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We've re-invented the mobile office. Solar powered USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, integrated lock, and an organized storage system.
We've re-invented the mobile office. With Lifepack, you're ready for anything. Lifepack was launched on Kickstarter Feb 29th 2016 and is available now at:
We've re-invented the mobile office. With Lifepack, you're ready for anything. Lifepack was launched on Kickstarter Feb 29th 2016 and is available now at:
3,705 backers pledged $613,917 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Michael Lackey about 10 hours ago

      Having some issues with my lock! At first, was working great. Then suddenly the old code I had set up stopped working. Possibly got reset at some point during use??

      Is there a reset code or something that can help me get this thing unlocked again?

      Please help! Lol my stuff is inside!

    2. Pete about 13 hours ago

      Possibly i sounded a bit unfriendly, but you can not blame the slow charging speed on the capacity, even if you say it only appears to be slow. According to Adrian, ~4 hours solar charging gives you one iPhone charge of 3000 mAh, and since the solar bank holds only 6 now, as opposed to 12 in the campaign, 4 hours of sun should charge the solar bank to a third.
      But after a full day of sun the solar bank didnt even show 1 light or 25%
      And yes, it was indicating charge.

    3. Pete about 14 hours ago

      Are you f*** kidding me?
      You literally gave me the answer i specifically wanted NOT to hear again. While it may be big in your terms, i am far from calling it big, let alone very big. Of course it serves other functions aswell, but its powerbank capacity is average at best. The bag had a very good price overall, but honestly i think you were bullshitting and overpraising the power bank and its charging speed.
      Solar charging is unsatisfyingly slow to rely on it alone, and instead of giving specs during the campaign, you just wrote "big", which turns out to be 11.000 mAh, which shall feed an iPhone with roughly 3.000 mAh capacity 12 times? No way!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daliyana Ravi about 16 hours ago

      Hey Solgaard & co.!
      First of all, wow. The Lifepack is, hands down, the best backpack I have ever had. Have also received so many compliments and questions on it! Now wishing I'd gotten another for my husband too!

      I've a question I hope one of you can help with. The lock no longer works - not with the code I chose or the original. How does one reset it?


    5. Solgaard Design 2-time creator about 17 hours ago

      @John Greene, we will post an update soon! :)

      @Yong Hu, we're sorry to hear that. Also, we're glad to hear that you love your back. Thank you so much for for supporting our project.

      @Michele Genevieve, thank you very much for your awesome feedback! We're glad you're happy with our project and service.

      @Lamata Alexandre, we're very sorry for the delay on our response. I have sent you a message few hours regarding your issue.

      @Marcin Kubiak, would it be alright if you can send us a video while charging your solarbank in direct sun? Thanks!

      @Miguel Zafra, we're sorry to hear that. I will have to check this with our Orders Team. Also, please send your complete shipping details for reference. Thanks!

      @Pete, yes, that is abolutely correct. It's a huge battery after all. :)

      @Kevin, thank you once again. :)

      Hope you all have an awesome weekend. -Jenina

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin 3 days ago

      @Daniel there is no included cord, because an apple certified charging cord was too expensive to procure for the large number of backers and it would have required more shipping certification and verification, so they opted to not include the cord instead of giving everybody sub-par cords that were not certified

    7. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      My bag*

    8. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Hello, I have received my bad but it did not have the extra charging cable stretch goal with it. I have checked every pocket including the hidden ones, it is not here. Is there anything that can be done about this?

      Also, did anyone else encounter this problem?

    9. Pete 4 days ago

      I have the same issue of the sun not charging it fast enough.
      "The Solarbank is big so it takes long to charge it, durr" is not a satisfying answer. Especially if you mean 11.000 mAh by big, which is a normal size for smaller powerbanks.

    10. Miguel Zafra 5 days ago


      I still have not received my bag. I am in Spain. I have not received either any shipping email. Can you check this for me ? It's been almost a year :(.

