NODE Chroma, a wireless color scanner for iOS and computers

by George Yu

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Lu on

      I want to buy Additional sensor but how to combine shipping with my reward?

    2. George Yu 3-time creator on

      please order via and let us know your user name from kickstarter. We will combine the order with your reward. Also remember to use the coupon code: "kickstarter10" and you will get 10% discount.

    3. Craig Dunn

      @George - do the "Christmas backers" need to do anything special to receive the revised Chroma module? I think this was mentioned several updates back that we'd all get the new version.... Thanks!

    4. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Craig, The "Christmas" backers will need to give us an updated address if their address have change. Otherwise we will ship an updated Chroma to your previously given address.

    5. Jamie on

      When I go to buy a sensor from with the coupon it gives the 10% discount - but still wants to charge me for shipping (international $45) how are you combining ... will this get refunded?

    6. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Lu Yett & Jamie:

      The settings have been changed and you can now order using the coupon and select the free shipping option.

      If you have already placed your order and paid the $45, please forward your order confirmation (or your order number) to and we will refund any international shipping charges.


    7. Gabriele Guidoni

      Great! Are you planning to release new sensors?