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Solartab - The Premium Solar Charger's video poster

Meet the Solartab – the portable, powerful and great looking solar charger for your tablet or smartphone! Read more

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Meet the Solartab – the portable, powerful and great looking solar charger for your tablet or smartphone!

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The Solartab is unlike any charger on the market today. A truly unique product featuring great design, a powerful solar panel and a built-in cover that ensures maximum sun exposure at all times. Solartab: the solar charger you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go!

Check out our video (above) to see what the Solartab looks like in action!


Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at the Solartab – the powerful, portable and beautiful solar charger: 

• A PREMIUM SOLAR CHARGER: The Solartab was born out of the idea of creating a high quality solar charger with attractive design and a truly efficient solar panel. Solar power should never be a mere gimmick – on the contrary, we believe it’s the future of power consumption! A tablet-sized solar charger makes for a powerful and essential asset that truly liberates you from the power outlets of your home. Every day. 

• UNIQUE COVER: We believe in smart design. Our unique cover does not only give the Solartab a stunning and nostalgic look, it also works as a stand for the solar panel. Using the stand, you can angle the panel in three different positions, allowing your phone or tablet to always charge as efficiently as possible. Find the right angle for maximum exposure to sunlight, plug in your device, and start charging! And even more, the cover will protect the Solartab while it’s tucked away in your bag – always ready to join you wherever you’re headed next. 

• A POWERFUL ASSET - DAY AND NIGHT: Thanks to the Solartab’s large solar panel you can always charge your device directly from the sun. Even while listening to your favorite summer tune or browsing the Internet at the same time. But we also equipped the Solartab with a high capacity internal in battery, so you can even store solar power – and give your tablet another full charge after sunset. Just whip it out during the day, not matter where you are, and you’ve always got power stored for when you really need it! 

• PUT THE POWER INTO YOUR OWN HANDS: With two USB ports and a micro USB port, the Solartab is ready to keep any your mobile devices going at all times. And instead of simply leeching energy out of your home’s power outlets, your devices will become truly independent units – taking advantage of the free and green energy that the sun provides right outside of your doorstep. An environmentally friendly, portable and never-ending source of energy, always ready for use: The Solartab is the perfect companion to your favorite gadgets!   

Here are a few situations where you can use the Solartab:

• The park
• The beach
• On a rooftop
• Your favorite café
• Music festivals
• When hiking
• On a boat
• A clearance in the middle of the forest
• At picnics
• On savannahs or the outback
• In your backyard with some brews
• On a desert island
• At outdoor parties
• On the Great Wall of China
• In your grandma’s orchard 


The Solartab started out with a basic idea: How can we create a powerful and environmentally friendly charger that people want to use all the time? To us, it was important to create a product that people would embrace as one of their favorite belongings. And add to their their list of essentials that they always take with them, every time they leave home.   

Drawing from our previous experience with solar panels, professionally and as consumers, we knew that we wanted a bigger solar panel. Something that could truly charge your devices efficiently. Too many solar chargers on the market today feature solar panels that simply are too small – barely strong enough to charge an iPhone within a reasonable amount of time. We wanted to create a solar charger strong enough to effectively charge even devices like the iPad. A charger that would allow its user to be mobile everywhere, anytime.   

So we increased the size and the quality of the solar panel, way above what you’ll find on the average charger on the market today. And already after our quick initial research and drafts we found that we could still create a slim, light and perfectly portable product. A product that would still be the size of a magazine. And weigh the same.

We couldn’t find a solar charger on the market that did everything we wanted, so we decided to design one. And after a lot of work, we’re ready to make our dream product a reality: A charger more powerful, reliable, good looking and portable than anything out there! After all, why should solar power be an inconvenient gimmick? We believe solar power should rather be a fully integrated part of your daily life.

We wanted to create a solar charger featuring beautiful and smart design. A robust aluminium frame encloses the Solartab's highly efficient solar panel, giving the product its clean, minimalist look. The cover is made out of soft, high grade polyurethane, which is both durable and water resistant – so don’t worry about placing it on wet grass. An elegant elastic band and strong magnets hold the cover firmly closed, while adding to the Solartab’s irresistable and timeless notebook look. And make sure it will stay closed and safe when you put it in your bag. Simply clever Scandinavian design.

But there is more. Since solar panels can only fully release their potential when sunlight hits them as directly as possible, we designed the cover to also serve as a stand, which always ensures maximum efficiency. Thanks to the stand’s three different positions, the Solartab’s solar panel can always be adjusted to the current position of the sun.

On top of that we have equipped the Solartab with a powerful internal battery. This means you can charge your devices even after the sun has set! As long as you let it soak up sun during the day until it’s full, the internal battery will always be able to provide a full charge on an iPad – and more. With the Solartab, you’ve always got complete independence in all your charging needs!

