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Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen.
Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected robotic bartender.
Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected robotic bartender.
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    1. Somabar Creator 3 days ago

      @Kirpa Thanks for your support!

    2. Kirpa Singh Gulati
      4 days ago

      @Somabar - nice to see the progress, would love to contribute in case of any major issues as well, been in the plastic injection molding line for years with a lot of experience in dealing with various issues at both the molding and production/actual manufacturing level.
      Looking forward to the next update and hopefully a delivery ETA very soon. Just hoping that it would be done by May/Jun rather than hit another year anniversary since we backed this project. Cheers!

    3. Somabar Creator on February 16

      @Adam, thanks for the support and we look forward to providing the next update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Slickjdip on February 16

      BORING BS update, seem it before..... If I wanted to read a novel, I would buy one.
      No completion date provided, no accountability, losing all credibility.

    5. The Braz on February 15

      Thank you for another update on various holidays.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam Roth on February 15

      @Creator I’d rather have an update of no substance that says you intend to have an update after the holidays... At least then we aren’t having to pull teeth in the comments section of Kickstarter just to know that this project is still in flight.

      That being said I genuinely appreciate the update. Seems like positive progress and I’m hopeful we don’t have any more stumbling blocks or major local holidays that would delay this even more. I’m cautiously optimistic that I could get my Somabar slightly after four years from the time I originally backed this project.

      Again, updates of less substance would be acceptable to at least give us some visibility to what is actually in the works. It sounds like there was a lot accomplished in the months between updates but for that reason, I wonder if any kind of information could have been broken out as a partial update to cut the dead silence in half. It may be easier to be radio silent but you’re going to get more pushback from anxious backers like myself if you simply go dark, ignore comments outright or respond with intentionally ambiguous answers that raise more doubt and questions than they do to provide answers.

      I have hope that this will be the last time we have to ask for some better updates and more frequent news... I have hope but given the nearly four years we’ve had to beg for just that, I have very little faith left.

    7. Somabar Creator on February 15

      @All, We just posted the update. Apologies for the the delay as our previous update was in December while we were in a testing phase, then the holidays happened. Anyway, again, our apologies for a delayed update.

    8. Missing avatar

      Charlie N. on February 15

      Just got the update and I appreciate the detail process. I'm just happy that I might be getting my Somabar soon.

      Happy New Year everyone.
      Charlie N.

    9. Somabar Creator on February 15

      @John and Tony, Elon Musk is awesome.

    10. Oriane Wagen'Girl on February 13

      "We make every effort to keep you informed". LOOOOOOOL .

      Even when you're trying to sound serious you fail miserably. Just stop, you're embarrassing yourself and your poor excuse of a "company".

    11. Somabar Creator on February 12

      @Ian We are updating you as best we can with the latest information we have. We look forward to posting the next update soon.

    12. Ian Zander on February 12

      I thought the point of adding someone to respond to comments was to keep us informed. How do we go another 3 months without an update. I was informed by you guys via email that you would be shipping by the end of 2017. Looks like we arent even close...especially since no updates tell me otherwise.

    13. Somabar Creator on February 9

      @CFloden @John @Chris We understand your frustration, and we make every effort to keep you up to date. Also, we have confirmed several times that backers will receive their Somabars before commercial units are deployed.

    14. Chris M
      on February 9

      Amen to that, John S. Well said.

    15. John S. on February 9

      Somabar Creator 1 day ago
      ...We hope to deliver before he starts launching semi trucks ;)

      I know that was an attempt at humor but when we've been waiting almost three years for a product that we believed in, it loses something and feels more like a burn. It's been so long since an update that I had to go look to see if I missed one. Sadly I did not. So I read through the comments and your replies and it is very clear to me that we are your very last concern. It's very clear to me that I will see one of your units in a hotel or restaurant long before I see one in my home. I understand that timelines slip and that sometimes things happen. I'm a reasonable person but I expect when that happens that an update comes or a shout out that hey things are moving and here's what we are up to. But they don't come frequently enough and I feel like it's come down to chasing after you like you chase after someone who owes you money. And we get the usual song and dance about something trivial and we don't hear from you again until you get cornered.

      I completely stopped funding kickstarter and as soon as your device shows I can finally be rid of it. So spare us the poor attempt at humor and give us the next excuse so we can be on our way again until we get annoyed enough to check back.

    16. CFloden on February 8

      Given that you won't tell us when the somabar will be coming out, will you at least tell us when you're going to give us an update? We're over two months since last one

    17. Somabar Creator on February 7

      @Tony We hope to deliver before he starts launching semi trucks ;)

    18. Tony Carey on February 7

      Elon just sent a car into space and I can't even toast to that with plastic drink maker that's taking years to deliver.

