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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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Solarbank S2 - LED issue: Warranty Update

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers,

Good news, we found the problem with the S2s!

Bad news: it's random - and doesn't fall into an exact category of serial numbers. It was a batch of incorrect microcontrollers that were used in some units.

Simple explanation: The microcontroller inside of the unit that turns on the LEDs goes to 'sleep mode' after exposure to Solar power for more than 30 minutes. To avoid this happening, the MCU requires adding a 1uF capacitor on CHRG foot pin.
We had lots of input from many backers - thank you for your help! Especially to Hannes and Anton. They're two of our backers from Germany who took apart their Solarbank S2 units to give us feedback and confirm what we were being told from the factory - this is what makes our Kickstarter community so special and we appreciate you so much!

We're now arranging with the factory for the replacement units to be made.

If your S2 unit has malfunctioning LEDs, please send us an email to along with your serial number by or before June 1st.

Timing for replacements: Typically production takes 60-75 days, then shipping from Asia to our other warehouses and then shipped out from there to you will take an additional 45-60 days if all goes smoothly. Since we still have not delivered a final quantity to the factory we don't know the exact production time. We'll update you as soon as we have some solid dates. Things are moving with the factory. We'll update again when we have a finalized production date.

Thanks everyone - have a great weekend!

-Adrian and the Solgaard Gang

*note, as a result of this we are no longer shipping S2 units until we have guaranteed correct units in stock. This may impact you if you didn't fill in your backer survey already. Please email and we'll help you over email.


A little extra personal reflection from Adrian:
Hi Lifebackers, a quote that I often think of is this:
"It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out, it's the grain of sand in your shoe"
Robert W. Service 

I'm frustrated with this situation with the S2 LED issue. It's a huge headache, it's expensive, and it's tons of extra work. A quick google search for a 1uF Capacitor will show you what the issue is - a tiny piece of hardware smaller than a fly causes weeks of work for us. For the sake of the quote, let's call this our 'grain of sand'.

The mountain: We've managed to ship 5+ containers full of products around the world, 4500 bags to countries all over the place. We made the products with a very close eye on all of the details. We tested Solarbanks in sunlight for days straight.  But somehow this slipped through the cracks and causes a huge workload for us. We won't bother pointing fingers. These things happen and we're fixing it. If the leopard print pants promise didn't help you notice how committed I am to fulfilling on our promise, I hope that our open communication on this issue will. This will take time, I thank you in advance for your patience as we handle it.

Today I had lunch today with Julio Terra, the head of the Technology and Design Community at Kickstarter. It was my first time at the Kickstarter HQ and it was exciting to see the office of a company which has created such an incredible avenue for thousands of creators. We talked about the current state of Kickstarter hardware projects. I'm so proud of our team and what we've accomplished. Against so many odds, so many challenges and problems behind the scenes that we don't share, we're still here. Now more than ever, I understand why a lot of major Kickstarter launched and projects have fallen by the wayside, some after delivering rewards and some before they manage to do so. I'm proud that we've delivered on all three of our campaigns - and we'll deliver on any future projects we do too.

This is getting a bit long now... What I really want to say - Thank you. Thank you for your belief in our projects over the years. I hope you believe in our vision of helping scale solar technology for a personal level of use. I hope our communication with you is clear, I hope our products are of great quality for you that lasts for years to come.
Much love,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jay C. Burton on

      I reached out to customer support (now Jenina) yesterday, and received a reply today. Jenina states there are no financial issues, e.g., them not being able to afford to have new battery packs made, it is just that the process takes a very long time. She further stated that Adrian would be will be the one to explain everything, and that update "would be posted soon".

    2. Erik H on

      Hoping to get an update soon? We got an e-mail advertising a suitcase, but no update on this issue?

      Since then I have moved on and purchased an other powerbank, but still would love for this to work, only if it was to keep in the car so I can have power wherever (as long it is not night time :) )

    3. Missing avatar

      Rammy Fong on

      Its been 3 months and still no resolution as to replacement/refund.
      Was hoping to bring the power bank on my summer vacation but it never work since the day i received the product and now summer's almost over.

    4. Christina Dunn on

      Are there any updates on the power banks? Neither of mine are working. I love my bags but haven't hear anything in quite a while about the power bank replacements.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mads Pultz on

      Hello, honestly, I still use my two bags, but now the second (!) solar charger quit on me. Would it be possible to have them exchanged?

    6. Hilda Jensen on

      Any ETA on the solarbank replacements? I've been waiting quite some time and haven't received any news......

    7. Dao DaoSuperstar on

      I love your bag and I have keep using it since the day I got it. For the powerbank and LED issue, I think If you can send us the part(capacitor) I believe some backer might be able to change the part themselves and at least we don't have to throw away the good almost working powerbank. just a thought

    8. Missing avatar

      Artie Shahho on

      I have two bags with 2 powerbanks and neither of the powerbanks work at all. Neither the LEDs light up after charging them nor do they function. Help

    9. james on

      I'm wondering if there is any word on the power packs?

    10. John R Wilkins on

      Over a month since the last update. What's the hold up? You know the problem. Is it something that can't be fixed? Are we to go without the power packs for another 6 months? What's the game we're playing? Your backers, the ones paying the bills, should have answers to their questions, yet we go without. Without answers, without the power packs, without information. Time's up, guys. Send the product or a refund.

