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Premium jeans featuring technologically advanced denim, high quality craftsmanship, and exceptional fit.
Premium jeans featuring technologically advanced denim, high quality craftsmanship, and exceptional fit.
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    1. Rick Starbuck on

      Does anyone know if these jeans are still available? The shop and links seem to be dead. I love my 2 pairs and would love to buy more.

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      Jessi Sansing on

      I have been a funder of both the original selvedge jeans and the active denim line, and currently own three pairs (One black AD, One dark wash AD, and the originals) of Parke jeans and two of the supima tanks. I could not be more pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of Parke's products, or the wonderful support provided by both the customer service staff and Solomon himself.

      Getting my first pair of jeans turned into a bit of an ordeal due to sizing issues and some botched shipping on FedEx's part. When they couldn't locate the lost package and appeared to be out of my size in the Kickstarter edition by the time things were straightened out, Solomon-- Who had been in contact with me every step of the way --personally saw to it that a pair was located for me and shipped back double-quick. I was extremely impressed.

      But on to what you're hear for: Dem jeans. They're well designed and fantastically crafted, but more importantly for me, they're sturdy to a degree I haven't seen previously in premium jeans. I work as a photographer, which means my workplace skinnies have to hold up to a ton of my bending, kneeling, contorting, climbing, and various chemical and environmental abuse, all while looking professional. Normally if the materials lend themselves well to that range of motion to begin with, it leads to fading and wearing on a very short timeline. Not Parke. My Active Denim jeans look as pristine as the day they arrived. There are very few days in the field I don't have either a client or fellow photographer asking what brand I'm wearing that allows me to move around like I do in skinny jeans (And that's not even accounting for all the compliments I receive out on the town or running errands), and I'm always very proud to tell them about Parke.

      Parke is a company I will back until the end of time (Or at least my wallet). Those looking to back future projects: Don't worry about taking the leap to do so. You couldn't be investing in a better product, or a better team.

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      Mike on

      best pair of jeans ever! I was skeptical about buying these jeans on kickstarter, especially not being able to try them on, but my curiosity paid off. thanks for the awesome product!

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      Hans on

      Love the Jeans and fit perfectly, thanks!

    5. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      Eva - they should fit the same. Email us at with your order details and we can help investigate the issue - thanks!

    6. Eva Tang on

      Hey Solomon,

      Is there any reason why the dark wash jeans are so much looser than the blue jeans? Both are size 28.

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      Michal Dobrzynski on

      I'm starting to think that although all my other jeans have always been size 32, these would be better in size 31. I measured my waist and it's about 33 inches, and according to the sizing chart I found on your website 31 would be closer to my actual size. This, along with minor variations could explain my problem. I suspect BOTH pairs would fit better at size 31.

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      Christopher Lai on

      Hi Solomon,

      I'm still waiting for a response from your team with regards to the delivery of my jeans. Not too sure if I should be worried at this juncture.

    9. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Ryan - thanks for the note and yes, we're working on some new developments that will be coming out soon - stay tuned!
      @Donna - please take a look at our FAQ's for our international return policy. To get things going, just email us at Thanks!
      @Michal - thanks for the comment! I'll shoot you an email and follow-up on the size issue. Outside of slight variances, the black and indigo denim should be the same fit if you ordered the same size and style in each.
      @Tom - Rawr Denim is actually a great resource to use for instructions on raw denim care. Here's a link on washing & cleaning with a video (they also have info on indigo stain prevention on their site):

    10. Tom Eric Schmidt on

      Hi, our jeans arrived in Germany some days ago. They are great and my one fits good. The woman slim fit jeans is a bit lose but still ok.
      I've a question regarding the washing instructions I just read (on the pocket of the jeans).
      It is the first time I read about freeze clean a jeans. I search the net and found sone articles mentioned to put the jeans in a freezer.
      How do I clean it with 32 degrees cold water?
      Any hint regarding the rub off issue with this cool blue jeans?

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      Michal Dobrzynski on

      Oh, and I forgot to mention in my last comment that the black denim slim fit jeans are the best slim fitting jeans I've ever worn!

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      Michal Dobrzynski on

      I just received my two pairs of jeans and I've noticed an anomaly. Even though both the black and indigo denim jeans are the same size and both are slim they fit very differently. The black ones fir great, but the indigo pair fits awkwardly.

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      Donna Edmonds on

      Hi, just wondering what is the exchange process for overseas (I.e. Melbourne, Australia)? The jeans I ordered are a bit loose than I expected. Apart from that great quality! Thanks.