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcin Kubiak 6 days ago

      Hi guys,
      I saw your post the other day on high capacity of the battery and that it needs to get a lot of direct sun to charge up. I live in Florida and on numerous days have left the battery outside in direct sun for the entire day. But am not seeing any sun absorption, even thought the indicators are blipping up to 4-5 throughout the day. Yesterday for instance I left drained solarbank outside all day, and didn't get one bar at the end of the day. Is there a trick to charging it? There is no issue getting juice when plugging to the wall, but I'm not having any luck with direct sun.
      Thanks in advance for your reply.

    12. Lamata Alexandre 7 days ago

      Hello solargaard team, i send you 3 MP since the 3 March, still no answer :/ I still have my solarbank not working and i'm waiting for a new one but no answer since that. thank you

    13. Michele Genevieve on March 18

      Love it love it love it!!! Loved it so much Have bought one for my brother from and it arrived within a week!!! Well done guys. Excellent professional product and sales.

    14. Missing avatar

      Yong Hu on March 15

      Hi guys, im from Australia and received my lifepack and i am currently loving it. One of hte buttons that contain a pocket for a card came undone but thats really it. Love it!

    15. Missing avatar

      John Greene on March 9

      Still waiting for a DM about the shoulder bag!

    16. Yonathan on March 7

      I'm offering 1 black lifepack for the campaign price $149, never used, shipping from Las Vegas.
      Reason: I bought 2. I just need 1.

    17. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on March 6

      @Kevin Andino-Jimenez, please send us your shipping details via DM or via (NOT come). Looking forward to your message! :)

      @Psypang Kao, we're so sorry for the inconvenience. I have already forwarded this with our courier. Rest assured, I will keep you updated regarding this. Thank you so much for your patience.

      @John Greene, thank you so much! Will send you a DM about the shoulder bag. :)

      @Alexandra Holmes, thank you for the very awesome comment/feedback! Glad to hear that you're enjoying every features of the bag!

      @Sarah Johnson, we're so sorry to hear about your concern. We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback. I’ll pass what you’ve said onto our Management Team. Can you please send us DM your shipping details and we will send you a new lock. Thanks!

      @John Smith, we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much for your patience! :)

      Hope you all have a happy Monday! :)


    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Andino-Jimenez on March 4

      Hey, paid for my life pack! I would really love it or refund? How can I send you guys my address again?

    19. Missing avatar

      John Smith on March 3

      Hi sent an email but no one reply can ease check and revert?

    20. Sarah Johnson on March 2

      I LOVE my lifepack.

      One bit of feedeback / product quality improvement: Make a better lock. Mine fell apart (all the bits fell out of the lock casing). I can replace the lock, and I'm still in love with the bag, but this is a good area to focus on for v2.0. Or maybe you could work with Abloy for a custom unpickable lock? That would be so nerdy-cool.

      Fun story: When the band didn't show up to rehearse the timing of a march we did for NYE, I put the song on my solarbank, flipped it around so the speaker faced out, and pied piper-ed the whole performance group down the street. It was epic. I also locked my bag under the stage during the show -- first performance I haven't had to worry about my stuff being stolen.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Holmes on March 2

      Hi Creator, just wanted to say I've been using my bag for 9 weeks now and it's fabulous! I use it all the time, and it's super comfy and convenient- and secure! The padding has helped save my laptop a few times, and all the little features have come in handy at one point or another. Really well designed, and I get loads of comments on it. I use the speakers/battery all the time too, and can't wait to try it out on holiday this summer.
      Thanks very much!

    22. Missing avatar

      John Greene on March 1

      HI Adrian - Congrats on the 1 year anniversary - love my Lifepack, I also ordered the shoulder bag but have heard nothing lately as to its progress - Any update for us?

    23. Psypang Kao on February 28

      The FedEx said my Lifepack be returned again, for there is power bank inside, it can not go through security check.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Andino-Jimenez on February 28

      I would love it as soon as possible. God bless you, your friends, and family!

