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The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.
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    1. Norvern Munky 1 day ago

      The bag has now been retired. I have gone back to my old bag. Too many issues with the Hustle.

      Issues include:
      The Hustle of the sale over service
      Non working lock
      Non working solarbanks
      Non working strap stays

      Overall, an ignominious experience with Solgaard.

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      Elizabeth Z 1 day ago

      Please respond to our queries about the failed solar pads / batteries replacement or refund. The solar solar pads / batteries is one the main reason I purchased the bags.

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      John R Wilkins 2 days ago

      Xenvius, just rereading your posts since I have time to kill. I have a question for you. How long have you been working for Kickstarter or Solgaard Design? Have you received anything the rest of us have not? I know how Kickstarter and Indiegogo work. I'm willing to take the risk to get new products. With that being said, there hasn't been an update here in 4 months. Do you feel that is being a responsible business partner? Can't wait to hear your answers.

    4. Missing avatar

      John R Wilkins 2 days ago

      Still no new updates? I will be happy to return the 2 solar pads that are sitting on the hutch unusable. What is the refund amount for each pad? As I said earlier, I can get them from $5 below and can end this made up drama that you keep pushing by remaining silent. It's time for an update with factual information for those of us who have been waiting far to long for an answer.

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      Viesueel Geweld 2 days ago

      Solarbank stopped working after it discharged completely during it's last job charging a phone. None of the LEDs are working anymore (during it's last use they did), no way to tell or it's charging now over USB.
      I occasionally charged it by Solar (though it never went a bar up after a full day (approx 8 hours) of sun, does anyone saw an extra bar of power appear through solar charge)?

      I will e-mail you guys with this issue, but I wanted to share the experience to see or there's more people having this problem after a complete discharge of the powerbank.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jieshan Lu 3 days ago

      @Bridget O'Donnell When was the latest email you have sent? I sent one on Wednesday (July 11) about the fabric on the strap is coming apart. I haven't heard anything from their customer services yet.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bridget O'Donnell on

      I bought 4 backpacks as gifts. All solar packs have failed. I have sent many emails with no recent response and am getting concerned at this stage that this will not be resolved. Very disappointed with customer service as the products are unusable. I would like a full refund at this stage.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ferrán García on

      @Norvern Munky

      Hmmm… no. The lock is bad designed, there's no doubt about this point, and the bad design relies in the fact that is VERY easy to inadvertently change the code: you press the open lever and, at the same time, rotate one code wheels -the closer one to the lever-, and that changes the opening code: lowered lever and rotated wheel.

      Of course, bad design, but if you know what's happening and you are careful with that, you can use it with no problem at all. Mine has been working since I received the original, first , maybe one and a half year ago.

      And I already helped another person to open it with the method I described: change one by one the wheels to close numbers, and try.

    9. Aj Troche on

      Since it’s after June 1st (clearly..), is it no longer possible to send in for the warranty on the S2 solarbank? My wife’s solarbank stopped working this weekend and is having the same issue that was reported for the sleep mode. She hardly ever charged it in the sun (uses it at work, so charges it at home overnight as needed) and because of that we never met the 30 minutes of sun time needed for the sleep mode.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rami Ghanem on

      Hi Jenina
      you are asking us to send emails instead of commenting here, well i sent three emails and didn’t get any answer, i know you shipped some pledges but i am feeling i am getting scammed here, please honor your customers with a reply at least.

    11. Missing avatar

      Connie Johnson on

      Finally, got a response for my refund inquiry. I'm just not interested in giving this product as a graduation gift with it's current state or NOT working!!!! This is the response to my request......

      Please note that refunds will be issued excluding the shipping and return costs. Can't understand why I have to pay for shipping and return cost on a product that is clearly WORTHLESS!!!! As I have purchased numerous products from Kickstater -- THIS HAS TO BE A COMPLETE JOKE!!!!!

    12. Norvern Munky on


      How about you stop apologising and start answering backers questions? Answering in the forum where the questions are asked and where funds for the project were raised in the first place?

    13. Solgaard Design 3-time creator on

      Hello Everyone! We are sorry for the lack of response here in the comment section. Please send us an email if you need assistance. About the replacement update, we will post it once we have the exact timeline. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. -Jenina

    14. Shaun Shrimpton on

      Any updates on when the defective solarbanks will be replaced? First notified of this on 4 April

    15. Cecily Zhu on

      @Cassadee Wong I have a feeling that if they did that, their facebook reviews and other marketing streams would be flooded with more one star/negative reviews than they've already received.

