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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sam KS Lee about 18 hours ago

      Honestly, delay is fine to me. But I hope the creators should have better communication to backers. If the delivery is delay due to Chinese New Year, just tell us, then we will not spend time and keep refreshing the mailbox. I totally understand we are funding the projects, rather than customer, but please try to update us more and early before you can not meet the ETA.

    2. Missing avatar

      Zhou J Gao 1 day ago

      @SolgaardDesign According to ur reply: “We couldn't provide a weekly update unless there are changes or something from the last update.” can we assume that everything is according to plan from the last update? And that there’s no further delays as of now?

    3. Yeo Eng Joo 1 day ago

      Hi there, from Singapore here, would like to check if there’s any updates or news as I have yet to receive any tracking info?

    4. Solgaard Design 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @Daniel Bassett - North America and Australia have the same ETA.

      @Carlo La Porta - Enroute from our warehouse in China. Once your bag is shipped, you'll be notified via email.

      @Václav Koucký - We couldn't provide a weekly update unless there are changes or something from the last update. We will surely let you know once the bags are ready to be shipped. As of now, they are enroute from our warehouse based in China.

      @Ken - Thank you for your answer!

      @Jarence Wen - We sincerely apologize for any delay. We had issues as we have mentioned from our previous updates. We wanted to give you high quality bags so we have avoided rushing the production.

      @Sam KS Lee - Getting more information regarding this. Right now, ETA is within this month.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sam KS Lee 1 day ago

      Any update? Something wrong in Warehouse?
      I live in HK but still got nothing. thanks.

    6. Jarence Wen 3 days ago

      Hi. I'm backer #80 and I'm from Singapore. This bag is supposed to be send out before Xmas and now its Chinese New year and I still have not received anything. Lifepack this is really disappointing. I think this will be the last time I back products from ur company again. Before the Lifepack was not this long too. And this time I needed pay more for shipping and this is how your company doing work.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ken 4 days ago

      @Vaclav - there was an update on 1st Feb. Check the updates section.

    8. Missing avatar

      Václav Koucký
      4 days ago

      Hi guys, an update would be nice. Two weeks since the last one already, originally scheduled for December, the last one said beginning March (I'm in Europe), is everything on track for that?

    9. Missing avatar

      Carlo La Porta 5 days ago

      Just wondering if my bags are on the way or not? I'm in Tokyo. Also if not shipped yet, is it possible to change my order from the dynamic duo with/vintage bag to the one called ranger please?

    10. Missing avatar

      Carlo La Porta 5 days ago

      Just wondering if my bags are on the way or not? I'm in Tokyo

    11. Daniel Bassett 5 days ago

      Hey guys, any updates on tracking for Asia/Australia?
      I'm really hoping to have the bags before April, and Auspost is notorious for delays in customs :(

    12. Solgaard Design 3-time creator 5 days ago

      @Josh Ridgeway - Yes, Elias got it. We are shipping everything at the same time to our warehouses.

      @Elias - Thank you for your answer!

      @Tan Beng Hai, umphrey Wong Man Chun, Cassadee Wong - I am checking the latest update for you. I'll send you a message as soon as I have the info.

    13. Cassadee Wong
      6 days ago

      I'm from HK and I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with the shipment. Because Chinese New Year is tomorrow and mailing services will be suspended until next tuesday. When I check out Backerkit, I can see that the address is not locked down. So I'm sure the rewards for me is not shipped. Can @creator address the issue please? :)

    14. Humphrey Wong Man Chun 7 days ago

      This is Banker #2,563 from Hong Kong. I don't have any updates on the tracking number and shipping information. What does your last update for Hong Kong will shipped on end of January?? February of Valentine's day was over.
      Please reply

    15. Missing avatar

      Tan Beng Hai on February 13

      It's almost 2 weeks from the last update. Based on that update, Singapore and HK backers should be receiving their bags already, but up till now still no tracking for Singaporean backers. Quite doubtful to receive my bag before Chinese New Year! Any comments from Adrian on this??

    16. Missing avatar

      Elias on February 9

      @josh everything is being shipped together so I believe they will arrive at the same times as the bags or if lucky earlier

    17. Josh Ridgeway on February 8

      Hi guys - I pledged for just the Solarbank - is this being sent out after the bags or will they be sent out at the same time? I was curious as I thought a smaller package might be easier to send off earlier. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

    18. Solgaard Design 3-time creator on February 7

      @Ang Poon Wei, we perfectly understand that and we are sorry. May I ask if I have not cleared any misunderstanding in our previous emails, please?

      @Helen Fuller, sorry about that. You should be able to update your details now.

      @Sam KS Lee, once your bag is shipped, you will get an email containing your tracking details.

      @Daniel Schwartz, Upon checking, you have already answered your survey. Do you wish to update your address (Washington)?

      For faster response, please send us a direct message/email. If you wish to change your address, let us know ASAP so we can unlock your data.

      Please bear with me but rest assured I will get back to your emails/messages in 24-48 hours (weekends not included). Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. -Jenina

    19. Missing avatar

      John R Wilkins on February 7

      Backer #3,329. Just curious is my 2 bags are included in the shipment that would be arriving late February early March? One back was ordered as a Christmas gift for my niece in college. I hope I'll be able to get it to her before graduation in 2019.
      Look forward to hearing an update soon.

    20. Daniel Schwartz on February 6

      When will my group get a survey? Backer #1,943

    21. Missing avatar

      Tan Beng Hai on February 6

      Anyone from Asia received their tracking number?

    22. Missing avatar

      Christine Ward on February 6

      Anyone from Australia received their bag yet? Getting excited!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Sam KS Lee on February 5

      How to track my shipment, thanks.

    24. Helen F on February 4

      Still can't change my reward choice. Backerkit says choices locked. How can I change it please???????

