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NODE Chroma, the first Bluetooth 4.0 color sensor that accurately scans any surface color into iOS apps.
NODE Chroma, the first Bluetooth 4.0 color sensor that accurately scans any surface color into iOS apps.
NODE Chroma, the first Bluetooth 4.0 color sensor that accurately scans any surface color into iOS apps.
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    1. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Paul, you can request extras from

      or you can get some yourself here:

    2. Keith Paul Jr Kelly on

      George, Can you give us a link or the size of the screws? The Chroma ones are longer and yes I lost one. I know I know, that's just my luck. Thanks for all you do.

    3. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Thanks Udo! Your usage summation is remarkably concise!
      More user info:
      1) Download the Chroma app from the app store on your iOS device. All functionality can be accessed from the Chroma app independently.…
      2) Press the power button on your NODE briefly to turn on.
      3) Open the Chroma app.
      4) Select the Tap to Pair button on the opening screen and choose your NODE.
      5) Press the Calibrate button to perform a reference white scan inside the cap.
      6) Touch the back arrow << in the upper left.
      7) Remove the calibration cap and you are ready to scan color.

      The Chroma Cap is a snug fit. Use two fingers of one hand for side/upward pressure and thumb of other hand to open. It will loosen up over time. Note the white reference dot inside the cap for calibrations. Keep it clean and calibrate often for accuracy.

      Use the myNODE app for motion sensing and settings.…

      Here is the link to the NODE Owners Manual as well as the NODE Guide to Lights and Sounds .…

      Questions or concerns? Please email

      Kind regards,
      Rob Singer (on behalf of George Yu)
      Variable Inc. Customer Support

    4. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Lu Yett Shiuong,
      Clima does not require calibration but it does require some time to adjust to a change in environment. For instance if the temperature in your pocket is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and it's 50 degrees outside it may take 10-15 minutes to adjust to the outside temperature when introduced to the new environment. The humidity sensor performs the same way.
      Thank you for your purchase and support!

      (Please email further questions to: customer

      Best regards,

      Rob Singer (on behalf of George Yu)
      Variable Inc. Customer Support

    5. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Hi Jamie,
      I will contact you directly via email momentarily since I do not see your support ticket in our system from last week. Sorry for the communication problem and I will help resolve your issue immediately.

      Best regards,

      Rob Singer (on behalf of George Yu)
      Variable Inc. Customer Support

    6. Jamie on

      @George, I sent a support ticket last week and haven't heard anything back. It was a basic question.
      "Our level of customer support can’t be described, only experienced." Yep.

    7. Missing avatar

      Udo on

      Got my Chroma and UPS calculated the EU VAT for me plus a "brokerage fee" of approx. 12,- Euros (that's what I call "money for nothing" or "payment for remote calculator" ;-)).

      Nevertheless - it works and "installation" on iPad 4 was fool proof. For those who miss a documentation (I did not find any in the package): Install the Chroma App, activate Bluetooth on your i-whats-o-ever device, press the white button on the Node (looks like a cut out "U") and press the "pair" button in the App - that's all.
      To calibrate leave the cap on the chroma sensor and press the "calibrate" button.

      And: the cap of the Chroma sensor is very VERY tight fit. I wondered if I should better use a beer bottle opener (German beer bottles need an opener) ;-).

      My summary:
      Nice device, excellent solution, working App. A real Kickstarter. George, hopefully you'll be able to make some money out of it (or sell your idea for a bunch of bucks to a bigger company. Canon? Nikon? Sony? Adobe? Anyone? ;))

      Another positive aspect: in most cases Kickstarters (or other companies outside the EU) forget to include an invoice fixed outside the package which is needed for EU custom offices to calculate the EU import VAT (19%). Parcel service will hand over all packages with a missing invoice to a custom office. Which in most cases mean that one have to wait additional 5 to 10 days and to travel to the "next" customs office with a printout of a Kickstarter web page or anything which looks like an invoice and hopefully will be accepted by the customs officers - this did NOT happen with Chroma. I just had to pay the EU VAT at UPS. Yeah. ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Lu on

      i have received my NODE + Chroma and Clima. The Chroma has a calibation cap but how bout Clima? can i calibrate the humidity setting?

