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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Claire Tang 2 minutes ago

      So what shall we do with the broken the solarbank?

    2. Missing avatar

      Junichiro Taira about 1 hour ago

      I just used solarbank twice and LED died. :(
      I sent request e-mail to "" to replace to new one.

    3. Missing avatar

      J Law 2 days ago

      I've been using the backpack for month and I'm loving it except minor QC issues soon arrival. It came with a damaged zipper inside and one of the elastic holding the should strap adjustment is already worn out. Any chance I can get is minor replacement parts to replace that or should I send it in?

    4. Solgaard Design 3-time creator 5 days ago

      Hello Everyone! Our apologies if we are not active and answering your comments here. We need to run a few more tests just to make sure that everything is in place when we produce the new batch of solarbanks. We do not want another failure, right. Rest assured that we or I will keep you updated once I have more information about the replacements. Please send us an email instead of you are having trouble with your solarbank so we can further assist you.

      We highly appreciate your patience and kind understanding. -Jenina

    5. Xenvius 5 days ago

      @Noemi, Jesus give them a chance to find out what's wrong exactly and work something out with the factory. I agree that communication could/should be better, but you're quite over reacting here.. If they haven't fixed the issue by the end of the year things will be different.

    6. Missing avatar

      Noemi Zehetbauer 6 days ago

      Does anyone think we should take legal actions at this point?

    7. J 7 days ago

      All the LED lights on the solar bank are broken... anyone has the same issue? :/

    8. Missing avatar

      Ho Jia Hui on May 12

      Please kindly advice where is my bag as it has been delayed almost half a year.

    9. Keith on May 12

      Hi, it’s been a while ; has there been any updates to how the Solarbank units with defects may be resolved ?

      Thank you

    10. Missing avatar

      Noemi Zehetbauer on May 12

      After one of my solarbanks has stopped working altogether, the second one with faulty LED and me having sent both serial numbers to the “solgaard gang” i have thus recieved nothing but: we will get in touch and sort it out... i have been very patient so far but i dont want to wait anymore... i want solutions, updates etc.

    11. Missing avatar

      Noemi Zehetbauer on May 12

      After one of my solarbanks has stopped working altogether, the second one with faulty LED and me having sent both serial numbers to the “solgaard gang” i have thus recieved nothing but: we will get in touch and sort it out... i have been very patient so far but i dont want to wait anymore... i want solutions, updates etc.

    12. Missing avatar

      Connie Johnson on May 9

      I have sent you two messages thus far!!!
      I am requesting a full refund. This was suppose to be a graduation gift and that plan went down hill once the LED issues were presented. Please send me a RMA.

      Connie Johnson

    13. Anson Chiu
      on May 8

      I’ve been putting the bag thru its paces and I find the padded shoulder straps super comfy- even with a heavy load!!

      My only wish would be that a sternum/chest strap was included as part of the design... as the load gets heavier, I find the straps starting to spread farther apart at the chest

    14. Jarence Wen on May 7

      How to exchange the faulty solar battery? The led does not work

    15. Missing avatar

      Elias on April 30

      Update on my solar bank, it appears the leds have begun to work again except not with the the button and the led to the very left is not working. 5/6 work including the green one.

    16. Solgaard Design 3-time creator on April 28

      We're continuing to respond to all emails as the primary form of communication, so it's trackable in our customer support system. is the best point of contact.

      We're continuing to diagnose the LED issue, as there are two potential reasons for the failure.
      Will keep you updated as we find what the issue is, and then as we decide how to handle the warranties for all of you. We've now collected 20 of the affected units and they're being shipped back to the factory for inspection.

      Thanks for your patience.


    17. Wayne Griffiths
      on April 27

      Where can I find the Serial number on the S2?

    18. Güneş Oral on April 21

      Why didn’t i recieved my bag still? People posting from USA says they recieved it. I’ve checked the adress, it was ok. So can you guys inform why not?

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Gerard on April 20

      Both of my S2 solarbanks have the LED problem. Please advice regarding their replacement. The backpack and shoulder bag are nicely made I am pleased with both of them.

