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Premium jeans with highly durable selvedge denim and innovative stretch technology for advanced comfort & fit. Made in NYC.

UPDATE: Even though our Kickstarter campaign has completed, you can still visit us on our Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Hi Kickstarter,

We're excited to launch our first line of premium selvedge stretch jeans.  We started Parke New York to create a new type of clothing company that focuses on creating superior products using high-quality fabric, artisan craftsmanship, and exceptional fit.

Recent Press:
ABC News: "Parke Jeans Could Revolutionize Denim World"
- Valet: "Quest for a Comfortable, Durable Pair of Jeans"
- Esquire: "Building a Brand: Parke New York"
Refinery29: "Are These Made-In-NYC Jeans Going To Change The Pants Game Forever?"

Our Story: Searching For The Most Comfortable And Durable Jeans In The World

A couple of years ago, I had worn out my favorite pair of jeans. It was a sad day. I started shopping for new ones, but it was hard to find great jeans. 

  • Cheaper jeans were often made overseas with lower quality fabrics.  In fact, 9 out of 10 jeans today are made overseas. 
  • Premium jeans could cost over $300, but they would often wear out way too quickly. Over 50% of the price can often go to middlemen and marketing rather than into the product.

In my quest to find the perfect jeans, I searched through thousands of fabrics, wash treatments, and styles from Japan, Turkey, Italy, and the rest of the world. I shopped at major department stores, as well as denim boutiques that sold $1,000 jeans. But I wanted jeans that were durable, comfortable, and reasonably priced. In the end, I decided to make my own. 

Our Solution: Highly Durable Selvedge Denim With Innovative Stretch Technology

I partnered with local craftsmen right here in New York, who had worked with some of the world's best brands.  After a year of development with over a dozen prototypes, we produced a new line of jeans using denim that featured a unique, highly durable selvedge denim with a modern, technologically advanced stretch. This provides jeans with superb durability, comfort, and fit.

What is Selvedge?  "Selvedge" refers to the way the fabric is made using old-style shuttle looms with one long continuous thread. This style of weaving produces beautiful denim with clean, unfrayed edges. Selvedge denim is more expensive to produce, but high-quality selvedge is known to be more dense and durable.

Transforming Denim With Technology.  But selvedge alone wasn't enough for us. We wanted to create the most durable and comfortable jeans in the world. So we created our jeans with selvedge denim that also features a unique patented, bi-directional stretch. The technology lies in using multiple stretch components in core-spun stretch yarns. Combining this advanced yarn with a selvedge weave allows the our jeans to better adapt to your body's movements throughout the day, with a fit that molds to your body.  Our jeans can be worn for years when properly cared for.

With this technologically advanced fabric, we designed modern, form-fitting styles for men & women, which you can see below.  These jeans are a classic, dark indigo.  They look great whether you wear them to work or out on the weekend.  We've been "street-testing" them around New York for the past few months with a range of body types. They've received rave reviews. We're now ready for launch! 

We Need Your Support

We need your support to raise $50,000 to get our production started.  Please support us at whatever level you're comfortable with. In return, you can get a pair of our premium jeans at an amazing price. By selling directly to you online, we can offer you our wholesale price.

When you buy high-quality jeans, they can last longer and be better for the environment as well as your wallet.  You can get significantly better cost per wear when you buy a high-quality jean that lasts for 10 years, versus a cheaper one that lasts for only 1 season.

Support American Manufacturing

We're excited that our jeans are made right here in New York.  For every 100 jeans we sell in a month, we're adding 1 job back to the economy.  Our goal is to produce great jeans that our friends will love, while also supporting American manufacturing.

We hope you'll try us out.

Thanks for your support,



Photos of Men's Slim Fit Jeans: 

Our Men's jeans are available in 3 styles: Slim Fit, Regular Fit, & Relaxed Fit. The photo below is of our Slim Fit.

Photos of Women's Slim Straight Leg Jeans:

Women's jeans are available in 3 styles: Slim Straight Leg, Slim Tapered Leg, & Bootcut. The photos below are of our Slim Straight Leg, Regular fit.