    9. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Sarah - You should have a shipping confirmation, as of yesterday afternoon. If not, please email and we will get it to you asap.

      Jamie - Glad to hear that your NODE + Chroma arrived safely. The cap does fit quite snuggly, but it will loosen a bit over time.

    10. Jamie on

      Got mine today - was notify about a week ago that it shipped (to Australia), had a slight panic when the packet for the chroma was empty in the box - but they have attached it to the Node for me. The cap was a very tight fit - thought something was going to snap first time I went to remove it (at work now so haven't had a chance to play with it further)

    11. Sarah Kuehnle on

      I'm still waiting for my order. Any update on when we can expect to receive our rewards?

    12. George Yu 3-time creator on

      For International Backers: Thank you to all who pointed out that we neglected to enable the free shipping option for international addresses.

      The settings have been changed and you can now order using the coupon and select the free shipping option.

      If you have already placed your order and paid the $45, please forward your order confirmation (or your order number) to and we will refund the shipping charges.


    13. Richard C

      Added the flashlight node to my order

    14. Richard C

      I too am still waiting for my chroma, any update

    15. Jamie on

      @Variabletech, time for an update please.

    16. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      Still waiting for my Node + Chroma & BT dongle.

    17. cvc1968 on

      3rd message now and no response from you. Where is my Chroma?

    18. cvc1968 on

      Still waiting for my chroma. What's the status?!

    19. Jamie on

      @Variabletech Can you please make an announcement when those of us who want to add in additional items via your normal purchase through your store so that they are shipped together with the KS item should do so.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin McKenzie

      Responded, and accepted the delay. Should I wait some more on ordering other sensor modules?

    21. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @cam, please send a message to We will send you a new plastic case. It is pretty easy to replace.

    22. Cam MacDuff on

      @George. I've noticed some little hairline cracks around the case of my Node, specifically on the edge that butts up to the illuminated LED light. Something to be concerned about? Case replaceable? My Node certainly hasn't had any rough handling.

    23. Ted Kenneth Johansen on

      Hi George,

      I have not yet received my Chroma + Node yet. I sent you an e-mail two weeks ago, and posted two comments during these last two weeks without any replies What's going on?

    24. Joey Pang on

      Dear George

      Any idea when is my node and chroma shipping?

    25. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @M Straaten, please swipe the icons on the bottom of the Node app to find Chroma. Also, make sure you updated your Node app. Please also try to putting the Chroma on other module ports. If that doesn't fix the problem, please email us at

    26. M Straaten on

      Dear George, received the chroma today, thanks. I updated the firmware on both Nodes. That works. When I have the chroma attached the node does not recognise the module on the other end of the node and the chroma is not working at all??? Under the Chroma app the button which looks like you press when you want it to scan is a spinning wheel and never stops.

    27. Cam MacDuff on

      @George. Seems to have worked George. Thanks!

    28. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      It really works great - but currently I dont see the CMYK readings - any plans to update the App for this.
      I also ordered some other sensors which should be on the way - its a really nice device.

    29. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Cam, sometimes it take a little while if it is the first time connecting with the Chroma outfitted Node. The app have to download calibration data from the module. You can also try power down your phone and resetting the Node. You should also try our Chroma app:…

    30. Cam MacDuff on

      @George Received my node chroma thanks, but it doesn't appear to be working.
      I've updated my firmware and have the latest version of the app, but when I plug it in and scroll to the Chroma tab in the app, the scan buttons are just greyed out.
      Any ideas?

    31. Jason Pandazoglous on

      Hey George
      I am in Australia and have pledged max/full amount and paid for Chroma and still not received it??
      Is there any way someone could get back to me on it's delivery progress please??

