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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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Solarbank S2 LEDs - Warranty update

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers,

We have reports of 280 Solarbank S2 units which have an issue with the LEDs. (of a total 4500 units shipped to backers, this represents 6.2% given the current feedback, we expect this to grow to about 10% in the coming weeks given this flaw)

IF YOUR UNIT IS AFFECTED, WE WILL REPLACE IT AS SOON AS WE HAVE FRESH INVENTORY. Please: email with your serial number of your S2 and shipping address.

Once we get a final count of how many are affected we will present what the solution will be. We don’t have a lot of extra inventory, so we will likely need to create another production batch.

If yours is not affected: This is not a battery safety concern, it’s simply an issue where the LEDs don't light up. The unit is fully functional except for the LEDs. 

*note: As a result of this we are very backlogged on emails, it’s taking us a few days to get to each email. We appreciate your patience.

More Notes:1) Can’t find your lock? Check the video in the last update. 2) Lock looks different than the pictures? Check the video in the last update. 3) We’re experiencing some delays shipping to Hawaii. We’re working on it. 

I hope our transparency in this is appreciated - we want you guys to know what's up as we learn and grow from this, and to make sure you know you're getting a fully functioning unit.

Much love,Adrian & The Solgaard Gang

PS - if you have comments, please make them on this thread of the update rather than on the general comments page - we need the last post we made on the general comments to be near the top of the thread as it is now. Thanks!

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    1. Benny W on

      Any update on how long it's likely to take to get replacement units for the solar bank?

    2. Mansi Dhanraj Shetty on


      It's not just the flaw with the LEDs. First to go are the LEDs and then the battery itself.

      Have tried charging it a couple of time but to no result. Had been in touch Jenina till last month, but now have no response now.

      Do let us know if we should just read a mail and forget about it?


    3. Missing avatar

      Connie Johnson on

      Third request to RETURN this garbage!!! What is the process?

    4. Christina Dunn on

      My solar bank has worked fine for weeks so yesterday I left it in the window to charge. This was a window with the blinds down and even that filtered sun effectively killed the LED lights.

    5. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      Hello again,

      I got through airport security. Locked the bag. Scrambled the code. Now that I have landed at my destination, the (correct) combination does not open the lock.

      Now I see why people complain/ed about the (old) lock.

      Please advise asap.


    6. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      Hello there,

      My battery has been working perfectly up until today... It was still OK on Saturday (via the charger and solar... But today... All the lights are not lighting up... Pretty disappointed...

      So, please +1 to the count of 280 in your update.

      I have just sent a mail to Hope to hear from you guys soon regarding the replacement.



    7. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      I have not received my bags. When can I expect them to arrive? Please advise.

    8. Missing avatar

      Beatriz Jimenez on

      hello, I received my briefcase, but I ordered the best backpacks & shoulder, also the charger does not work. I would like to know what are the options I have.

    9. Missing avatar

      Carlo La Porta on

      In mid march you wrote "REST OF WORLD: (Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia) These are in processing. Hundreds of these have been assigned tracking numbers and will be released in the coming days." I have compulsively checked my email (including spam) and have not received it yet. Can you tell me what happened please? Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew A on

      i would like the new lock sent out with the replacement solar charger if we are now waiting plz as the old bag that lock broke within a month, is cheep as and if i was to steal the bag that lock is not stoping any one that has a house/car key on had to open it up

    11. Missing avatar

      Brad irwin on

      I still have not received my bag, am i going to?

    12. Cecily Zhu on

      @Meredith E Baker - To be fair, it does say right in the campaign that the bags would be made with vegan leather. I'm not sure if you can get a pledge refund for the reasons you've outlined but you can try emailing them directly at (not .com). Since they're dealing with the current flood of messages about the faulty solarbanks, it may take a few days for them to respond to your email.

    13. Meredith E Baker on

      I’m very disappointed in receiving a plastic backpack and bag (2 items!!!) when it looked like leather, and I paid leather prices. I’ve asked to return these items, as I will not use them, and I would not give them as gifts to anyone who means anything to me. Please send me directions on how to return them. I see no other way to contact you than through this comment box. I do not wish to ask a third time for your reply.

    14. Missing avatar

      Wilson Ooi on

      Does this mean that those who reported the issue via e-mail previously would be included in the list of those that will be sent a replacement unit? How about the existing unit currently in possession? Is it still safely usable or we have to send it back as part of the warranty claim?

      Since we are on the subject of transparency, kindly let us know of the estimated timeline this issue will be "figured out" to proceed to the next course of action which is possibly the production of non-faulty replacement units which could take another 1 1/2 to 2 months? Then onto shipping and delivery which would require another number of days/weeks?

