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Sol Food Mobile Farm is as an experiential, hands-on teaching program based around planting and harvesting garden vegetables.

What is Sol Food Mobile Farm?

     We are a young non-profit located in Durham, North Carolina that focuses on issues of environmental sustainability and community development. Sol Food Mobile Farm has grown over the past two years, from a grade-school dream, into a non-profit organization that is developing an experiential, hands-on teaching program based around planting and harvesting garden vegetables.  We believe, that gardening as a practice can heal, both physically and emotionally. As a grassroots movement, the effects of urban community gardens extend beyond personal health and community growth, with the potential to change national industrial food systems.

     Starting in June 2012 we will be traveling around the United States for 6 months stopping in major cities to host free workshops on community gardening and to host expositions on sustainability. The trip will be completed in a 57 passenger School Bus that is currently being retrofitted to carry solar panels, a mobile green-house, a living green roof and an engine that runs on waste vegetable oil. With a passion for sustainable food systems and a deep appreciation for growing vegetables, the Sol Food Mobile Farm team is excitedly gearing up for their “Growing Experience on Wheels!”

     During this past year work has been underway every day! A mobile greenhouse, a living green roof, a rain water collection system, and a vermicomposting station are just some of the sustainable features we are installing on the Sol Food bus.  This unique vehicle also uses waste vegetable oil (WVO) instead of diesel fuel. Other work this season has included writing curriculum for gardening classes, developing relationships with workshop sites, launching a grassroots fundraising campaign and of course, growing fresh local veggies!

     Our experiences in personal and community gardens have been opportunities for amazing growth. Please join us on our journey to share this opportunity to grow and connect with communities across the United States.

The Impact of Sol Food Mobile Farm

       The mission of Sol Food Mobile Farm (SFMF) is to serve communities in their own backyards!  By recognizing that every community has a unique set of resources and skills, SFMF hopes to provide meaningful gardening experiences for every site that we visit. By providing workshops at no cost to schools, neighborhoods and community centers, we hope to inspire younger generations to be involved in their own food production systems. The crew is also very excited to learn more about the diverse farming and food cultures that already exist in every corner of the country!

     On our national tour Sol Food Mobile Farm will be traveling to schools, communities centers, neighborhood gardens and camps to work with children and young adults.  For our workshop sites, we plan to focus on ten major cities that have a growing opportunity for urban agriculture: Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; New Orleans, LA; Biloxi, MS and Mobile, AL.  In each city, we will work with the community to build site-specific public gardens consisting of 6-10 raised garden beds fully planted with an array of seasonal vegetables. At each garden we build we will be spending 3-5 days holding classes on the many techniques of composting, planting from seed, transplanting, the rewards of gardening and the nutritional benefits of fresh food. When we are not holding workshops we will be making visits to festivals, community gatherings, and farmers markets to hold expositions where we will offer tours of the bus and to share our philosophy!

How You Can Help Sol Food Mobile Farm

     Our goal is to raise $7,000!  Your donations will help fund two major projects:  Obtaining workshop supplies and finishing the retrofit of our bus.

     We want to provide our workshops at no cost for every site we visit and in order to do so, we need to have all the supplies provided for each garden and exposition. These supplies include:

  • Lumber for raised beds
  • Soil for each garden
  • Seeds for each garden
  • Garden tools that can be used by students
  • Educational materials: books, handouts,

      In order to turn our bluebird school bus into a fully sustainable mobile farm, we need:

  • Peel and stick solar panels for the roof
  • Plumbing materials to have a sink that runs on rain water
  • Supplies for Electrical wiring

What You Will Get

     This is what our hand screen printed t-shirts and bandanas look like:

     Sol Food Mobile Farm is a non-exempt, North Carolina non-profit corporation. All donations made through its fiscal sponsor, Zomppa, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, are tax-exempt.


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