After our campaign is finished, we'll send you an email you to get the size and style of the jeans that you would like to order, as well as your shipping information. Thanks again for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once our project is funded, here are the steps that we plan to take:

1) Order our custom buttons, threads, & hang-tags needed for production. Estimated time of 3 weeks.

2) Production of our premium jeans and shirts. Includes individual hand-inspection of each garment. Estimated time of 4 weeks.

3) Tagging & shipment of products. Estimated time of 2 weeks.

We're excited to get going, but there are also potential risks in execution. Here are some of the key risks, and how we plan to address them:

1) Quality Control & Production. We are laser focused on quality. Our team has experienced fashion veterans who have production management experience, however there is always production and manufacturing risk. We hope to mitigate manufacturing risk by paying close attention to the quality of our products as well as production schedules.

2) Suppliers. We aren't creating everything from scratch. We depend upon suppliers for fabric, threads, zippers, buttons, rivets, labels, and boxes. There are risks in delays. We will be working closely with suppliers to try to mitigate this risk by placing timely orders and managing shipment deliveries.

3) Shipment. We're shipping our products through the mail. There's general risk in reliability of shipping companies. To mitigate this, we'll keep track of where your order is at all times and communicate that openly to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


  • When you make a pledge on Kickstarter, the only thing that you have to do is specify the amount of the pledge, the reward level, and your payment details. If the funding is successful (ie. we raise over $50,000 by January 19th), then we will email you a form after the campaign is over. This form will ask for your sizing information and shipping details.

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  • Whether you're certified denim head or a casual denim lover, you should check out one of our favorite denim blogs to brush up on your knowledge of selvedge denim: If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a message and I'd be glad to help.

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  • Our goal is to offer a range of sizes similar to what you would find at traditional department stores. If you have a size that's outside of our currently planned range, please send us a message and we can let you know if we'd be able to accommodate your request. We're flexible and would love to get our jeans on as many folks as possible.

    For our men's jeans, we plan to offer waist sizes from 26 to 38, and inseam lengths from 28" to 36" for all 3 of our styles.

    For our women's jeans, we plan to offer all three styles of jeans with waist sizes from 24 to 33. For lengths, the Slim Straight Leg jeans and Bootcut jeans will be offered with inseam lengths of 31" (petite), 33" (regular), or 36" (tall). The Slim Tapered Leg jeans will be offered with inseams of 28" (regular) or 30" (tall).

    Note that when we collect your sizing and shipping details (on January 20th), we will also ask for the size/brand of jean that you currently wear and can let you know how our measurements compare. We also offer free exchanges for domestic orders if you need to switch to a different size.

    And of course, if you're buying a custom pair of jeans, we can make it in any size or shape you want.

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  • For U.S. customers, our prices include free shipping & exchanges. If you receive your jeans and find out that you ordered the wrong size, simply ship the item back to us in the original packaging within 10 days using our pre-paid return label included in each shipment. We will then exchange your order for your newly requested size as available, and ship it to you.

    For international customers, there is an additional shipping fee for each of the rewards to cover the extra shipping and handling cost. If you'd like to make an exchange, you have to pay for the shipping cost of sending the item back to us and the re-delivery of the new item. We do not charge any fees for the handling of exchanges, but we do require international customers to cover the additional shipment costs.

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    With a $10 pledge, you get our eternal gratitude. But wait, there's more! We’ll also mail you a swatch of our premium selvedge stretch denim. We'll ship this right to your door with a big thank you card.

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    You get *THE* Parke premium selvedge stretch jeans. Prepare to be amazed. It's highly durable selvedge denim with a modern, technologically advanced stretch. Our first run of 1,000 jeans features a signature coin pocket that shows the white selvedge stripe. These jeans are available in men's (slim, classic, & relaxed fit) or women's (straight leg, tapered leg, & bootcut). Includes free shipping & exchanges. These jeans will retail at $195.

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    You get 1 t-shirt, and 1 premium selvedge stretch jean. Make it a complete outfit and look good head-to-toe. You'll also automatically get our Parke Platinum membership, which gives you access to pop-up events plus free shipping & returns.

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    We'll create a custom pair of jeans for you using our selvedge stretch fabric. We'll embroider your name into the jeans and work with you on customized detailing. Each jean has a custom made button that is an authentic New York City MTA subway token.

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