      And I second Gabriel's request for a new update. This lack of responsiveness just solidifies the perception that they only care about pumping out new products. It's a shame that it's impacting the quality of customer service as well as that of their products. Not great for positive brand recognition.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Lamontagne on

      Hello Solgaard!
      An update on the new solar panel batch would be appreciated!
      thank you !

    17. Scott on

      So it’s been two months since my last contact with these folks regarding the broken zipper on my shoulder bag.

      Their answer? Sorry we don’t have any but when we do we will ship one.

      Same answer they gave me two months ago.

      I used to hold Solgaard in high esteem. Not any longer. Avoid them like the plague.

    18. Cassadee Wong

      I already message them and still no answer. It's said that the power bank has a year warranty. Are they gonna just want for that one year to be over?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Johnson on

      So I love the idea of the backpack but in practice it leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't used the power pack or lock enough (or at all) yet to know if they're faulty. But there are other things that have disappointed. For starters, it's a nice looking bag but not designed all that well. My leather messenger bag is half this size but holds twice the stuff. The pouches are hard to zip up. I had to take everything out of the main area a couple minutes ago so I had the room and leverage to zip up the front lower pocket. The arm straps keep loosening. They just don't hold tight enough to stay in place. And finally, after only a couple months of use, the backpack is starting to buckle right around the seam between the leather and cloth which means it doesn't stand up-right anymore. It now tips over easily. I can see that happening after a couple years of use but after a couple months? Not so good.

      But hey, I've gotten a lot of compliments on bag. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      John R Wilkins on

      Saw the same bag with working power packs advertised for $69. Wish I had seen that before pledging more to you. I'll be happy to send my power packs back to your for a partial refund and pick a couple up at $5 Below. Haven't had any issues with their power packs on other things. It's time to put up or shut up. We want what we were promised months ago. Enough excuses.

    21. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Z on

      Hi Quinton, I already emailed them in May and they haven't responded. So many people are having issues with the solarbanks, such a shame for the developers and us. the solarbanks is one of the main reasons I purchased the bags. I think I would like a refund please. Do you have a depo in Australia where I could hand the bags in and get a refund please?

    22. Norvern Munky on

      #Ferran Garcia

      You are incorrect. The Hustle team knew about the defective locks, as they had been informed on their previous KS campaign that the locks did, of their own accord, cease to accept the opening code.

      The Hustle team decided to send out bags for this campaign with the same, defective, locks. The Hustle team made some references to waiting times when sending our Hustle bags to us with known defective locks.

      Since the bags have been delivered Hustle have apologised for not being in regular contact. They haven’t apologised for not logging into KS regularly and following up with their backers though.

    23. Missing avatar

      John R Wilkins on

      5/25/18 Update. I hope you received my serial numbers when I sent them earlier this year. Sending an update on the 25th and expecting everyone to respond by the 1st of that following month is ridiculous. especially when the update wasn't emailed only posted on the site that I'm sure most of us don't visit daily. I'm expecting a response this time since I've not received one for any message posted. When will the replacement power packs be sent, I'm waiting for 2 of them.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ferrán García on

      @Matt Swindale You probably inadvertently changed the code when opening the lock, probably by rotating one or two rotators by one or two numbers. My advice would me enter your code, then try rotating each wheel, one by one and starting from the closest to the open push button, first to the right and if it doesn't work, back to your code and then to the left.

      Combining these movements in the two first wheels, you should be able to open it.

    25. Keith on

      I came back here to check on updates for my replacement solar charger but it seems many are having problems too 🤦🏻‍♂️ creator , pls do respond and be responsible

    26. Missing avatar

      shannon burnett

      Won't it be appropriate for those with a faulty power bank to be sent the power bank with the speaker on your website as a replacement. I only ordered the power bank with no bag, this is getting a little ridiculous. Thing so simple with so many problems.

    27. Cassadee Wong

      My power bank won't charge any device for some reason. I've switched cables and still no use. Can I get an exchange?

