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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
2,898 backers pledged $440,348 to help bring this project to life.

Thousands of bags delivered! New FAQs Answered

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers!

We're thrilled so many of you have received your bags! We're getting a ton of positive messages on the quality of the bags. We're so proud!

Canada starts shipping in the next few days. Besides Canada, all regions are now in process of shipping.

Now there are a few questions we have covered in a short video update:

1) Where is my lock? (it's in an inside zip pocket)
2) Why is the lock not as pictured in the video? (to save a 3 month delay)
3) S2 Solarbank LEDs not working. (so far 22 reported cases, we will look into and cover the issue as a warranty)

We're continuing to ship out bags - hope this covers these most frequently asked questions for now!

If you have a question and are waiting an answer please continue to be patient, we're fielding a ton of messages and shipments at the moment!

-Adrian & The Solgaard Gang

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    1. Missing avatar

      maria karfi on

      I haven't received anything yet.. nor a reply regarding any update..

    2. Missing avatar

      Jean-Manuel Nadeau on

      Hi, my led lights aren’t working. It was working when I revived it but after the second time I used it it stopped working. I thought it was broken but still charges. Only led lights aren’t showing. Will be in Canada in July is it possible to replace ? Thank you

    3. Chalyce Williams on

      As of today I still have not received my bag.. I live in NY.. Can an update be provided. Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Nadeem Masood on

      This company is completely unreliable and does not care about their backers at all. As you can tell by the poor manufacturing of their powerbanks, to the delayed shipping and distribution process, missing locks and lack of respect to reply to backers who are experiencing issues. I waited foreverrr for my bags to arrive and when they finally did I was disappointed again to find no locks in either bag I ordered.. I have sent multiple emails asking to have the issue resolved and have not received any response to my concerns. I will not ever back any product from these guys again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Patty Edge

      Just opened our bags and so far LOVE them! Both our solar banks are working - will see how they go after a few days. Excellent quality of the bags. Very pleased.

    6. Melissa Dever on

      Call me stupid but I didn’t realise I’d have to take a day off work to be home to receive the bag :(

      The shipping company you used (Ingram Micro) is very rigid, they wouldn’t let the courier (Toll) leave the parcel at my home without a signature. And it’s Monday to Friday delivery only.

      They said they will contact you now to ask if they CAN change the shipping address to my workplace. Hope you say yes!


    7. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Solarbank doesn't work. What to do next?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jaap on

      Hey guys, I'm really happy with the bag. I've got the same solar bank issue as reported here earlier by other backers: it works fine, but the LED's died after one loading cycle.

    9. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Hey all, Canada bags are shipping.

      If your LEDs on your Solarbank are not working - email us:
      include; your serial number on the Solarbank unit (it's on the bottom)
      include the type of charger you used when charging (if any)
      how long it was before the LEDs stopped working.

    10. Benny W on

      Sadly the LEDs on my solar bank are dead too. Worked fine at first, but after the first solar charge they're not longer working :/

    11. Missing avatar

      Sandi on

      I haven’t received any email in regards to shipping still...? I’m in Canada and I’m really hoping it ships soon before I’ll be needing it for a trip in about 2 weeks! :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul McNeill on

      Have received my shoulder bag and Iam very impressed with it. Only issue I have is that the solarbank charger’s LED/charging display appears not to be working. Bank holds a charge, but not sure how much


    13. Missing avatar

      Crypstoric on

      Hi guys,
      Awesome bag, love it!
      Same issue for me as a lot of other backers with the solar bank. Works fine, just no LED indication. Can you let me know what will be done about it?
      Thank! Tim

    14. Missing avatar

      Connie Johnson on

      Malfunctioning solar pack LED. Is there someone to contact directly. Like a 1-800 number for tracking, etc.

    15. Luca Gambetti on

      Dear sirs,
      I have received my 4 bags few days ago, thank you. Unfortunately the LEDs on one of the Solar Banks stopped working after a few minutes; could you please help me with that?
      Many thanks, kind regards,
      Luca Gambetti

    16. Missing avatar

      John Hennessey on

      Hi how do I get a replacement battery charger...? The unit charged ok on my window ledge and showed green lights turning. I have since used it once to charge my phone and it is unresponsive. Not button pressing does anything. The unit is still charging my phone however I don’t know if it’s full? If it needs charging?? Please help?