    11. Russell Purcell on

      I am still waiting for my four bags. Originally promised pre-Christmas delivery, and as these were gifts, I have looked like a shmuck to my friends and family for six months now.

    12. Missing avatar

      yvette criglar on

      For those of us who haven’t received anything yet, why not ship the bags without the S2 and sent the S2 separately when you are confident in the battery solution? It’s very frustrating to know that 4500 bags have been sent and that mine are just collecting dust someplace waiting for an intermittent issue to be resolved with a part I don’t need to use the pack itself.

    13. Dale Holmes on

      My led’s stopped working last week can I still send the info?

    14. Missing avatar

      viola dowdall on

      This is a very long wait time. Will you be contacting me to let me know the status. This is a disappointment. Wait for the backpack and now wait for the solar pack.

    15. Graham Woloski on

      don't see why you need the serial number again. you've taken tallies so I'm guessing you just didn't record the serial numbers and don't want to go back and do it again. and also what happens because I didn't send it by June 1st?

    16. Luc Biever on

      I've already send my serial number weeks ago. Do I have to resend it again?
      My S2 is not charging at all.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin L. Nault on

      This update addresses the LED issue, but a number of folks including myself have reported that the battery on our S2 is not charging from solar exposure. Has this been determined to be the same problem, or is that still an outstanding issue?

    18. gamergeek on

      Glad that you were able to find the exact problem!
      Any chance there's a method that can be used to get the micro controller out of "sleep mode"?

    19. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      Hello. I have made multiple attempts to message about the fact that I have not gotten my backpacks AT ALL.
      No one has tried to contact me. I’m getting very frustrated. Please get my information to whomever can assist me. It’s getting very frustrating. Or, just give me my money back. But, please please, stop just ignoring me. It’s completely unprofessional and disrespectful to me as a customer.

      Michelle Teats

    20. Missing avatar

      Ferrán García on

      Adrian, you and your team didn't deceive me with the original backpack, it was/is a great product that I enjoy every-single-day-of-the-week, and I was sure you were not going to deceive me this time with the S2 solarbank leds issue.

      So very happy to hear the news on it, and happy to hear the solution it's on the works.

    21. Missing avatar

      Viesueel Geweld on

      What is the policy on the broken LED issues after June 1st? Is this a production deadline?

      My S2 will see the sun after June 1st since I'll be on my holiday by then. When the S2 LEDs fail after June 1st will it be replaced? It is after all a design flaw of the PCB.
      I guess more people with (still)working S2's have the same question.

      My S2 is fully charged by a power socket at the moment, guess I'll put it out in the sun this week before I leave on holiday and this deadline to report broken LEDs.

    22. Missing avatar

      Wilson Ooi on

      I have reported the issue previously to Jenna along with the S/N of the faulty unit via e-mail last month. Do we need to raise another report on the matter or those already reported have been tallied towards the replacement batch?

    23. Missing avatar

      Diego Pinto Iribarren on

      Hi, on April 18 you told me “ all refunds will be processed this week”.

      It’s almost June and guess what.. still not a single email or words from you..

    24. Michelangelo Partipilo on

      Would you mind sharing more details or links to how to fix the unit ourselves? For those brave enough to try to fix the unit ourselves?

    25. David Dugal on

      Roger that, will do :)
      Oh I literally just noticed that it said 3 months, I ment in June... I sware my phone hates me.

    26. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Thanks everyone - if you've already sent your details you don't need to resend. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

      @David please check with info@ - Jenina will take care of you :)

    27. David Dugal on

      Was this the reason why my bag hasent been sent? I know it had something to do with the bank and shipping, but does this mean I will get an updated battery when my bag is sent out in 3 months?

    28. Missing avatar

      Evelyn on

      Adrian & Solgaard Team, Appreciate the hard work you’all have been putting into solarbank issue and of course your updates. However, I’ve already sent all the required details.

    29. Missing avatar

      Martijn Geenen on

      Do I need to resend everything since I send all details when I first received my products?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jieshan Lu on

      Thanks for the update! I appreciate the transparency and the support your team has provided. I’ve provided the serial number of my unit when I reported the issue. Do I need to send it again? Although the bad news has caused you so much more work, the unit is still charging and functional. And I am in love with the backpack design itself. Keep your chin up and keep up the good work!

    31. Missing avatar

      Margaret McNarry on

      Adrian and gang - love love love the Hustle backpack! Thank you so much for your commitment to your backers and to the process.
      If life was all peaks and no valleys it would be a boring plain. These little upsets are what mike life interesting and challenging. You have risen to and surmounted this challenge. I am sure you will succeed no matter what life throws at you in the future!
      Keep Hustling!
      Margaret McNarry

    32. Jim D on

      Jenina and company are on it! Really great update. Technical though it may be, it’s always good to see transparency in a company.

    33. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      Thank you for the update. Much appreciated. I have already reported the serial number to the specified email.

      Just one more thing... About the lock... After my last fiasco with the lock, I am a little worried about using it. Will the new generation lock be dispatched with the replacement S2?