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The Warrior Reborn – The first officially licensed game set in the Brian Jacques’ beloved world of Redwall. AbbeyCraft and beyond...
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2 Days Left! And 1st look at 3D character model...

Posted by Soma Games (Creator)

As we enter the final 48 hours of our campaign we thought we'd let out just one more peek into the Adventure Game. Here are some concept images of a playable male mouse character, code-name: Simon

Simon grew up far to the south where tall grass was far more common than tall trees and where serpents gathered in groups. As a child, a traveling monk came through his village tending the sick and lame and that's the first he heard of Redwall. As he grew he found himself always drifting north, season by season he'd wander and while he had no goal in mind there seemed an invisible cord drawing him onward until he found himself standing before the looming wall of Mossflower Wood... 


To all who have helped make this campaign a success we are grateful beyond words and can't wait to share more. Until then...


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    1. Missing avatar

      John Mourby on

      A good start but maybe something more realistic would be nice. I loved the older covers for the books by Fangorn where mice looked like real Mice, foxes like real foxes, etc. The fact you wouldn't ever imagine the characters like cartoon animals but as "real" one was part of what made the books so unique.

      Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      M.D. on

      Yes, looking great, we are very excited, but agree about the mouse weirding us out. Much too human.... maybe the face could be furrier and more mouse-like. If the main character drawn (red robe) is modeled after Martin, perhaps more muscular.

    3. Amanda Kadatz on

      Looking good so far, the mouse face is weirding me out though. Something doesn't seem quite right about the planes of the face, perhaps too much human and not enough mouse - I'm not sure what it is exactly.