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The Warrior Reborn – The first officially licensed game set in the Brian Jacques’ beloved world of Redwall. AbbeyCraft and beyond...
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Week Three Recap and Update

Posted by Soma Games (Creator)

Last Chance to join the Dev Channel...

Awesome Art? Thank Jared Shear

As you know, we're honored to have the help and participation of Sean Rubin given his role as the official Redwall artist, but where he specializes in a pen and ink illustrative style, most of the color plates we've shared (and more here) come from a fantastic artist named Jared Shear. Jared was one of the earliest contributors to this project and his art has gone a long way toward the overall emotional tone of the game. If you get the chance, reach out to Jared and let him know how his gorgeous paintings have inspired you.

Mouse-Like Cross Promotion

Is this allowed? We're hoping you'll take a moment to check out another project on that other crowdfunding site, that we think deserves your attention. As of right now, the project has three days left: Ghost of a Tale.

Final Week Upon Us

As we're approaching the final week of this campaign, one way to really help us down the road is to keep passing the word around the interwebs. Several great sites have been gracious enough to give us some ink and we'd be much obliged if you gave them a shout out on our thanks page. This helps them as well as continues the word spreading around the world about AbbeyCraft and The Adventure Game.

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      I'd just like to thank you guys for pointing out 'Ghost of a Tale' - it looks gorgeous, and I wouldn't have found out about it otherwise.