Thanks so much Eden and I will definitely be visiting your website :)

    19. Whitney D on

      Received my box. They smell great! Great colors too. Most of them have smushed noses tho. The lotions were a bit melty on the top.

    20. Missing avatar

      Katie Good Bernstein on


      I think what you've done so far is amazing. Thank you so much for putting in the effort to make sure our soaps and lotions arrive in one piece. I appreciate you!

    21. Eden 4-time creator on


      Hold for pick up is an option available on the website which has, unfortunately turned into a bit of a nightmare as a few locations are not aware of the service and have not forwarded the information left for them (which actually includes the full residential address if you scan the package). I have had a few cases crop up where they are just not paying attention. The reason I had listed in an update for doing this was an attempt to mitigate damage from heat during shipment, and has not been an option I've used before so I was unaware that it would cause these sorts of problems. In future please do message me directly so that any issue can be resolved. To repeat, the residential addresses WERE provided to the postal service and can be seen if they scan the package, as well as many emails to forward the information to folks whose packages were sent that way, and I am now trying to verify that the shipments are being handled properly. Please be aware that this is a rather large volume being handled by a single individual using services that are marketed through usps's website. I am doing my best to correct any issues that are coming up

    22. Wendy Showell on

      Huh?? I get the message from you today with a tracking number. I look up the tracking number only to find that it arrived 3 days ago and is sitting at the post office waiting to be picked up. I called the post office and they tell me that all it has on it is my name and our zip code. She tells me in her 30+ years of working for the mail, she's -never- seen anyone do that before. WTF? I had to give her my address and have her forward it to me. I really hope you didn't do that to anyone who lives in a large city because there's a real good chance those packages will never be seen again.

    23. Amanda Bell

      Do you send tracking information? I'm very excited to receive my soaps!

    24. Missing avatar

      dbradical on

      Arrived today, safely and in good condition, the bad part is not wanting to use them and mess up
      the skulls ;o) Great work, I know it was a bigger project in the end than you had planned.

    25. Eden 4-time creator on


      That's a great suggestion, and I'll definitely look into it. I've been trying to pack more tissue in to mitigate travel damage, but I am experiencing a learning curve with shipping such fragile pieces. :(

    26. Susan Ottesen on

      Hooray! They arrived! Thanks so much!!! about more of an egg carton system to hold the soap skulls? And the lotion skulls...I love them but they did take some damage at the eye sockets...maybe some foam rubber or some additional shredded paper in the tin.
      Hooray...they are so cool!

    27. RnGRRnGR

      Received my soaps, they smell great and look fantastic, however they do have some travel damage. All of the skulls had bits of the other soap skulls in the box stuck to them, individual and snugger fit wrapping might help with that. My wife loved them though =)

    28. Missing avatar

      Elsbeth van den Doel on

      Received my shipment today, they arrived here in the Netherlands without any damage and they look and smell wonderful!! Thanks so much Eden!

    29. Missing avatar

      Elsbeth van den Doel on

      Received my shipment today, they arrived here in the Netherlands without any damage and they look and smell wonderful!! Thanks so much Eden!

    30. Missing avatar

      Lee Carpenter

      Received memento mori today - also seeing a little travel damage. 5 of the 6 skulls looked kind of like they'd been punched in the nose lol. Not worried about it, but might be worth exploring more snug packing material in the future. Thanks for the neat product!

    31. Bishop Harber

      They are gorgeous. A little flat nosed (squished nosed) after shipping (USPS wasn't kind to the box at all). But they are truly amazing pieces of art.

    32. Missing avatar

      Taylor Zukowski on

      My soaps arrived sometime over the weekend while I was away from home and I'm a little disappointed with the condition they arrived in. I don't know if they were packed a little more snuggly it would have changed things. It seemed like they were shaken in transit and are a little misshapen.

    33. Eden 4-time creator on


      I am messaging folks with tracking info (where available) linking back to USPS so that you'll all have an idea of when it gets to the post, and if you will not be able to be home for it, to call and arrange for pick up rather than drop off. Tracking should be available to follow within 24 hours of shipment. Please pm me if you have any concerns or questions!

    34. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Hi! Just wanted to check in about the mailing options since you've started shipping...we are still clocking in at 106-114 degrees here during the day in AZ and I wanted to make sure the option to pick up at the post office was still available. Thanks! Hopefully the soaps will make it here without issue!

    35. Eden 4-time creator on


      I should hopefully have it up and be ready to take orders late this month! I'll have to, I've got a Halloween themed set coming. :)

    36. Ixtlilton on

      I'm excited about the website. Any news about when it is live?

    37. Eden 4-time creator on

      @ Geist

      Krampus soaps are coming in early October!

    38. Geist de la Muerte Gatito

      I hope you feature the devil soap on you website in the future. I'd love to purchase those and hang them on my tree

    39. Jesse S on

      Excited to get the product. I know you've been working hard and we love to see that in the project managers. Can't wait to receive the soaps!

    40. Eden 4-time creator on

      Hi Sabrinna!

      Sorry I'm only just now seeing and responding to this. Shipments will begin this month and continue through August, and all should be sent before September. I will be sending shipment notifications so folks know when to expect their packages, especially as we're now in the summer months and these products are a little heat sensitive. If you'd like to know more, or have any other questions, please send me a private message! I am so happy that, of all the projects out there, you chose mine. :D

    41. Sabrinna A. Werner on

      Hello! So stoked to receive my soaps (they're going to look AWESOME on my bathroom altar); yours is the only Kickstarter I've ever backed though (amazingly enough in today's day-and-age), so I don't really know how to check stuff out on here. Figured I'd ask, when are we to expect our shipments? Happy soaping!

    42. Missing avatar

      Tanja Fritschle on

      Thanks for the update. I'm so stoked to receive final product! I wish you the ultimate best with your soaping journey, the sky's the limit so no doubt that you'll do amazingly well, especially after everything that you've raised! I'm a diy crafter as well and could only hope for such an overwhelming and amazing response, but I have yet to reach out for sponsors. It's something that I'm keeping in my thoughts though. Until next time, best wishes and keep on keeping on : )

    43. emma danoff on

      also is it possible to do this? --
      Thank you for your support! It's possible to add 15 to your current pledge and you will receive 1 of everything (vanitas bar, goat soap, lotion, and memento mori 6-pack). Just leave me a pm noting that you want the memento mori addition.

    44. emma danoff on

      i cannot WAIT to buy more for people as gifts! thank you for sharing the journey. it is really cool and inspiring and amazing to see you at 'work'

      xx emma

    45. Eden 4-time creator on

      @ Amber

      Sorry it's taken me a bit to respond. I've been soaping AND battling the flu the last week. I did plan on randomizing the samples and goat soap. If you have concerns or questions, please shoot me a direct message through Kickstarter and I'll respond personally ASAP!

    46. Missing avatar

      amber thomas on

      I'm excited, cant wait to receive the soaps!! :) but i do have one question. For the $30 tier do we get to choose the scent of the momento mori sample soap and the astral goat soap or do you choose those at random?

    47. John Donovan on

      Congrats - can't wait

    48. Missing avatar

      Rosemary Hill on

      I pledged in the $30 tier. I would like to add the momento mori addition so I can have one of everything! How do I do so?

    49. Eden 4-time creator on

      @ Terry

      Did you pledge in the $30 tier, or the $15? I'm sending a message.

    50. Terry Velcro on

      I pledged $30, is there a way to substitute a goat's milk soap for the Vanitas soap bar?

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