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The eClipse is a portable solar USB charger that can power multiple devices at once – both during the day and during the night.
The eClipse is a portable solar USB charger that can power multiple devices at once – both during the day and during the night.
230 backers pledged $53,397 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Oscar Gonzalez on

      Received a defective product. Would like a replacement or refund. As an initial supporter this is extremely disappointing.

    2. Missing avatar

      JayC on

      I have still yet to hear from Juan Moncada.

    3. Missing avatar

      JayC on

      Just to be clear, I had the exact same experience as Shantanu Rana.

    4. Missing avatar

      JayC on

      He is a fraud. I got my device. It was defective. I sent it back. He returned it with no change. I told him I want me money back. He said send it back again and he would return my money. It has been months and no refund. BEWARE anybody who thinks about going into business with this guy. DO NOT TRUST JUAN MONCADA!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sternick on

      I never received anything. Is there something to be done?

    6. Jason Scrivens on

      I have yet to receive one. UK backer etc etc (watch it'll arrive just as i hit enter)

    7. Missing avatar


      Hello All Eclipse Backers,

      Have there been any backers that have NOT received their eClipse order?


    8. Daniel Amsler

      Initally when I first received my unit it performed as expected.

      But now I'm having an issue with my EClipse 4U unit that while it is indicating that it is charging, it will not charge anything attached to any of the ports on the unit (an iPhone, an ipad and two different battery packs) fail to charge at all or acknowledge that they have been attached to a power source.

      I have read the reset procedure posted here but the procedure talks about seeing whether the battery in the unit indicates any charge by checking the "back of the unit". Where should I see this?

    9. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on

      Mine does that too. I move it and it sometimes stops, then it starts up again.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Venter on

      eClipse4U* without anything connected*

    11. Missing avatar

      David Venter on

      This unit is making a really strange wining noise when left in my office window.. It does not have direct sunlight all day and even without direct light, its making this constant wine. It starts and stops at random times.... ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Rana on

      I said back in Nov 2013 that I'd provide an update on my experience with the eClipse.

      After a couple of easy email exchanges with Juan we agreed that I would send my unit back to Juan for a checkup and possible exchange, if needed.

      Juan got the unit back in December, tested it, and found that it was working as designed. That worried me since it wasn’t working for me. One of the reasons I supported this project was the “plug and play” capability of the unit. I wanted to have this unit available for me to use in case I needed to. And I’m not going to put my trust in a device that isn’t working for me. In the spirit of excellent customer service, Juan agreed to send me a replacement device in early January. However that device was sent to the wrong address. I am still waiting to get the new unit. At this point I haven’t been able to test the replacement unit since I don’t have it. I’ve sent a couple of emails to Juan, but haven’t gotten any response.

      This project was funded almost a full year ago, and I don’t have a functioning device. I’m moving forward with reporting this project to Kickstarter and I hope to recover my pledge.

      In my mind, this project has failed to deliver on its promised goals on several levels:
      1) Plug and Play: The initial device that I received didn’t meet expectations of being plug and play. The warning around not leaving the device out for more than four hours because it will cause the unit to revert to a ‘reset needed’ mode is counter to the claim on the project that states: When the eClipse battery is at full capacity, a built-in overcharge protector will automatically stop the eClipse battery from charging.
      2) Support for different devices: The claim that the device is able to charge all sorts of devices hasn’t come to fruition either. A number of people have reported issues with charging iPhones, iPads, etc.
      3) Carrying case: This was an added item, but the grocery bag that was provided certainly isn’t custom designed, doesn’t have a shoulder strap, isn’t padded, doesn’t have an “exposer window”, and doesn’t protect the device. From what I remember, the eClipse barely even fit in the generic bag.

      I haven’t given up on the idea of having a solar powered backup, and I decided to purchase a Poweradd Apollo Pro 23000mAh High Capacity Solar Panel. It works fine – though is a little slow to recharge in the sun. It’s also 40% of the cost of the eClipse.

