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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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Shipments to US and Asia start in 48hrs! Final call to adjust your address!

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers,

So far, this could be the most exciting update of all – we’re about start shipping!

In case you’ve moved or need to change address for any reason – please do it now!  In order to adjust your address, please login here:

USA: This is your 48 hour warning!

HK, Singapore, Rest of Asia, South America, and other countries: 48 hour warning!

Australia: This is your 5 day warning!

Canada and Europe: your shipments have 2/3 weeks to go before they leave our warehouse.  – please update your addresses now too.

*to be clear, this 48 hour warning means it will leave our warehouse this week. California based backers will receive first as we have our warehouse in LA. East coast will take close to a week. Asian backers will take 1-2 days for HK, a few days for Singapore, many other countries will be around 1-2 weeks.

 PS – as this coming few weeks we will be experiencing a higher level of customer service questions and messages, please be patient in awaiting a response. We’re shipping out a significant amount of products all at once   


from a (really excited) Adrian & the Solgaard Gang

Europe and Canada Shipment statuses
Europe and Canada Shipment statuses

*Scheduled pick up means from port, then it goes to the warehouse for packing/unpacking/prep for shipment out - approx one week.


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You can check out Baubax 2.0 On Kickstarter here:
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nadeem Masood on

      This company is completely unreliable and does not care about their backers at all. As you can tell by the poor manufacturing of their powerbanks, to the delayed shipping and distribution process, missing locks and lack of respect to reply to backers who are experiencing issues. I waited foreverrr for my bags to arrive and when they finally did I was disappointed again to find no locks in either bag I ordered.. I have sent multiple emails asking to have the issue resolved and have not received any response to my concerns. I will not ever back any product from these guys again.

    2. Missing avatar

      ebane92 on

      When will we get shipping information? Should these have been delivered by now?

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Ha. Longest 48 hours ever. Any update?

    4. Laura Settlage on

      Any update on shipping, please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      So it’s been a week now since we were told 48 hours. Are we going to get some kind of an email with shipping info?

    6. Jeffrey Bryan Mahacek on

      I live in LA, it’s been six days and I don’t have my backpacks OR a tracking email saying they’ve shipped. Let me guess, we’re going to wait another month to find out why because “you don’t want to say anything until you have an update.”

    7. Alexander Baldauf on

      @ Matteo when the start shipping at the 20th, I guess it will be still March when the arrive at your home

    8. Matteo Calabrò on

      2-3 more weeks to ship to Europe? On top of that we need to add transit time and douane checks! This means it will arrive in April!
      This is extremely disappointing, it was supposed to be around Christmas; then January, then February, then March now the effective delivery month is April.
      Why is US and Asia ship in 48hrs and Europe 2-3 weeks?!

    9. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Awesome DJ Comatose! Excited to get yours to you!

    10. DJ Comatose on

      Very good! My current broken-down backpack thanks you very much that he can soon retire and rest in peace. :)

    11. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Hi Artie, where are you writing to? Make sure to email (not .com) and check your spam folder for a reply. Or you can message us on

      You can login at this link with your Kickstarter email to fill in your survey!

    12. Missing avatar

      Artie Shahho on

      No matter how many times I write to you guys I never get a reply. I am still to receive a survey that lets me choose my bags. I have updated addresses but no bag choice.