    25. Missing avatar

      Kevin Andino-Jimenez on February 28

      How do I verify my delivering address to you guys, again? I would love my back for school or work purposes

    26. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 28

      @Paul D - Glad to hear she loves it and you figured out the combo. Will send you a DM about the shoulder bag!

      @William - Sent you a PM with tracking number. The first shipment was lost by FedEx so we have just sent another one to you. You'll have a tracking number emailed to you within 24 hours.

    27. William Turner on February 28

      Have you shipped all the backpacks yet? I have not received mine yet? Is there a place I can go and get a status?

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul D on February 28

      Hi There I got my back pack that I got for my Daughter for university and she loves it. She has been asked by lots of students at school on where she got it. She had a issue with the lock when she first tried it. It came looked and the 3 zeros didn't work. I looked at it the other day and discovered that the 1st number had changed to a 9 instead of a 0 so all is good now! I'm still looking for the other bag that I bought on your other campaign Stealth Black Shoulder bag including Solarbank. Any idea when they will ship. I sent a note in but have not got a response
      Thanks Paul

    29. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 27

      @Sevin, re your comment: "The battery indicator light on my solar bank only shows the minimum charge even after a large charging period."

      The battery in the Solarbank is extremely high capacity, and the solar is incredibly high quality. 4 hours of sun will give you one charge for an iPhone. The battery will store 6 charges for an iPhone - so it would take 24-30hrs of good sunshine (not through a window) to charge the battery to 100% on the Solarbank - does that make sense? -Adrian

    30. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 27

      @Julie Chung, we're so sorry to hear that. Please send us your shipping details and we will ship you a replacement lock.

      @Sevin Brantley, can you please confirm that the LED lighs were blinking?

      @DianaJason Upton-Crouch, glad to hear that you're a happy customer! Thanks again for your support!

      @Luis Guillermo Sanchez Fermin, the bag is meant to be used with the Solarbank in place. It needs to be a hole otherwise it can not charge. A window of plastic would block functional UV light for charging. Also, we're so sorry for the delay regarding your lock issue, we just finalized the solution before getting back to you. Please send your shipping address and we will send you a replacement lock.

      @Kevin Andino-Jimenez, please verify your shipping address since we have tried to ship your bag last time and got cancelled.

      Hope you all have a happy Monday!

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Andino-Jimenez on February 25

      Where is my backpack? You guys rob me or what?!

    32. Missing avatar

      Luis Guillermo Sanchez Fermin
      on February 25

      This product is a letdown. It came to me with the lock broken. Almost 3 months after a promised solution from Solgaard, I had not receive a satisfactory answer.

      More so, the Battery/Speaker is huge and occupies at least a third of the play zone, and you can't take it out because it leaves you with a huge hole on the front panel of the backpack, rendering it useless. I don't have the need for such a big battery all the time I use a backpack. In fact, I place a small 5000ma one with a cable on the side pocket and it serves me as well I'm not planning to charge a plane, just my phone once or twice before getting to a hotel or a place of work. Also, I never have the need for another substandard sounding speaker in my life. So I'm left with a big hole in a backpack without means to lock it: That sounds like the most insecure backpack in the world. For the speaker I had to fabricate a lid with velcro in order to be able to use the backpack, and I had to buy and use a standard TSA padlock (which is of way better quality than the included locked that came destroyed) to be able to lock it. All in all this was not a good experience and support had been next to useless. Will recommend it to no one. Again: Lock: Crap! Speaker: Crap!, Charger, not crap but too big. I need a backpack for carrying stuff first and foremost. Shame on you Solgaard Design.

    33. DianaJason Upton-Crouch on February 23

      Thank you Adrian! It needs saying that's five-star customer service from you with the personal touch. Happy customer

    34. Missing avatar

      Sevin Brantley on February 23

      The battery indicator light on my solar bank only shows the minimum charge even after a large charging period.