    13. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on

      I cannot charge the iPhone on the 1.1 amp ports, which is better for the battery overall. Can anyone charge their iPhone on the 1.1 amp port? After many days of sitting in the window, I can now charge my iPad from both tablet ports. At this point, the 2 tablet ports are the only ones that will charge the iPhone. Is that the way it's supposed to be?

    14. Missing avatar

      Darryl Y. Sue on

      I commented Nov 24 and Dec 3 that I could not charge iPhone either. But, after resetting several times and then bright sunlight, it has been working OK since. I can't say I know what I did to get it to work, but I had almost given up. Just now got to 100% on iPhone.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Yuan on

      Received my unit and left it at the window for a few days. The light indicates charge and is charging one of the battery. I get about 2% on my phone after a few days under the sun. I am assuming the unit is not charging the battery. Any idea for a fix? I had tried the instructions below to drain all the battery , let it sit in the dark for 12 hours then putting it back on the window.

    16. Missing avatar


      Hi Juan,
      I have received One eClips4U and I have pledged $526 to your project
      for another one eClipse2u.
      Hope this shipped in another batch.


    17. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on

      Which port is the "iPhone" port? The panel will boot up the iPhone but not continue to charge it. The charging light on the panel is on, and fully charged.
      I have tried different cords, including Apple, but still no charging.

    18. Eric Costello on

      Figured out why one USB port didn't take. Different rating. One of the ports is the one usable for iPhones. Charged the panel and my iPhone a second time today, seemed to work well.

    19. Eric Costello on

      As I type this, my iPhone is charging. One of the USB ports didn't take, but when I tried the other one, the iPhone responded, and smoothly charged from about 41% to about 98% and still rising. So, at some level, the device seems to be working as advertised. I'll try to put it in bright light and charge the device up some more.

    20. Eric Costello on

      For some curious reason, I appear to have received *two* panels, instead of just one. I've just unwrapped the first one and will play with it to see how it does. The second I'll set aside for the moment.

    21. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on

      Are you getting any charging at all on an Apple device?
      It will boot up the iPhone but not continue to charge it. The charging light on the panel is on, and fully charged.
      I have tried different cords, including Apple, but still no charging.

    22. Missing avatar

      JayC on

      Mine is just not holding a charge, or if it is, when I plug in two devices, the battery instantly dies. I am also awaiting Juan's reply.

    23. Missing avatar

      Judy Bessel on

      Is anyone having problems charging their Apple products? The video shows them being charged easily. My 4U does not charge them, I still await Juan's reply.

    24. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Liu on

      Still waiting on my unit? Could I please get an update?

    25. Terry Smith on

      Mine came today ..... I had the $229 pledge and live in Ohio .... so if you are waiting for yours I would say they are on there way ......

    26. Eric Costello on

      Got a shipping notice! We'll see how things turn out.

    27. Missing avatar

      Vance Vagell on

      I emailed Juan earlier this week, and he wrote back:

      "This week I will complete 90% of all production and should be shipping all the remaining units by the end of the week, then you will receive a tracking number and confirmation email."

      So I guess that would mean we should expect tracking numbers today.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Jones on

      I haven't received my unit as of yet. Can you please post status for outstanding shipments or contact us?

    29. Missing avatar

      ruud slaats on

      I'm also waiting for mine.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy E on

      Still waiting for mine in NY

    31. Missing avatar

      Darryl Y. Sue on

      I commented 11/24 that I couldn't charge iPhone or iPad at all, then I followed the "reset" instructions in the comment below. Still crossing my fingers, but now I was able to charge iPhone x 3 successfully after charging unit for a couple of hours.

    32. Terry Smith on

      Any updates on the shipping of units that haven't been shipped as of yet ???

    33. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Rana on

      As mentioned, I got my unit in late October. Like everyone else, I was very excited to get the unit. I've had it for more than a month and it's failed to charge any of my devices. iPhone, iPads, Bluetooth headphones, etc. nothing gets fully, or even partially charged with this unit. Juan did ask me to follow the procedure below to 'reset' the unit, but I've done this four times. At this point I've asked for a replacement unit since I assume that the one I have is defective. I will see if that happens and report back in one month. In the meantime, here are the instructions for resetting the unit:

      I understand you are experiencing some problems with the unit, and I believe it's a protection feature of the main control board, you can reset the board by following these steps.

