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When it's 100 degrees outside you'll wish you had some ice cream. If you make it, let's all swap. If you don't? No sweat, I'll make you some.

Homemade ice cream is awesome, and we're here to help bring it to you! Ice Cream Club has two memberships: social members trade ice cream they've made themselves, buying members get uniquely-flavored ice cream every month.

Want to trade but don't know how to make ice cream? We'll teach you!

(PS, We're in New York)

What's the story of Ice Cream Club?

Once upon a time I got an ice cream machine, and I went on an ice cream rampage. Everything from plain-jane vanilla to thai-pepper-chocolate to candied bacon came out of that thing. The big problem with making a ton of ice cream is you then have to eat it.

Does that not sound like a terrible problem to you? Join Ice Cream Club.

What's Ice Cream Club do?

Ice Cream Club is about a lot of things, but mostly it's about eating ice cream. And making it, too! Don't know how? Oh, we'll teach you!

For everyone who makes their own: let's swap. Ideas, recipes, and the ice cream itself. If you just stick to eating it, no biggie, we'll make you some.

Wild flavors? Check. Old standbys? Definitely. Everything is covered. Once you sign up we'll ask how experimental you are and plan accordingly!

When is Ice Cream Club?

Ice Cream Club will last all summer - June, July and August. On the second weekend of the month you can drop by and pick up/swap your ice cream, CSA style. If you're an ice cream junkie you can double up and do the second and fourth weekends. Maybe we'll even throw an ice cream social or two in there.

Pick-up is in Fort Greene, nearby the C, G, B, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, D, M, N and R trains. If we end up with a bunch of members clustered somewhere far-off we'll try to set up a pickup point in their area, too.

What's the money for?

We need your money to raid farmers' markets for things like heavy cream and eggs, buy ice cream paraphernalia like containers and scoops, and to host classes about how to make ice cream for those of us not in the know! It also goes to fund all of the disastrous ice cream experiments that I will not make you eat.

Do you have any amazing facts about ice cream?

Absolutely! It was 'iced cream' until around 1744, at which point people got lazy and dropped the 'd.'


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    SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP: You know how to make ice cream, and you are totally ready to swap! This means you can show up on any of our weekends to swap ice cream you've made.

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    ICE CREAM APPRENTICE: You get an ice cream making class! Once you get your milky feet wet you'll be swapping in no time. No ice cream machine required, I promise. Also comes with a social membership.

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    ICE CREAM PARTY FOR ONE: One pint of fancypants ice cream on the second weekends of June, July and August! Also includes a class and a social membership.

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    ICE CREAM SENIOR PROM: One pint of fancypants ice cream on the second and fourth weekends of June, July and August! Also includes a class and a social membership.

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