    14. Ryan Hartsock on

      Forgot to ask...any plans for some other colors like slate or a washed look?

    15. Ryan Hartsock on

      Got my jeans a few weeks ago and they're all I wear now. I've had tons of compliments...comfortable, well-fitting and love the subtle stretch. Thanks for an amazing pair of denims!

    16. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Adam, thanks for the assist in responding! Glad you liked the jeans and excited to have more Parke jeans in Sydney!
      @Maple, yes, like Adam said, we don't recommend pre-soaking though some people prefer to do this. Take a look at the comment I left on March 18th for @Joseph - it has wash care instructions.
      @Brian, thanks for the note and feedback! We're working on a tapered fit for a future collection, so stay tuned. Will follow-up with you by email too.
      @arth, @D'Wayne, @Berk - thanks a lot for your support and for leaving reviews! Much appreciated and I'm excited that you guys like the jeans!

    17. Adam Barry on

      @Maple, no. According to the tag, give them at least 6 months to wear in before washing

    18. Missing avatar

      Maple on

      Sorry, noob question, but should I soak these jeans before I wear them for the first time?

    19. Missing avatar

      brian on

      I received my pair last week and my first impressions are that they are very comfortable and well made. I might very well order a second pair, although I'd prefer to try on the slim fit cut first for comparison to the classics I pledged. A job well done! My only suggestions would be to add a little more taper in the lower leg on the classic fit, especially if cuffing, make the pockets a little deeper, and reduce the odor out of the package; it lingers quite long and is strong.

    20. Adam Barry on

      Received my two pairs on a conveniently mild autumn day in Sydney and have been wearing the blacks ever since. Fantastic product Solomon, great fit and incredibly comfortable. I'm hugely impressed.

    21. Missing avatar

      arth on

      Hi Solomon,
      Just received my duo pair. As others have already commented, quality and workmanship is just awesome. Length is a tad long for me, so will have to get it altered but otherwise am really satisfied with the product. I'm kicking myself for not ordering more! Great job guys.

    22. D'Wayne Taylor on

      Hello Solomon,

      I just wanted to let you know that my jeans arrived a couple of days ago and they are fantastic.  The fit, design and craftsmanship are sartorial examples of understated luxury.  You and your team have really done a great job!

      Thanks for your hard work and outstanding customer service.

      All the best!

    23. Berk Erkul on

      Just got mine yesterday! It is amazing! Thank you guys. :)

    24. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Karen - I've been sending emails to your gmail address for all shipping details/updates including your tracking info (I'm usually in the factory these days, so email is best to reach me - I typically reply to Kickstarter messages via email when on my cell). The latest email was sent on Monday, which has your tracking details. Feel free to shoot me a line at if you didn't get it and I can reforward the email to any other address. You may want to check your spam filter just in case it got stuck there too. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      karen on

      No word after 3 inquires about shipping, Still no jeans, still no reply. What's up?

    26. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Ping - please check your email for the shipping status and tracking information. It was successfully shipped out March 5th and processed/delivered via USPS.
      @Arth - yes, your order has been shipped. Check your email for the tracking information.
      @Anderson - yes, please check your email for info on exchange requests for available sizes.
      @Andres - thanks so much for the feedback. In terms of care, take a look at the response that I shared with @Joseph. Feel free to email us and I can also share some links about care tips for raw denim.

    27. Ping Chun Huang on

      Still no jean. Any shipping status?

    28. Missing avatar

      arth on

      Hi, wondering if mine's been shipped out?

    29. Missing avatar

      Anderson on

      I sent an email and also a kickstarter message about a change in size a week ago. Could you please accept my change in size?

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hooson on

      got my jeans a couple weeks ago and haven't taken them off since, i was a little worried they were a bit tight on the thighs but after wearing them for an evening I was sold. i'm definitely buying some more even with the marked up retail price... how have people been washing them? I'm worried that they'll shrink

    31. Fiel Veredus on

      Super comfy for me. thank you for great product :)

    32. Tulam on

      Haven't received mine yet and it said estimated shipping Feb 2014? Any Update on the women's indigo?

    33. David Pauley on

      Great jeans would like more but was kind of shocked at the retail price on the site
      Oh well.....

    34. Missing avatar

      M Ezzeddine on

      Got mine yesterday.Super comfy! really good product. I think I am ordering a second one soon.

    35. Graham Newton on

      Mine arrived today, and I am looking forward to wearing them tomorrow! The fit and comfort exceeds my expectations! Thank you for your hard work and keep me in the loop for future projects!

