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The Warrior Reborn – The first officially licensed game set in the Brian Jacques’ beloved world of Redwall. AbbeyCraft and beyond...
434 backers pledged $17,618 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked : The Traitor's Den

Posted by Soma Games (Creator)

Forgotten and forsaken, a foundered ship lies rotting in a trench deep in Mossflower Wood - The Traitor's Den. A tale as wretched as those rotting timbers has been whispered to dibbuns for night beyond counting...a tale of dark days and darker deeds when a traitor was cast out the gates of Redwall.

But like all good tales...things are not always what they seem...


We couldn't be happier, or more surprised, by the kind of support we've seen behind this campaign. In just a few days we passed  70% of our goal, appeared on dozens of sites and the video's been viewed over 7000(!) times. That's a great way to come out of the gate!

We really didn't expect to be able to fund the Adventure Game here but the response of the fans has been clear - people want to see the full Adventure Game move forward as quickly as possible.

We hear you.

So today we're opening up our first Stretch Goal, The Traitor's Den. This will be an extra location and side-story available as part of the Adventure Game. An estimated 6 additional hours of gameplay and Kickstarter backers with a pledge of $10 or more will get it for free.

Our Stretch Goal for The Traitor's Den is $85,000

What seemed like a very long shot four days ago feels doable today - Eulalia!


Another quick bit of news: for those looking for a PayPal option we've got that set up here:

Thank you so much for such a strong opening and we can't wait to share more. In our next update - more on The Traitor's Den

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    1. Soma Games Creator on

      @molly - as a way to contextualize this project with others you may have seen on Kickstarter, the total Adventure Game budget is in the high six figures. Most of that funding is coming from other, more traditional, sources and we weren't thinking of Kickstarting the whole project.

      However, when so many fans expressed a ken desire to help fund the main game, and not only the AbbeyCraft community channel, we decided to open it up to that possibility. So in that context, the stretch goal value is less than 10% of the overall budget - and perhaps that looks a little different. I hope that helps explain whe the numbers are coming from but we've seen enough questions of that type that we're preparing some additional information on the larger game budget for those who are interested.

    2. Alexei

      @Soma Games - check out the link provided by Calan. Basically you should not expect any kind of linear donation growth over the next several weeks, which I think you used to predict an appropriately feasible "stretch" goal.
      Oh, and @Calantorntain - nice to see another Terrouge survivor still alive and kicking. ;)

    3. Molly McIntosh on

      I wonder if you guys would be able to explain what part of the funding you plan to use where? I'd quite like to know where my pledge is going, and $85,000 seems rather a lot.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Bit of a question about the story in original content from you guys, will we ever get cases where a vermin type character turns good? I know Jacques was a bit iffy about race and alignment in the Redwall universe, but when he did have exceptions show up they were good characters. Veil aside I'm sure I'm not the only one who liked Blaggut's subplot in Bellmaker or who shed a bit of a tear at Romsca's sacrifice in Pearls of Lutra

    5. Soma Games Creator on

      @Andrew Yellis - reverse bell curve? I'm not familiar with that. What are you describing?

    6. Missing avatar

      Paige Laich on

      I know this isn't canon, but I would love to see Veil from "Outcast" in this side-story (possibly as a playable character?) if this comes through. He was always my favorite from the series. I hope you guys reach your goal!

    7. Alexei

      I think the step between the $11,000 for Minecraft and $85,000 for the entire game + expansion pack needs to be more clearly explained?

      Starting to wonder if relaunching the entire campaign might be a good idea? You'll definitely easily hit the $11,000 from the Kickstarter funding "reverse bell curve" phenomenon.

    8. Mr Jobongo on

      Eight times the original goal for 6 hours more of gameplay? :/