    19. Somabar Creator on February 6

      @Adams @Steve Yes, you'll be able to program your own drinks

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Roth on February 6

      @Creator, @Tanner’s original question about programmable drink functionality was posed 13 days ago. My follow-up to your response was posted 9 days ago. 3 days ago you responded to two other comments despite the fact that our two comments were left unaddressed. @Steve and I both followed up in the same day and now three days later we have no response.

      This shouldn’t be that difficult when there is a team dedicated solely to responding to Kickstarter backers (I believe the promised standard was within 48-72 hours). Evading the question only makes this situation worse.

      Does the Somabar and the accompanying app still have the previously-referenced functionality to design and save your own drink recipes or are we now stuck with a fixed catalog of 300 pre-defined drinks? A finite, direct answer in a timely fashion would be greatly appreciated at this point.

    21. Steve Sebban
      on February 3

      I’ll second Adam. Can you please answer the question?

      Will you or will you not support user-created cocktails?

      It’s a simple yes or no question, should be easy to answer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Roth on February 2

      I’d like to point out that I left a comment warranting a response six days ago for the @creator without any returned word yet two comments come in today and they are responded to within hours.

      Your silence in regards to my comment lends credence to the fact that you are backtracking on a once-promised functionality of being able to do more than just the 300 preprogrammed drinks. A simple statement confirming that this is now the firmly fixed amount or that the custom drink functionality is still an element of the app would suffice... But ignoring my comment altogether? The silence in the face of this question is deafening.

    23. Somabar Creator on February 2

      @Bruce As always, we'll have the latest information in the next update.
      @Adam Please PM us for instructions on changing your address.

    24. Adam Hansen on February 2

      I have moved (twice now since backing this). Do I need to update my address somewhere in the hopes that I might one day receive a Somabar of my very own?

    25. Bruce Hunter on February 2

      What's the latest on a delivery date ? It's now 2 months since any updates

    26. Missing avatar

      Adam Roth on January 28

      @Creator I believe one of the selling points of this product from the start has been that in addition to the 300 pre-programmed drink recipes, we could design and save our own via the app... At least that this was something that the creators confirmed would be in the scope of work for this product.

      Your answer to @Tanner feels evasive in light of past information... You should be able to confirm or deny if this functionality will exist.

    27. Somabar Creator on January 24

      @Tanner The testing we've been performing is for the 300 programmed cocktails, so plenty to experiment with!
      @Dustin We'll announce an ETA as we get closer to delivery. Until then, look our for our milestone updates

    28. Missing avatar

      Tanner Thetford on January 24

      Can you program your own recipes into the app?


    29. Dustin Hansford
      on January 24

      I am assuming you are well into PVT. Any word on a tentative timeline?

    30. Somabar Creator on January 22

      @Tony @Chris @Steve We hear you and also hope to avoid more Somabar-less birthdays!

    31. Steve Sebban
      on January 21


      My point was that the competition is becoming very good with strong options. While this other robot is ways more expensive than Somabar (one month renting is more expensive that Somabar itself!), I’m not sure that most professionals won’t choose this new competitor over Somabar.

      A few reasons that I can think of:
      1. Making a mojito takes time and is very popular, making the other robot a better option to improve earning.
      2. Filling (or exchanging) Somabar’s pods takes time too, time that barmen might not have during service.
      3. The other robot uses regular bottle, making it much more versatile and allows the restaurant or bar to offer a larger cocktail offer
      4. Rented! It breaks, you get a replacement or a fast fix. Almost no downtime.
      5. Usually expense (rented) is better than investment (Somabar).

      What was good three years ago might not be enough anymore and Somabar’s pivot and limited features might not be enough to save the company.

      As I see it, Somabar might be too expensive for consumers (it’s a one-trick poney after all) and might not offer enough features for professional to fight the competition.

      My guess: Somabar will have the very low pro market with virtually no margins. Not a good place to begin with. If they ever ship, thats it...

    32. Chris M
      on January 19


      That machine looks pretty awesome. It is trying to incorporate ice and lemons into it as well. That said, the price point is pretty steep. The rental price for one month alone is more than the entire Somabar. The goal with Somabar was to have a comparatively cheaper option than the other robo-bars out there. As infuriating as this wait is, I hope it will be worth it when/if it ever comes out.

    33. Tony Carey on January 19

      I've had three birthdays since backing this project. My wish, that Somabar would get their shit together and deliver the damn Drink Despiser! Thanks for listening God

    34. Somabar Creator on January 18

      @Steve We're not implying incompetence based on location. We're saying Somabar isn't responsible for any other company's progress. Please keep it civil.