    25. Missing avatar

      Ang Poon Wei on February 3

      Hi Adrian,

      My concern is that while I'm receiving responses from Jenina, I am not getting a confirmation that Solgaard has records of my pledge and add-ons and acknowledgement that my shipment was wrong. Just to recap, I received only 1 backpack when my pledge and add-ons totals to 2 hustle backpacks, 1 hustle shoulder bag, and 1 S3 powerbank. On top of that, the backpack I received was the lifepack original which is not what I backed.

      I understand that Jenina could be swamped as she is trying to maintain and respond to kickstarter backers and indigogo backers but appreciate your understanding that my confidence in this project is wavering when no resolution or confirmation on the shipping mistake (or even what I am supposed to receive) is communicated.

    26. Solgaard Design 3-time creator on February 2

      Hi All, I posted an update and I replied to the comments directly inside of the update. I do this for each update within a day of posting the update.

      Comments on here are moderated by Jenina whenever possible. The fastest way to have your questions answered is by sending us an email to (not .com) and be sure to check your spam folder in case you don't see a reply within 24hours on business days.

      We can't wait to get your products to you! I'm thrilled that they're en route now. Every day we get closer means another day closer to me not having to wear these ridiculous leopard jeans!

      Thanks for your patience and your support - you're going to love the finished product when you receive them.


    27. Károly Pál on February 2

      Hi Team!

      Thanks for the update and am very happy about the shipping info! Will we get a tracking number alert somewhen, maybe, to be able to track the delivery?

    28. Cecily Zhu on February 1

      Not sure how Chinese New Year (being on Feb 16th this year) would have impacted the shipment. This is especially considering that the "new" export date was nearly a month ahead in January. As someone who works a lot with shipping companies, it really just sounds like Solgaard forgot to secure the situation with their shipping company ahead of time yet expected them to have the space to store the pallets on short notice. I'm glad the bags are finally en route and I understand that things happen, but throwing another culture's holiday around in lieu of responsibly owning their error is kind of rubbing me the wrong way.

    29. Missing avatar

      Amy Chen on February 1

      Please refund my pledge immediately. I no longer want this bag, as it's months overdue.

    30. Missing avatar

      chan on February 1

      Hi , I cannot get any status of my bag after Dec 2017. Please contact me. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ang Poon Wei on January 31

      @Kunaal Can’t post a comment on indigogi unless you’re a contributor (I assume that means backer) and I’m not planning to add purchases.

      @Solgaard team, to add on to my request. I realised that what I had received was the lifepack original instead of the hustle. I have sent an email with an attached photo as proof. Appreciate if it can be looked into with my concern of missing backed items and add-on.

    32. Kunaal Jagtianey on January 31

      Go check their Indiegogo page. They seem more active there since it's still an open campaign apparently...

    33. Missing avatar

      Ang Poon Wei on January 31

      Hi Team,

      I have previously sent a message and have been in an email communication with yourself. I received a confirmation that shipment was on the way but it is only 1 backpack. My pledge is for 2x backpack and I then added 1x hustle.

      I received the deliver and confirm that only 1x backpack was shipped. I have sent an email to prior to receiving delivery on this but have yet to get any responds. Could someone please look into this and revert?

    34. Missing avatar

      Elias on January 30

      Good news you guy’s!!! Update in 24hours and bags have shipped to warehouses so that they can go to our houses. Hopefully we get ours within 2-3 weeks

    35. Missing avatar

      Elias on January 30

      @cecily Adrian the founder’s instagram said on his story @adrianthecanadian that a video was almost finished. Hopefully it’s an update

    36. Cecily Zhu on January 30

      @Elias Which Instagram post/account are you referring to? The only ones I can find about solarbanks are from 2016.

    37. Helen F on January 30

      I just used the link to backer kit and it said rewards and add-ons are locked. I thought I had already tried to change from shoulder bag to backpack.

    38. Helen F on January 30

      How do I change it as I can't seem to on backer kit???

    39. Judson Pierce on January 29

      really need an update please we were expecting these last year.

    40. Missing avatar

      Elias on January 29

      You guys gotta wait. There’s an update coming soon. Adrian has a video being made I believe. Since they recently got the powerbanks from China I don’t think we will have a shipping confirmation to our houses for another 2-3 weeks

    41. Amanda Arrowsmith on January 29

      Has anyone received confirmation of shipping?

    42. Missing avatar

      Seth Oh on January 29

      Is there somewhere we can track our orders? through a delivery service for example? Thanks

    43. Kunaal Jagtianey on January 29

      I wonder if I'll get mine before Christmas...

    44. Missing avatar

      Zhou J Gao on January 27

      Really hope that they can sort their priorities straight, we are their backers not some followers on their Instagram! The least we deserve is the most up-to-date info first hand, not through some social media platforms....

    45. Missing avatar

      Elias on January 27

      On Instagram it said the solarbanks shipped from China. Supposedly 1month till our houses, 6 weeks for Europe

    46. Missing avatar

      on January 26

      Would like an update

    47. Jarence Wen on January 26

      I'm backer #80. And I'm from Singapore. I still have not received anything from any shipping company regarding about my order. Hopefully I can get some update on this. Thank you.

    48. Bronwyn Oshust on January 25

      So... Everything has shipped, yes? We've passed another milestone; an update is warranted, please.

    49. Güneş Oral on January 24

      Hi guys, I've contacted you about my shippent adress changed. Now i live in another continent, which is not supported in drop down menu. You guys said you'll be contacting me but didn't recieved any message or email. Hope you guys contact me soon.

    50. Missing avatar

      Ang Poon Wei on January 23

      Hi there, I sent a private message with my issue and have yet to receive a response. Is there an email address I can send to?

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