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We host awesomely cheap, collaborative classes on everything from making perfume to what to do with pork shoulder. Now we just need a home base!
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Jonathan Soma

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Oh man, we have a space!

After ages and ages of battling the world of Brooklyn real estate, we've finally nailed down our space! We signed the papers yesterday, and our home is officially now 515 Court Street, at the corner of Court and 9th St. Incredible!

We've actually been decking it out the past couple weeks - so far my favorite part is the wraparound chalkboard. There's a picture of it below, I swear it looks like an optical illusion. Putting it together yesterday taught me the value of a laser level (RATING: Very valuable).

But now your favorite part: Rewards! We're still working on cranking them out, but now that we're settled it shouldn't be too much longer - you can see some Brainery bags on the table to the left, and some storm glasses on the table in front of it. Hopefully you'll be able to pop by and pick them up in person, so you'll get to see the (admittedly awesome) space that you helped create!

DO YOU HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA FOR SOMETHING WE SHOULD DO IN THE SPACE? Or maybe you'd like to teach something? Email us at and we'll hear you out! We just want to make everything easy.

For our launch, we're having a Kimchi Party on the afternoon of the 23rd that you should totally come to. $5 gets you some lessons on how to make a zillion types of kimchi, as well as unlimited hangouts with everyone else there. Anyone who'd go to a Kimchi Party has to be awesome, right?

We have a few more January events, too:

Bee Night! is a screening, talk and honey tasting led by Tim O'Neal, who ran our wildly popular Beekeeping class back in September. Your mind will be blown when you figure out the difference between clover and wildflower honey.

American Sign Language is back for another round thanks to popular demand. Covering everything from basic conversation to Deaf culture as a whole.

And finally, Microwave Candy, because none of us really plan on using a candy thermometer at any point in our lives.

Thanks again for everything, and we'll keep you updated as things progress!

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    1. Creator Gary Burke on November 19, 2011

      Well over a year ago I backed this project and never got any of the rewards. Hope things are going well.