    17. Missing avatar

      Donna Louise Humphreys on

      Same issue. First power bank had issues from the first charge, testing the 2nd one now. Can’t seem to message, so hopefully the comment section serves to send a replacement

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcin Kubiak on

      Dissapointing. Same issue as others with the solarbank. Perhaps its just issue with the light, but not interested in a guessing game. Had issues last time with Solarbank 1. Got a replacement (thank you!) unfortunately that unit stopped working. Thought will give you guys a 2nd shot. Unfortunately didn’t work out again. Please advise of replacement/refund process.

    19. Dao DaoSuperstar on

      I also have problem of both solar pack charge LED. The LED is not indicate anything. It was working at first. Now I don't know if it's charging or what is the battery level. Looking for a support.

    20. Jamie Ann Sy on

      Absolutely love the bag and tried out the solar power bank straight away as well and worked fine for 2 days then stopped showing the light to show charge. Seems to still be charging my devices but no indication from lights and not sure if it's still charging from solar energy

    21. Anna Mannino on

      Was so excited to get my bag in. I immediately charged and tested the solar bank and it worked fine the first day. But after 2 days, it doesn't seem to be charged either solar nor cable or give a charge to my phone, and there's no lights indicating it has any intention of doing either anymore. Normal use. Didn't drop it. No water damage.

    22. Missing avatar

      Chris Stone on

      My solar power bank appears to be non-functioning. My order # is p-5088370.

    23. Jarno Peschier

      Oh dear,

      My solar powerbank stopped working after about two or three charge cycles. Did think it felt very flimsy and cheap in construction, but hoped it would be fine.

      Also, it's huge, compared to the 10000mAh USB powerbank I have from OnePlus. Especially the thickness of it was disappointing, as I probably won't be able to fit this into my KP Sling bag, which I was sort of hoping, as that is where I keep that OnePlus powerbank now.

      Finally, when it did work it went from full to almost empty charging my (not even fully empty) OnePlus 5, which I found strange for a 10000mAh battery charging a 3300mAh phone. The OnePlus powerbank manages about two charges of my phone at least. Box says "five full phone charges", but I guess you assume 2000mAh phones for that? Not exactly "new phone", that..

      It really looks like the bags are the main item here, and the solar bank more of an after thought. Was afraid of that, but pledged anyway. Communication confirmed this assumption (as everything was about bags, with powerbank where almost never mentioned). Now it looks like I maybe shouldn't have pledged.

      Is there any option for a refund, or at least an option to swap the dead brick I now have for one that (hopefully) works (longer than the one I received)..?

      Thank you very much.
      Jarno Peschier

    24. Missing avatar

      Sharelle Taylor on

      I love the pack. Embarrassed to admit that I searched for and failed to find the lock, so thanks for the video. My LED’s have also burnt out, but the unit charges
      One suggestion for a later development would be to design a ‘petite’ version, with a smaller person as model. This is a great fit for the guys in the family, but needs a bit of shortening and probably a tiny narrowing, for myself (150cm). It will still be my everyday bag since I commute with minimal walking, but it would be harder going if I had to wear it for any length of time.
      Thanks again though, glad I’ve got one.

    25. Missing avatar

      Maximilien Brossaud on

      Hi guys! I received my two bags! Sooo cool! Thank you.
      However, as the others, my two solar bank are not working. They do not charge with the sun and the LED system didn't work at all. How can we fix this because it's very annoying. I have to charge it to the wall and do not now how I need to charge it again. Also, I fully charged one of them and after 2 charges, dead. I think they are just not working.
      I'm waiting for your feedback guys. Thank you!
      Again, really good work for the bags :)

    26. Christina Dunn on

      Received my bags on Tuesday. Love the look, it's very comfortable. My only comment is it's a little narrower than I expected. I was able to charge my solarbank via usb with no problem but I have yet to test it in the sun. Hopefully it does not have the same problem as other backers have noted.

    27. Fiona Illand on

      I've already posted in 'Comments' but just to be sure: My solarbank appears to be having the same problem as others. It worked fine day one, but after leaving it in the sun for a day it's no longer working. A replacement would be great. The bag is superb though - thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Marco van Katwijk on

      Hello, My solarbank is not charging with solar. When i received the solarbank only the leds from capacity where illuminated, now all are dead. I tried charging with a wall charger, that seems to work (but no leds at all). What to do? Please help

    29. Bryan Bennett on

      My solarbanks (2) are not charging from solar at all. But, they charge from the wall properly. Also, the stitching on my cognac briefcase is already coming loose and I've been using it for 4 days.... Please let me know what to do.

    30. Missing avatar

      Harold le Hardy de Beaulieu on

      Hi Adrian and Solgaard Gang,

      I have also an issue with my two Solarbank :/!!