    36. Parker on

      Hi Solomon

      Any status update on the Women's Indigo? The email I received on February 28 said there was a delay, but that it should be shipped within 3 weeks.


    37. Missing avatar

      Hans-Georg Wieskus on


      Fantastic Jeans , Thank you Solomon for the great product and great service you provide.

      Keep me informed about new projects

      HG , Germany

    38. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Ian, @GoldFire Studios, @Justin, @Richard, @Viet - thanks so much for leaving such positive feedback!

      @Ian - thank you for the note - we try to get all of the components of the 3F's down (ie. fabric, fit, and finish), so we're glad to hear you like the fit and finish as well!

      @GoldFire Studios - thanks so much for taking the leap and giving us a shot. I appreciate the support and we're humbled by your review!

      @Justin - thanks for the support! If you encounter any issues, always feel free to reach out to us!

      @Richard - awesome, we're excited to be at the top of your list!

      @Viet - thanks, we're really trying to build out a reputation around both style/fit as well as comfort/performance, so it's great to hear that!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ian Holmes on

      Received my jeans Friday
      Wearing them today. Great fit. Great finish.
      Thank you

    40. GoldFire Studios

      Jeans never fit me well. In fact, I've never had a pair of jeans that I felt fit correctly, so I was wary backing this since I couldn't try them on. I'm glad I took the leap, because I can safely say this is my first pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and they are even more comfortable than I was expecting. Really impressive work!

    41. Justin Shen on

      Got them on Monday and plan on wearing them daily. EVERY pair of my jeans have had crotch blowouts, hope these will pass the test :)

    42. Richard Grant on

      got mine yesterday and are already my favorite pair of jeans

    43. Viet Hoang on

      Received the jeans today. Very comfy and overall happy with them. Just need to hem them :)

    44. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Joe - yes, we have a limited number of our selvedge denim jeans available for purchase at It's already sold out of certain sizes (and completely sold out of women's jeans). If your size is available, just send us an email at and we'll issue you store credit that you can use towards the purchase of the selvedge denim.

      @Gabriel - what you've noted is one of the main reasons we developed this line, so it's great to hear that you've had this problem with restrictive/uncomfortable jeans, but found a solution in ours. Thanks for your support and for trying us out!

      @Joseph - thanks for the note! I grew up playing a lot of sports myself, so I definitely wanted to make sure our jeans would fit both athletic and slim body types - glad that these worked out for you! For raw denim jeans (especially high quality ones that you want to take good care of), my general policy is to wear them in for 6 months before their first wash, which allows you to break them in and develop fades that are unique to your body and natural wear. That personalization of the jeans is one of the primary reasons that raw denim enthusiasts rarely wash their jeans. That said, if you do have to wash your jeans, we recommend you hand wash them separately in cold water and then hang dry them. This minimizes shrinkage since it minimizes heat during the wet/dry process - also, another tip that I recommend is that when you hang dry them, you should shape them by hand while they are still damp (ie. you can try to stretch out any areas that you may want looser). I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about this, but I'll stop here! Feel free to email us with any questions at

    45. Joe Tran on

      Got mine and they feel awesome. Can we still buy the selvedge line? I bought two pairs of the stretch and wanted to return one and buy a pair of selvedge denim.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Goldberg on

      The best fitting jeans I've ever put on. If jeans look good on me when I'm standing, they feel horribly restrictive the moment I take a step or sit down. These move with me and stretch in every position--which means I don't have to pull them up like dad jeans before I sit down to avoid plumber's crack. I've been looking for great jeans for years and I'm so happy I've finally found them. They couldn't possibly look or feel better.

    47. Joe on

      Just got them in the mail today. I braced myself before trying them on because it's very hard for me to find jeans that fit well around my powerlifter thighs. WOW!!! They fit very nicely (just need to hem them).

      I am afraid to wash them though. When it finally comes time to wash them, will they shrink much in the washer? How do you recommend washing them if I love exactly how they fit now?

    48. Solomon Liou 2-time creator on

      @Casey - thanks for note! We're working on it - stay tuned!!
      @Patrick - hah, please thank your gf for me! You'll get an even better feel for the denim as you start breaking them in and wearing them around.

    49. Casey Merkone on

      I can't wear my other jeans now. Please make some lighter in color. Thank you.

    50. Patrick C. on

      Ok my gf says I'm an idiot and I just don't know what fine denim feels like. I take it all back!

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