    35. Missing avatar

      Julie Chung on February 23

      Hi! Just gave my husband his backpack as a birthday gift, and he loves it! However a month later one of the larger zipper handles came off and he can no longer lock it. How can I order a replacement piece? Thank you

    36. Nino Fernando Santos
      on February 22

      Hey just a question.. I don't remember getting any survey on style and shipping address.. is there an email I can address my concern? Thanks

    37. DianaJason Upton-Crouch on February 21

      I another week gone and still waiting for the $50 refund from your finance how much longer do I have to wait for it to hit my PayPal might also posting comments on your social media pages might speed up the process. Jenina said on 14th I should have it last week

    38. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 20

      @Psypang Kao, we're so sorry about that. We're handling thousands of shipments so we cannot track it one by one. We hope you understand. I have forwarded this to our Orders Team for re-upload.

      @Kurt Arnold, So sorry if you feel that way. However, we've just told you what we've seen on FedEx website when you tracked your package. If we are a scam, you won't be hearing from us and no one should ever received their bags. I have emailed you earlier explaining what I did and rest assured that I will keep you updated! Thank you for your kind understanding.

      @Winston, checked you but we never received an email or private message from you. Please email us at (NOT com) so we can properly address your concern. Thanks! ^^

      @David, @Rekkah I'm very sorry to hear that. Please email us at (NOT com) so we can properly address your concern. Thanks! ^^

      Again, we do appreciate your support! Have an awesome day, and take care everyone!


    39. Missing avatar

      Shern Chong on February 20

      Waterproof? Whoa, alright.

    40. Rekkah Williams
      on February 20

      My lock separating how do I fix it

    41. Missing avatar

      David on February 19

      My lock isn't working it separates from where the pins are and is kinda pointless to have on there at this point please help and send me a new one.

    42. Winston on February 19

      Hello, I have been waiting long to know how do I reset the lock?
      Kindly enlighten :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Kurt Arnold on February 18

      I am still waiting for my two solar backpacks. "Customer Service" is responding that I have received the backpacks. Really? Received no notice of shipping info, but they claimed items were delivered with no signature required! Scam?

    44. Psypang Kao on February 17

      But if you tracked it, or gave me the tracking number. It will not be delayed more than three months. You have no idea about my bag didn't be shipped successfully until I told you. My address in Kickstart is complete, other stuffs have shipped successfully to me. Still wait my Lifepack......

    45. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 17

      As always, the fastest way for a response is via email to - Jenina is the fastest one of us to answer your questions and we are soon finished with everyone receiving their bags and getting through all questions. New video content coming soon of the new bag and further, more clear instructions.

      Also, I was thinking about doing a KS or FB live video where I'll cut off my wristband that I've been wearing since campaign close day! Do a live Q+A - would that be a good idea?

      Have a great weekend everybody!


    46. Solgaard Design 2-time creator on February 17

      @Kevin as always thanks for continuing to answer questions!

      @Valentina happy to hear you're thrilled!

      @Psypang - the issue for yours was with FedEx, once it arrived in TW they couldn't deliver for some reason, please confirm your complete address in English characters to us via direct message so we can resend.

      @Cheeno - glad we were able to get it to you! Shipping was more of a challenge than I thought!

      @Shern, @Jan - regarding a plastic cover on the solar panel: The panel itself is waterproof, it can get rain on it without worries. We can't have a plastic cover on top because it would block out 40% of the solar power for charging purposes.

      @Steve - sorry to hear this, please send us your address via direct message and we will send a replacement lock and instructions.

    47. Missing avatar

      Steve Bethel on February 16

      Recieved mine a few months ago. I love it. However in the last week the anti-theft lock has stopped locking. It opens regardless of the code or if I hold it open to change the code.

    48. Missing avatar

      Shern Chong on February 16

      @Jan H., what was the answer the team gave you about that absent plastic cover? I too am curious.

    49. Cheeno Dela Cruz on February 15

      Received mine here in UAE, after a long issue. I am pleased the team managed to make a solution for courier issues. Thanks Solgaard!

    50. Psypang Kao on February 15

      I don't know why it is so difficult to ship from Hon Kong to Taiwan. I feel a little disappointed about that. I hope it is worth to wait.

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