    28. Missing avatar

      John R Wilkins on

      OK, are the panels going to arrive anytime in the next six months? Seems to be taking a long time to fix a problem you have identified and if it's random and such a small number, shouldn't this be something you could correct easily? The delay on the bags was one thing, but not this has taken things to the ridiculous.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Woolslayer on

      Am I trying to put the solar bank in wrong? It won't fit in my messenger bag

    30. Quinton Banfield

      Elizabeth Z. Read the update about the banks.. Big problems with them you need to email them

    31. Missing avatar

      Shinji Tanaka on

      I have not received my backpack or bag yet. Please check it as soon as possible and send it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Z on

      I purchased 2 bags as a present. Both solarbanks don't work, only 10 minutes of power after charging all day. Can I get a replacement for both of them asap please. I sent this as a message in May but have not reply yet. :-(

    33. Amie Barron on

      The second bag was just opened (my partner was travelling and it was a gift) and one of the USB ports is so bent it doesn’t allow a cable to go in. Also got the same LED problem. I’ll report that as requested.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt Swindale on

      Hi guys,

      I’m having a problem with my lock. I’ve locked it but it’s not accepting my code?

      Any ideas, any way to do a master reset?

      Thank you


    35. Bronwyn Oshust on

      Just got a duty and taxes BILL (minths late!) From Fedex (who never even shipped the thing in the first place??) Saying I owe ¥2100. What the fuck? Did we not already PAY shipping? Talk fast, guys.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jay Frenkel on

      Could someone kindly update me as to why I have still not Received my bag and solar powered block?

    37. Missing avatar

      Elijah Pantil on

      Really need an explication here on why myself and a lot of people still haven’t received the bag that they paid for and yet they are on sale on the Touch of Modern for less than what we paid to get it early. Anything, anyone please respond. I don’t care about the issue with the solar bank at least send me the bag so I have something to use and send me the solar bank once you fixed whatever issues you’re having. I can’t even chime in on any issues because I didn’t even receive anything to have an issue with in the first place.

    38. Missing avatar

      Evelyn on

      Kim Agdaca - you’ll find the information on how to do all that in Update #21.
      As to finding the solarbank serial number - look for it on the side of the solarbank

    39. Missing avatar

      Rami Ghanem on

      Can you please at least answer my latest three emails, i 've been talking yo myself lately, didn't receive the survey and didn't get my bag yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kim Agdaca on

      I can't find where to email our serial number and report if we have a faulty power bank. Please help.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin L. Nault on

      (Cross-posted from the comments to Update 22) This update addresses the LED issue, but a number of folks including myself have reported that the battery on our S2 is not charging from solar exposure. Has this been determined to be the same problem, or is that still an outstanding issue?

    42. Lucie Mechelk on

      Just wanted to say, Jenina is very nice :) thx for the lovely support

    43. Missing avatar

      Wilson Ooi on

      I have reported the issue previously to Jenna along with the S/N of the faulty unit via e-mail last month. Do we need to raise another report on the matter or those already reported have been tallied towards the replacement batch?

    44. Missing avatar

      Claire Tang on

      Does the People who reported their solarbank being faulty with their serial number early on need to email you again? Also what do we do with the faulty power bank?

    45. Missing avatar

      장지은 on

      I already reported my solarbanks with the serial number when you guys wanted informations. Do I have to mail you guys again to get the new solarbanks?

    46. David Dugal on

      @Lauren Rogers yeah there seems to be an issue with Hawaii. I was told it's the number on the battery itself and shipping it makes a problem.
      That's the most I have gotten.

    47. Lauren Rogers on

      Dalen: I live in Hawaii and I’m having the same problem! I’ve got two emails so far saying they were mailed and it had the correct address listed in the email. But both times the tracking system said they were “successfully delivered” to some random city in California. I don’t understand what is going on. Could someone please help us? I feel bad for my friend who ordered through me and is still waiting.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ash billings

      I’ve sent to emails and still no response. I’ve still not received my backpack. Is anyone willing to respond

    49. Xenvius on

      @John R Wilkins: These are the risks you have taken as a backer on Kickstarter. You get a reward in turn for providing them with the money they need to bring the project to life. You didn't buy anything. If you'd like to have issues solved as if you bought something in a store, there's an easy solution: leave kickstarter and buy your stuff in a store.. It takes time to find you what the issue is and how to fix it. Deal with it.

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