    32. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Kevin, you should wait until we sent out the surveys. It shouldn't be much longer. We are about to start building up inventory for both Chroma and other modules.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin McKenzie

      Hi, George. If we're interested in getting other sensor modules, when should we order, so they can ship out with the NODE Chroma? Should we wait until you've sent out the surveys, or before, so there's time for assembly?

    34. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Crystalfontz, iOS 6 actually made a pretty big change to the bluetooth low energy system. Because of that change we cannot support iOS 5 under our current app.

      @JG, try upgrading the firmware in your Node
      The older firmwares doesn't support Chroma since we haven't thought of it when we did the first kickstarter. If that doesn't fix the problem, please contact us via and we will get it right.

    35. J.G. on

      I think my Chroma sensor is defective. It doesn't give any readings at all and the lights don't light up. I tried it on both ends of my Node, but there's no change.

    36. Crystalfontz America, Inc. on

      I am running iOS 5. Is there an app that will work under iOS 5?

    37. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      Perfect just pledged the max level. Hope to get some more sensors later on for this great platform.

    38. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Jason, We doing final tweaks before production and releasing the API for Chroma.

    39. Jason Pandazoglous on

      Hey George
      Can't wait to get my hands on it. Can you provide me with an API please,?
      Also are they looking at still being dispatched in December???

    40. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Gabriele, the Oxa gas sensor is not a solid state sensor. It contains acids inside that reacts with certain gases. The acids degrades and drifts over time and we put a safe time limit of 24 months. We will be offering other gases. Please follow us on facebook and twitter for those announcements. We currently do not have plans to update the Clima module to include a windspeed sensor. However, that may change once we have a good windspeed sensing solution.

    41. Gabriele Guidoni

      Thanks for the prompt answer! Last things..I have read on the NODE site that the OXA sensor has an operating life of 24 months. Is there a reason? What other gasses will detect beside CO? The Clima module will be updated for windspeed or there will be a windspeed standalone sensor? Thanks again for your patience and sorry for the OT.

    42. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Gabriele, we wanted to keep this project simple so didn't include any incentives from our previous project. However, you can order the other modules at our website We will refund you the shipping by combining the reward with the other modules.

    43. Gabriele Guidoni

      Since I missed your first awesome project I am wondering if there is any chance to have the entire platform. Have you think to add another pledge which include node kore + all modules at an affordable price?

    44. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Charles, yes, we will allow others to build Node modules in the future.

    45. Charles Alvis on

      Just curious, will 3rd party manufactures be able to develop sensors for NODE in the future?

    46. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Taylor, of course you are welcome to pick it when it is ready. We be happy to show you our workspace and technologies we are working on.

    47. Taylor on

      might be impossible, but could there be anyway I could just pick up chroma a few blocks from you guys, being just a few blocks away. Being I live in Chattanooga as well. Heck I would love 15 mins to even hear everything your doing with the node.

    48. Dragonbait

      This could be a great gadget. I've backed to get one for my better half. She works in Marketing and it could be an awesome tool for her to check that printers have printed the correct colors, my only worry is whether it will be accurate enough!

    49. James Bailey

      Awesome! Don't forget Cyan ;)

    50. Andrew T on

      Thanks again for your comments again, James.

      The LEDs we are using shine at 6500K color temperature (measured with a laboratory grade spectrophotometer), but as you noted, their SPD isn't even. As we are using a color sensor with good low light intensity resolution, this is currently giving us fairly accurate results right now (as quoted in our specification) for colors across the MacBeth colorchecker that you referred to below (we have prototype Chromas right now, which we have been testing - such as the ones you see in the Kickstarter video).

      To your point, we are testing the spectral response of our illuminants and paying close attention to the SPD to ensure that the LEDs sample the human visible range. We certainly appreciate your ideas and feedback about how to ensure that the illuminant's spectrum response is even - and as noted before - we are looking into your suggestion about boosting the red part of the spectrum. Thanks again!

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