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The Warrior Reborn – The first officially licensed game set in the Brian Jacques’ beloved world of Redwall. AbbeyCraft and beyond...
434 backers pledged $17,618 to help bring this project to life.

Week One Recap

Posted by Soma Games (Creator)

What a fantastic way to start! Redwallers showed up in the droves and we shot past 80% funding in less than a week. We couldn’t be happier. But we did have a significant setback outside of our control. It appears that sometime on Saturday, the 2nd day of the campaign, just as we were really roaring, there was some kind of glitch with Amazon (read about it on the Kickstarter Status Blog) and several people let us know that their attempts to pledge weren’t being processed, and we’re pretty sure lots of folks got the same message and just didn’t say anything. It’s a drag that our momentum suffered but there are worse things and in the end it all got sorted out. So if you were one of those ‘please come back later’ folks, we hope you come back this week. You can tell other in three simple ways by going here

The Big News: The Adventure Game and New Stretch Goals

With our initial funding goal within reach, we’re ready to open this campaign up to the Big Picture - The Adventure Game. It was never our goal or expectation to come to Kickstarter to fund the game, but with so much interest, we’ve decided to pull the curtains back and see what this engine really has in her... 

For the Minecraft Fans: $25k - Minecraft Server

This will allow us to make a Minecraft server, more than just a downloadable map. We’ll be able to start and maintain a persistent game server where Redwall fans can come and get the latest inside info on the Redwall project, and play some Minecraft together. Of course no block breaking in the Abbey or official structures but wide areas to explore and flesh out corners of the Redwall universe only mentioned in the books.

That’s as far as we’ll take the AbbeyCraft idea, after that it’s all Adventure Game...for that you will want to keep reading!

Redwall Adventure Game-stretch goals

The Gate House: $40k
A famous location in the books but not currently in our location plan. Crossing this 

stretch goal will unlock this additional location in the game for added exploration, character interactions and piles of books that could crush a careless mouse. 

The Traitor’s Den Expansion Pack: $85k 

This stretch goal opens up a major expansion pack to the game that includes multiple new locations, including the Traitor’s Den, a new playable species, and several additional hours of gameplay. Beyond that we have more stretch goals at $105k, $130k, and beyond but we will reveal those as things grow. So how hungry is this audience for more and more and more Redwall?

Riddle Me This... 

Earlier today the first clue in a far reaching, multi-step riddle was released. Those wise beasts over at Redwall Abbey Forum we’re watching and the first riddle was solved in two minutes! Clearly we didn't make it hard enough. Have you found the puzzle yet? The first clue was right here all along...

A Minor Confession.  We jumped the Gun 

As the campaign got off to such a great start, some of the guys just couldn’t wait to start building so they got started constructing the initial foundations of Redwall Abbey according to the blueprints created by Sean Rubin. We thought you’d enjoy a few quick shots of how that’s coming along.

Once again the Soma Games team wants to thank all of you very much for helping out on this Kickstarter project. We are all as excited as you all are for there to be a Redwall Game. We look forward to making the best Redwall Game that we can. In order to help us make the best game we can we ask you very nicely to share our links on twitter and facebook with as much vigor as you can muster.

Please go to this link and share and tweet. We need all the awareness that we can get.

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