    15. Missing avatar

      Terry on

      @Cecily Zhu - i have noticed that it is discharging quite quickly.

      @Solgaard - this maybe a stupid question but is there a way to turn the battery off instead of waiting for it to go on "standby" (which I presume it does)? I charged it fully, placed it in the bag and when I took it out two days later there was only 1 bar left... I didn't use it in the two days. Please advise.

      PS. Will also this with a mail... Just incase you miss this post.


    16. Scott on

      Hello. Just wondering when I might be hearing back about my broken zipper? I have a nice bag sitting idle.

    17. Andyt on

      I have the same issue. Email sent. Really bad problem.

      @Graham Woloski: I used USB-C to charge a tablet. It worked.

    18. Vineson

      I have two units, as I purchased both the bag and the backpack style, with non functioning leds. Unfortunately I can not read the SS number, print is light grey on black and very small. suggestions?

    19. Missing avatar

      Nadeem Masood on

      This company is completely unreliable and does not care about their backers at all. As you can tell by the poor manufacturing of their powerbanks, to the delayed shipping and distribution process, missing locks and lack of respect to reply to backers who are experiencing issues. I waited foreverrr for my bags to arrive and when they finally did I was disappointed again to find no locks in either bag I ordered.. I have sent multiple emails asking to have the issue resolved and have not received any response to my concerns. I will not ever back any product from these guys again.

    20. Christina Dunn on

      Today was the first day I used my lock, I reset the code, made sure it worked and then it stopped working. Does anyone have any feedback or tips on how to get this things to work?!

    21. Missing avatar

      Katrin on

      Hi, I know you’re swamped with messages, however I sent an e-mail 9 days ago (April 3) and haven’t received a response apart from the automatic reply. I also checked my spam folder. Appreciate a prompt reply. Thanks!

    22. Chalyce Williams on

      I have yet to receive my bag. Can I get an update on the progress. Thanks

    23. Meredith E Baker on

      I would like to return the two units I purchased. I will comment further when contacted.

    24. Missing avatar

      Diego Pinto Iribarren on

      Still waiting my refund.. unbelievable.. since March 1th

    25. Jennie Muscanell on

      Thank you for your transparency in this issue. I thought I would let you know that my unit is not functional. Above it says the issue is that the LED is not working but the battery is functional. Mine is not, it will not charge up or charge a device. I hope this helps in your data gathering.

    26. Missing avatar

      GMAN on

      Just a heads up my unit wasn't charging but after trouble shooting it the cable provided was a bad one. Changed out the cable and so far so good.

    27. Missing avatar

      Rutger Coers on

      I thought I would ask this here, so your response will be visible for everyone else as well.
      I already reported the issue with both my solarbanks through the message system of Kickstarter. Do you require me to send an email about this as well? Thanks

      Also thanks a lot for your transparency about this issue. Much valued and appreciated.

    28. Christina Dunn on

      Thank you for this update. So far my solarbank is working fine (I have yet to attempt charging in the sun due to the issues) but I noticed yesterday that the solar panel appears to be separating from the body of the battery in one corner. It appears pushed but besides the 2x that I charged it the battery stays in my back pack. Has anyone else noticed this?

    29. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Thanks for these comments everyone - I really appreciate your outlook on this and your understanding!

    30. Cecily Zhu on

      I'm glad that Solgaard finally understands that this transparency is exactly what backers have been asking for. I hope that you guys will continue to keep us updated as the replacement units are being produced. Looking forward to receiving the replacement. In the meantime I have been still been using my solarbank. While I cannot see the levels of charge on it, it does seem to be discharging much faster than advertised after a full charge. Does anyone with a fully working power bank have this issue?

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin L. Nault on

      The transparency is thoroughly appreciated. I have one of the affected units, and I don't believe the battery is charging fully (or maybe it's charging *way* more slowly?). That said, is there any known issue with using the affected S2s? I don't care so much about the indicator lights as I do the functionality.

    32. Kunaal Jagtianey on

      This is the EXACT level of transparency we have all hoped for. Received my backpack yesterday and I really like the overall look, ect. I have yet to try the solarbank but will email if there are any issues with the LED when charging via sunlight. Thanks!

    33. Graham Woloski on

      I'm having the issues with the LED (E-mail sent), battery works fine except it doesn't charge my Motorola Z using the USB Out. My moto z has a USB C in.

      Is any other android user with a phone that has the USB C in having any issue with this? I am using the standard charging cable that came with my phone.