    31. Jason Bednar on

      I love the Hustle bag, but my Solarbank’s LED lights are not working. I received my bag on the 27th of March and the lights have not worked even after leaving it in the sun all morning. How do I go about getting this fixed?

    32. Missing avatar

      Sam Wise on

      My bags (one of each) arrived, and they're great, but my two solarbanks are also not working. They worked out of the box, I left them in a sunny spot for the afternoon, and when I returned, the LEDs no longer worked. They seem to charge ok from an outlet, and will charge a device, but not indication of charge level etc. Other than that I'm delighted with my bags.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sascha Meyer on

      I LOVE IT !!!!

      Really, waiting so Long and then just in Time I want to start a Business Trip it arrived. So, last minute, changing the old Bag to my new Lifepack. Right descission.
      Unfortunately my Solarbank LEDs are not working, too. If I should do anything, let me know. Otherwise I guess this Information is eneough for you to identify everything you need to exchange it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sascha Meyer on

      I LOVE IT !!!!

      Really, waiting so Long and then just in Time I want to start a Business Trip it arrived. So, last minute, changing the old Bag to my new Lifepack. Right descission.
      Unfortunately my Solarbank LEDs are not working, too. If I should do anything, let me know. Otherwise I guess this Information is eneough for you to identify everything you need to exchange it.


      In my case applied to "S2 Solarbank" LEDs not working, too.

      I'm glad to you are investigating the case and that you have a plan to exchange my "S2 Solarbank" with new one in smooth.

      I am looking forward to it.

    36. Daniel Bassett on

      YAY! we just got our bags!
      Aaaand my wife has managed to reset the lock, and not know what she's set it to.
      Is there any way other than brute force (trying every combo) to reset the lock without knowing the code?

    37. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      Will there be a further update on how to return a faulty S2 Solar Bank, or should we just email you?

    38. Allison and Kendall Radwick

      Love it! Our Solar Bank is not working. Can it be replaced? Thank you!

    39. Allison and Kendall Radwick

      Love it but our Solar Bank isn’t working. Can it be replaced? Thank you!

    40. frostburn77 on

      Thanks for the faq. Really hope we do get a replacement lock when it is ready. Don’t mind paying for the shipping.

    41. Christina Dunn on

      I agree with Rotae, Is there a plan to offer backers the correct lock? The lock may seem like a minor detail to some but it is different than originally expected and backers should have been informed of the change via an update. That being said, my bags are scheduled to arrive today so we will see if my excitement remains after viewing the final product.

    42. Rotae on

      Hi there! Is the plan to send out the new locks in 3 months? Thanks :)

    43. Jim D on

      Jim P Lee, the instructions tell you that in order to achieve a full charge by sun, you need 30 hours worth. They recommend charging it up first by USB cable and then using the sun to keep it topped off.
      Just keep an eye on the LEDs as some have reported them burning out after a short time.
      My lights didn’t work at all but it at least charges.

    44. Sandy Cowell on

      Hi, love the packs (I bought 2) - but one of the solar chargers LEDs failed. Will look forward to updates.

    45. Missing avatar

      Hado Brando on

      Hello Solgard Team,

      i got my backpack today and i have 2 questions:
      My solar bank isnt flat on the backside, it got a outward bump which causes it to wiggle on the surface.. it also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable in times of exploding batteries... what should i do?
      My second question, im a big guy and the bag feels a bit small... is there a good way to "extend" the straps a bit more?

      thanks in advance!

    46. Jim P Lee on

      I am also having issues with the Solar unit. I left it in the direct sun for over 6 hours and still have 2 bars (that is where it was when I started the "charge" in the sun).


    47. Missing avatar

      Edgard Castillo on

      Received mine, and gotta say I love the quality. However, my solar bank isn't working. I plug my phone in but it won't charge.

    48. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Tak Lasse, held og lykke med din rejse ned til Tyskland!

      Werepixi, great! :) You can sign up for our email list on our website - by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking in there.

      @Brad Dancer thanks! Really glad :)


    49. Brad Dancer

      got mine- its really nice, can't wait to break it in- but its really well done!

    50. Missing avatar

      Werepixi on

      Hi Adrian and Solgaard Gang,

      Got my backpack and shoulder bag yesterday and absolutely LOVE THEM!! Beautiful design and feel to them. Also, perfect timing on the video showing where then locks were as I must admit I was one of those failing adults that couldn't find it. I was about to go through all the previous updats to see if I missed something and the lock was no longer part of the final product.

      I'm going away for a couple of nights in a few days and the backpack and charger will make sure I have no concerns about my phone/tablet/watch running out of charge.

      Any chance of a mailing list being set up so with the next project we can get an email about it?