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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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It's Launch Day - The Upcycled Ocean Plastics Backpack 🐳🌊♻

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers: We're back with some special news:

Our latest Kickstarter campaign is live and ready to go!

Last Spring while I was in Asia making samples for the first Hustle bags, I spent some time travelling around Asia and was shocked to see just how bad the ocean plastic problem has become. I started discussing with fabric factories and recycling factories in March 2017, and now, a year and a half later the system is ready: we're bringing the world's first bags made inside and out of upcycled ocean plastics. That's right - all exterior material and all internal material is made from what was once trash.

Please have a look at the campaign - you're the first to be notified, we just made it live a few minutes ago, there's a great chance to get the early bird rewards:

The Ocean Plastics Daypack: Live now on Kickstarter
The Ocean Plastics Daypack: Live now on Kickstarter

If you're feeling compelled to, please share the campaign with your community! 

Thank you!
Adrian & The Solgaard Squad 

*Special note for those of you with Solarbank LED issue: We know some of you are awaiting your replacement Solarbank units, this is a reminder that we are working dilligently with the 2 factories to get the new units made. This bag does not include any electronics, as it is incredibly complicated with shipping electronics internationally, and many countries we're not able to.

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    1. Missing avatar

      yvette criglar on

      As others have noted, I think it’s time for you to send the bags without the battery units and follow with the units when they are fixed and available. I ordered 4 bags and having them sit in a warehouse degrading for the past year is annoying at best. Please send my bags now - at least I can give the Christmas presents that I promised a year ago to my family this year and send the batteries later.

    2. Missing avatar

      Surani on

      I would like to make a comment about this project for those considering backing it (and if my problem is fixed, I will quickly come on here to say so).

      I backed an earlier campaign from this company back in July 2017, and I paid $200 for 2 bags from Solgaard that were promised by November 2017. It is now November 2018 and I have not yet received **the bags themselves**.

      I am not referring to the problems with the solarbanks. I understand that manufacturing problems happen and I am okay with waiting until the new banks are built. Sometimes things go wrong. I get that.

      But the BAGS THEMSELVES?? You fixed your manufacturing problems with the bags more than half a year ago. So I think I should get the bags NOW and the banks later. And I mean now, before you go on to your next project.

      I don't want a refund. I want the bags I first backed back 1.5 years ago that most people recieved 10 months ago.

      I notice that people below are frustrated about waiting for a new battery pack. Imagine if you never got ANYTHING. For 18 months. The excuse is that I confirmed my address once but not the final time. Okay, I've been emailing you repeatedly since May. You have my address.

      Don't let all these people see that this is not just a factory problem but a problem where you are refusing to send things out to some people when hundreds more received them. You have the ability to make the bags and you're not sending them to everyone that backed you 1.5 years ago. Fix that.

      Send the bags I already paid for NOW. And then send the solarbanks as soon as they are ready.

    3. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Hi Dean,
      We're working at full speed to solve the issue.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dean Mitchell on

      I agree with David about fixing past sins before venturing forth to create more problems. Your track record preceeds you.

      Dean Mitchell

    5. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Hi David, as we've said this fix on the battery takes time. The replacement units are in the manufacturing process.

    6. David Serlui on

      Still waiting for replacement battery from the last Kickstarter campaign ? Why don’t you concentrate on fixing historical problems before embarking on new projects