    35. Steve Sebban
      on January 18

      First, my name is Steve, not Steven.

      Second, for most of the world, the USA is a foreign country too. (It is to me). That’s so navel-gazing and borderline racist.

      Third, dismissing a competitor that works on a global worldwide scale is not good for business, especially when he has a much better product in his pipeline (but more expensive too) It is 2018 after all...

    36. Somabar Creator on January 15

      @Steven We can't speak to what other companies are doing in foreign countries. But it looks like they're still in the testing phase and not available yet.

    37. Steve Sebban
      on January 14

      Too little, too late Somabar?

    38. Somabar Creator on January 11

      @Ian As you know, we send updates with every major milestone. And, due to demand, we've also been sending shorter updates in-between.

    39. Ian Zander on January 11

      3 Year anniversary of the close of the campaign and yet we still don't have the product in our hands. I guess the email I received from you guys last year saying end of the year was off by only a year or so. When is the next update coming?

    40. Somabar Creator on January 8

      @Rob Our backers asked us to be more responsive here, and that's what we've done with all of the information we have available. The manufacturing timing won't be affected.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rob Patterson on January 6

      Somabar can save some money to speed up tooling by eliminating the position of whoever is "answering" these posts. Quite the disservice...

      Yeah, I know: PM you if I have a specific question.

    42. Somabar Creator on January 3

      @Adam, Please let us know if you have a specific question and we will be happy to answer it.
      @Chris, for those asking if backers will get units first, this answer always has been "yes". If you scroll though the comment section you will find we have answered this question many times before.

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam Roth on January 3

      It defeats the purpose of having a “social media response team” when the promise of this team was to provide the latest updates and answer pertinent questions here first... But once again we’re finding the stories hit the press before we’re looped in.

      I have no issue whatsoever with generating positive buzz about Somabar to the press or building the company’s investments in an Enterprise level. I think we’d even be able to deal with the news if you’d come out and say you need to ship Enterprise models first... But this goes back to the same lack of transparency we’ve struggled with since the beginning.

      This shouldn’t be a question we have to ask. If you’ve put news out to the press, confirm it and let us know what’s real. I find it incredibly unhelpful that you keep referring the difficult questions to private messages. Do you intend to share something to one of us in private that you can’t share with all? Or does the private message result in the same blanketed response we’re getting here?

      If the company was struggling for money and the only way to keep it afloat would be to push for the Enterprise business first, I think we’d all swallow that news knowing you were at least honest about it. But by evading our questions and seemingly acting like these press stories have never been confirmed (like all of the trade show interviews with Dylan where estimated shipping dates have been “confirmed” and then ignored here by the creators on Kickstarter) you leave much room for doubt as to what or who is actually being served at this point.

      You have the answer to these questions, regardless of shipping estimates and dates. You know well enough by this point where your first line of inventory will be headed. And the fact that you cannot with certainty acknowledge that the original backers will be the first to receive their long-promised units—it speaks great volumes to the fact that we are not the priority. I hope I’m wrong and I invite you to share real, tangible information that would prove otherwise, but I’ve yet to see anything that has come out since news of the Enterprise focus can’t out to indicate that consumers wouldn’t be taking a backseat and backers wouldn’t be an afterthought.

    44. Somabar Creator on January 2

      @Chris We regret we're not able to help you further as this is all the information that is available at the moment.

      Happy New Year,
      Somabar Team

    45. Chris M
      on January 2

      @Robert I appreciate you trying to follow up on the fact my question was completely bypassed with the standard smokescreen answer. Maybe we could get an answer from the writers of the Bloomberg article. I would doubt that the article writers would make up a wild number. As it has been for literally years, backers take a back seat to information given to journalists or anyone giving them advertising. I was hoping this company would at least grace us with a “confirm” or “deny” to published information about them, but apparently that is too much to ask.

    46. Somabar Creator on December 29

      @Robert We understand everyone is eager, but we've said as much as we can about product delivery. Feel free to PM us if you have any further questions.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Moot on December 29

      I'm not asking for an ETA. I would like to know if you intend to fulfill the orders from Kickstarter before shipping to the hotels.

    48. Somabar Creator on December 28

      @Robert We still aren't able to provide an ETA during the manufacturing process.

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert Moot on December 28

      Will you all address the second part of Chris' question? Specifically whether Kickstarter backers will receive our units prior to the hotels you anticipate shipping to.

    50. Somabar Creator on December 27

      @Lee I am sorry, it is our policy since the beginning as all funds have been dedicated to the project.
      @Chris We'll be able to provide an ETA as we draw a close to manufacturing.

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