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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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Shipping Update! US, Aus, HK inventory landed!

Posted by Solgaard Design (Creator)

Hello Lifebackers,

Happy Friday! Shipments have been cruising all over the world and we're getting closer to the day you'll have your bag in your hands!

Shipment status of Hustle Bags
Shipment status of Hustle Bags

Our biggest shipment, 2 containers worth of bags to the USA have now landed and cleared customs. They'll be on their way to the distribution facility early next week!

What happens now: containers go to the distribution facility where they are unboxed, then shipping labels are applied. You will be automatically emailed a tracking number when your shipment goes out.

The important timeline for you, Delivery to your door estimate:

USA orders: Estimated: Mid March delivery.

Canada orders: Estimated Late March delivery.

Europe orders: Estimated Late March delivery.

Australia Orders: Estimated Early/Mid March Delivery. Order has cleared customs in Sydney and is en-route to the warehouse right now.

Asia/Rest of World: Currently being unboxed in Hong Kong and prepared for shipment out soon. Depending on your region you'll receive your product in the next 2-3 weeks.

Below are pics of where things are at - because a picture is worth a thousand words! The pick up date is the pick up from port. From there the shipment goes into the warehouse where approx 1 week is needed to prep for shipment.

USA Shipment Status
USA Shipment Status


Canada Shipment Status
Canada Shipment Status


Europe Shipment Status
Europe Shipment Status


Australia Shipment Status
Australia Shipment Status

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

-Adrian & The Solgaard Gang 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nadeem Masood on

      This company is completely unreliable and does not care about their backers at all. As you can tell by the poor manufacturing of their powerbanks, to the delayed shipping and distribution process, missing locks and lack of respect to reply to backers who are experiencing issues. I waited foreverrr for my bags to arrive and when they finally did I was disappointed again to find no locks in either bag I ordered.. I have sent multiple emails asking to have the issue resolved and have not received any response to my concerns. I will not ever back any product from these guys again.

    2. Cecily Zhu on

      @Artie Shahho The original survey went out in November. Have you contacted (not .com) with your inquiry?

    3. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stokes on

      Thanks for providing Australia Shipment Statuses. can you please provide tracking numbers or who the local carrier will be so we can stop hassling you guys and hassle them instead?
      We are sooo close and yet it feels so far. Any information you can provide would be great! Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Artie Shahho on

      Still haven’t received a survey to choose which bags I want. How can you ship yet?

    5. René Hamelinck on

      Pfff can’t even remember I ordered these 😉. Delivery to Europe has been delayed so many times 😔

    6. Brandon Hardaway on

      Will backers in the US get a tracking number once the order ships?

    7. Missing avatar

      Diego Pinto Iribarren on

      Please respond the private message

    8. Missing avatar

      Molouk on

      We have sent you a private comment but please note that due to all the delays, now there is no one to receive the bag in Canada. We are one of those in the Middle East that you could not ship to so we came up with an alternate address of a friend to receive the bag but now that friend has left to the Middle East. You will need to cancel our order as we just can't think of any one else to accept the order and bring it to us. Thank you.

    9. DJ Comatose on

      Hooray! Landed in Los Angeles: that's Great! :)

    10. Ben Tesoriero on

      I know you guys are behind the original deadline, but I wanted to say a thank you for keeping us in the loop. It’s very professional and keeps all us backers even more excited for our bags. Looking forward to repping lifepack in Australia!

    11. Solgaard Design 5-time creator on

      Hi Darren, Solarbanks are shipping along with these yes!

      Hi Helen, it's likely. Can't promise a date at this point. It *should* gets to warehouse the 13th, a week for processing, 5-6 days for shipping means it's possible you'd get it around the 26th :)

    12. Darren Lam on

      Any word on when the solar banks are shipping? Are they in the same containers as the bags?

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Helen F on

      Do you think I will get mine before 31st March as we go on holiday then and I wanted to take it. Thanks