    20. Paul Mirams on April 20

      My new solarbank has the LED problem (at least it has not LED's working) they worked the first time, but now nothing.
      Please let me know what to do , to get it replaced.

    21. Celin Alexiuk on April 18

      Got my backpack. Couldn’t be happier. The quality is so awesome. Good job guys. So far no problems and everything is as expected

    22. James McIe
      on April 16

      Hello, I cannot find the lock on my bag. I went through all the compartments but it appears to be not installed.

    23. Missing avatar

      Anika Schaefer on April 16

      @Katrin: I see, a smart rucksack without 'smart' then. Now I don't anything anymore, how weird!

    24. Missing avatar

      Katrin on April 16

      @Anika: No scam - the backpack on their website comes without the solarbank.

    25. Missing avatar

      Anika Schaefer on April 16

      Has nobody yet noticed the scam? I paid 89$ for my Lifepack Early Bird + 15$ shipping = 104$. On the official Lifepack website the Lifepack is 95$ and shipping is for free, so in fact it would have been cheaper NOT supporting the Kickstarter campaign and just ordering it now. Thanks Solgaard Design, great job.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brad irwin on April 16

      I still haven’t received my bag

    27. Missing avatar

      Noemi Zehetbauer on April 16

      My second solarbank stopped working altogether now... 😞

    28. Missing avatar

      Robert on April 15

      Mine hasn't been sent yet. To the UK, when can I expect my bag to arrive???

    29. Shaun Shrimpton on April 15

      Have a ticket open on the solar bank - doesn't work :( bag looks good though!

    30. Missing avatar

      shannon burnett
      on April 15

      Yes my solar bank has the led issue too

    31. Riju
      on April 14

      The shipping team leaves a lot to be desired. Not only was the wrong backpack sent (Cognac in place of Ranger) they take ages to reply. Its been a month now, and I haven't received any useful help yet!

    32. Missing avatar

      Stefan Baldauf on April 14

      My two Powerbanks also have the Same LED issue please advise how to get them exchanged. Best regards

    33. Missing avatar

      Walter Chea on April 13

      Canadian fan here, day 4 after receiving my bag in Toronto, ON. Got the Hustle Stealth. Battery bank seemed fine up until today. All the LEDS aren't turning on or won't charge. It's completed dead it seems. So add me to the list

    34. Missing avatar

      Raijukon on April 13

      Received my Hustle Stealth earlier this week. I've got to say absolutely amazing! I'm blown away by the attention to detail and build quality on this thing. No problems with the powerbank so far so lets hope it stays that way.

    35. Wayne Griffiths
      on April 12

      I checked mine today and the LED’s worked for about an hour then suddenly stopped. So add me to the list.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Feir on April 11

      So far, my power bank seems to be working. I showed my father the backpack today and he says all five lights were lit up. He was impressed with the sturdy build and overall look of the pack. I guess that makes four Canadian fans. I'm quite happy so far. It'll be nice to have this Summer.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sharon Coates on April 11

      I got my backpacks today and we love them! (Both solar banks are working ok)Good luck with your company; you have two Canadian fans cheering you on.🎉

    38. Rajat Srivastava on April 11

      Hey guys , great quality bag. Yes my power bank is faulty but still well done on completing the project

    39. Scott on April 11

      On 4/3/18 I sent an e-mail to support regarding the zipper that broke on my shoulder bag. 7 days later and still no response.

    40. Dawn Beaton on April 10

      So how many Canadians have a) received their bag or b) received a shipping notification? I've received neither and see fellow Cdns expressing the same sentiment. What gives? Getting a bit fed up here and not looking forward to potentially more work when the led lights give out once the unit is plugged in.

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael Feir on April 10

      My backpack arrived yesterday. The solar power bank is quite a bit thinner and lighter than I thought it could be. That lets me fit a second external battery in the power compartment as well as extra cables. That battery can give me accessible feedback about its charge level. I plugged the bank in to charge for a few hours and noted that it got slightly warmer after a short while. I don't plan on leaving it in over night until I hear definitively that this would be safe to do. It never got hot or anything. I'll need to wait until I'm next with someone with eye sight so they can look at the LEDs. None of the apps I tried could tell me about them.