Through our long and thorough product development process, we constantly strived to design a product that would truly change the way you perceive and use solar chargers. Through our uncompromising and perfectionist approach, all the way from early sketches to physical prototypes to the final product, we believe we have made the Solartab the best portable solar charger there is. It combines efficient solar charging with an attractive and smart design. The result is a truly unique product that will become your trusted everyday companion. Power everywhere!


For urban people enjoying an active, modern and versatile lifestyle, having constant access to phones and tablets is nothing less than essential. And as technology to an ever greater degree leaves the comfort and the power outlets of one’s home, the demand for alternate power sources increases.

Our generation is also an environmentally conscious one. We bear great responsibility upon our shoulders: As it becomes ever more clear how unsustainable the power consumption of previous generations has been, we are constantly on the lookout for more environmentally friendly solutions to our ever increasing energy needs. Using solar power to an increasing degree is exactly the direction we should be heading.

By the end of the day, it is up to us individuals to change the world. And the fact is, we’re currently in the middle of a revolution that empowers the individual in many different fields – slowly weakening what previously used to be the rock-hard centres of power, one step at a time.

"Energy has traditionally been generated centrally, distributed over power lines and sold to consumers. (…)The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), a trade group, warns that distributed generation could do to energy companies what the internet did to newspapers." - The Economist on solar power, March 8th, 2014

We’re living in an exciting age. Since fairly recently, the computer and the internet have made it possible for anyone to record music or videos, or write books, and distribute them on their own. Right from their personal tablet or laptop computer, and out to the whole wide world. We are in no way as dependent on the big record companies, movie studios publishing houses as we were just a few years ago.

In the same way, the influx of 3D printers is bound to shift production of all kinds of goods from giant factories to the comfort of our homes. And the solar power revolution will take ever more power from the big energy companies, and give each individual the ability to take advantage of the sun fuelled energy present right outside his or her doorstep. Free yourself from the power outlets of your home, and let the Solartab follow you and your smartphone or tablet everywhere – never running out of energy. It’s green, it’s free, and it gives us the freedom we require.   



 We’ll ship in July 2014. Here's our schedule for Solartab delivery:


The Solartab comes with:

- Beautiful integrated cover
- 2.1A wall charger (either US or EU/UK)
- USB to micro-USB charging cable
- Instruction Manual

Does the weather forecast for tomorrow look a bit troubling? Since you can charge the Solartab from a wall outlet using its wall charger, you can make sure the battery is full even before you head out. It doesn’t matter if it’s grey outside: Every single day your iPad is joined by your Solartab, its battery life is already doubled!  


We’ve already come a long way with the Solartab, but need your help to make this project become a reality! We still need to:

- Buy the injection moulds (to get the beautiful polyurethane cover to look perfect we need to get very expensive moulds made).

- Work with our manufacturer to design an IC that is suitable for mass production and will pass standard testing. (Luckily our manufacturer has a lot of experience with this!)

- Get the Package Designed. (We want the box the Solartab comes in to be as beautiful as the product itself!)

- Get enough volume to make the Solartab a reality. (Any factory will have a minimum volume that needs to be met) 


We have an excellent relationship with our manufacturer and will be on the ground in China during the entire manufacturing process. Our manufacturer can work with a very short lead-time and we have a great sourcing capability for solar cells. We are therefore confident that we can deliver the Solartab by July!

Risks and challenges

The relatively short deadline for delivery of the Solartab may appear like a potential risk factor with this project, but is actually much less of a problem than it might seem. This year Chinese New Year fell relatively early, and by this point Chinese manufacturers still can't work at full capacity and deliver the highest quality of products, because of a loss of highly skilled labor. This means those manufacturers will not be able do deliver their best product until late April.

We are working closely with a manufacturer in Guangdong, China, on making the Solartab become a reality. They already make an IC that is well tested for solar power chargers, but will need modifications to fit the needs of the Solartab. The IC will also have to be programmed so we are sure that both the internal battery and charging capability will work as well as possible, and also that the LEDs function as expected. We are confident that this can be solved within the time-frame.

We are also using standard sized solar cells and have an excellent sourcing capability for panels. The solar panel in the production version of the solartab may differ from the one in our prototype pictures, depending on order volume! We will try our best to get the best looking solar panels possible!

Our manufacturer will have a very short lead-time in May and will be able to finish the initial production run within two weeks. Unless we face any major setbacks (the injection moulds not delivering the quality we expect, problems with aluminium milling, etc), we are confident that we can deliver the Solartab to our Kickstarter backers in July!

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  • Yes, the Solartab can be charged from a wall outlet too. Just use the included charger so that it can be ready to breath life into your device even on those rainy days. You can also use any other USB charger, like the one that came with your tablet, phone, eBook reader etc.

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  • We are sorry, but the logistics involved with shipping the product directly to the end customer from the factory in China are unfortunately not economically viable in our current situation. At this time, the Solartab will unfortunately have to be shipped to our warehouse either in the US or Europe, before it’s sent to the end customer.

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