NODE Chroma, a wireless color scanner for iOS and computers

by George Yu

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    1. Jamie on

      @Variabletech Can you please make an announcement when those of us who want to add in additional items via your normal purchase through your store so that they are shipped together with the KS item should do so.

    2. Missing avatar


      Wow, that's Great !

    3. Enrico P Penzo on

      that's awesome, do you guys think you will include the api to access chroma on git as well?

    4. Missing avatar

      William Kochi

      excellent! never resting on your laurels.

      will there ever be a tie in to the Pantone Matching System?

    5. Adao Junior on

      Hello, Please give us an update about the shipping or if will slip to May.

    6. George Yu 3-time creator on


      We have a lot of components coming in next week. We will need a little be more time to assemble and calibrate the Chroma units.

      I will put up an update as soon as we receive the parts. There are some significant changes made to Chroma to improve accuracy.

      Thanks for your patience.