      As I suspected, the lock is totally useless to me. I couldn't detatch it from the cable but did manage to turn the cable over so I can use my accessible combination lock. The latch system was a bit hard to figure out at first since the part where the hardware slides through felt like a flat crest. I actually had to sleep on that problem and dream that the center section between the vertical lines might pull outward enough for the hardware to slide through so the lock loop was towards the right of the bag. Once that was solved, things felt much more secure.

      Overall, I'm pretty happy with the design and build. Having a second charging connection on the left bottom of the pack would have been useful since I use my iPHONE in my left pocket while wielding my cane in my right hand. The compartments are great for organising stuff but the one which is under the top might do with further thought. I wouldn't want to put anything very heavy up there. That space under the lid begs to be better designed as perhaps a separate section of the pack with a firmer supportive bottom. The mesh used throughout the pack feels flimsy. I hope cable ends and such don't eventually tare the mesh. Perhaps, it's stronger than it feels. The outer shell of the pack is nice and sturdy and water resistant. It has the feel of having been built to last. I could even carry my Braille display in the pack with no fear of it being damaged. It should do nicely for day trips and even a weekend away. The hidden compartments in the back were well thought out. So was the extra protection for the laptop section. That'll be splendid for my iPAD, Bluetooth keyboard, lapdesk and Braille display. Adjusting the straps was refreshingly simple. They feel very comfortable and secure. Having the power bank situated so that it could absorb sunlight while in the pack would have potentially been useful. I hope the solar panel will work over the long haul. I was able to get charge from the bank into my iPHONE but have no way of knowing whether the solar panel is working until I can test it in sunlight with someone who can see the LEDs.

    42. Missing avatar

      Pamela Aurelia Tay on April 10

      Okay honestly I saw the previous comments that told me what to do, I just wanted to publicly state that mine no longer work.

    43. Missing avatar

      Pamela Aurelia Tay on April 10

      Hi, just wanted to add that the LEDs on my two solar banks have stopped working as well. What do?

    44. Missing avatar

      William on April 10

      update: The green LED on mine does work! Sorry about the previous comment

    45. Missing avatar

      William on April 10

      Just received my bag today. The blue LED works but the green one does not. The bag itself is beautiful though. It looks prettier and more premiere "in person" than in the videos.

    46. Graham Woloski on April 9

      I'm having the same issue everyone else is having. Sent a message to Solgaard, hopefully it gets resolved soon. The bag looks great, unfortunate that the solarbank doesn't work.
      I thought maybe just the LEDs don't work but it still charges; however, I plugged in my android phone to the solarbank to test it and no charge :(

    47. Justin Ang on April 9

      Received my bag (Toronto Canada) and everything was great. Seeing same issue with LED but followed instructions and emailed support. Just for everyone else, LEDs worked out of box but stopped as soon as I plugged it in.

    48. Amanda Arrowsmith on April 9

      Ok I may be being very dumb but how do I charge my solarbank? I’m in Spain and had the charger in the sun for 4+hours buts it’s showing no additional charge. Am I missing something? Thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      Sheryl Park on April 8

      Hi! I bought the bags and they arrived about a week ago - they look great! :) I do have the problem with the LED lights going dead on the solarbanks though. But that aside, I wanted to let you know that one of the bags that I received (the Cognac shoulder bag) has a slight imperfection - a little bit of the leather has come off. I wanted to send an email instead but I'm not sure which e-mail address I should send to. I have a photo of the imperfection as well, so it might be good if you could provide an e-mail address that I could send it to? Not sure if you guys can do anything about the leather part coming off but I sure hope you can, because it's quite obvious ^^ Thanks!

    50. Missing avatar

      Saul Tbeile on April 8

      @john r Wilkins, they literally updated 5 and 7 posts under you with directions and guidance on how to deal with the LED issue.

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