      1. Test the charge of the batteries on the back of the unit to see if they indicate any charge.
      2. Once you see the batteries charged, proceed to connect a device on each port of the eClipse or at least on both 2.1amp ports,
      3. After the eClipse stops working, (1-5 minutes) disconnect all devices.
      4. leave the unit in the dark without exposure to sunlight overnight, make sure all lights are off and the eClipse is not charging.
      5. After leaving the unit resting overnight, test the batteries, you should not see any green lights come on at this point.
      6. Proceed to charge the eClipse on a direct angle of exposure to sunlight, make sure you see a red light on the back panel of the eClipse for each battery, this indicates charging of each battery bank, do this for two hours.
      7. After two hours of direct sunlight exposure, test charging on all ports with your devices.

      by following these steps, you will reset the main board and everything should work normally.

      I'm curious, are there backers out there that have units that are working as specified?

    34. Missing avatar

      Darryl Y. Sue on

      My unit won't charge iPhone or iPad, so wondering if this is only an Apple product issue. I get the message "This accessory may not be supported" on many occasions. While connected and in bright sunlight, the charge percentage goes DOWN, not up. Anyone else with a non-Apple product having better luck?

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sofya Raskhodnikova on

      I got my eClipse last week. At this point, I am very disappointed. First, it had a warning that it cannot be exposed to temperatures higher than 92F. In northeastern US this means that you can't really take it outside on a summer afternoon. It is meant for an air conditioned houses. But can it charge through a window? Mine has been sitting on a bay window for over a week, making annoying mosquito noise and showing a green light whenever sun falls on it. So, I assume it is charging. I tried plugging in my cell phone several times. Once the battery charge rose by 9%, but the other times the phone did not charge at all after sitting plugged in for the whole night.
      Also, the whole contraption is quite large. Given solar chargers available on amazon at this point, it is not competitive at all, even assuming that I got a defective product.

    37. Missing avatar

      ruud slaats on

      Me too, still waiting...... Please give me an update.

    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    39. Julien Tissier on

      Hi ! Still waiting for any message about shipping...

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kim Ellsworth Evans on

      Received mine today. Haven't tested it. Black bag is just a grocery bag and the unit is bigger than the bag. The whole unit is quite a bit larger than I anticipated. It is definitely not something I can throw in a my carryon. I don't regret my commitment, but I won't be buying or recommending the product except maybe to boat owners

    42. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Rana on

      I got mine a couple of days ago. The case is not as described. But it was an add on so I'm not concerned about that. I'm concerned that the unit takes a long time to charge. I've had it in the sun for a full day and it only got my iPad to 3% before it stopped charging. I have the 4 USB version. Also, how is it possible that using the same solar panel that the 2 and 4 USB models are supposed to take 3 hours to get to 75%. The 4 USB model has almost twice the battery size, no?

    43. Heinz-Peter Widek on

      I got mines yesterday, after I payed customs

    44. A. Joseph

      Got mines today. Did a quick test of all four usb ports with my Note 3 and initial tests works. Will report back in 2 weeks or so with short review. And the bag/case is pretty much a solid black environmental bag you see in the grocery store. Total Fail. Would have been better off just not including it imho.

    45. Eric Costello on

      Still no receipt of item. Any idea of status?

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Sommers on

      Just got mine today thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Rana on

      Is there a shipping plan / update for remaining backers that haven't received their products yet?

    48. Missing avatar

      Vance Vagell on

      Still waiting for mine.

      For those of you who find 1 or 2 ports not working, note that half the ports are 2.1 amps and the other half are weaker 1 amp, which might not be enough for some devices.

      Or maybe it's just broken. Still waiting for mine, so who knows.

    49. Thomas Cheng on

      Received mine last week. Opened it yesterday to try it out, and was disappointed to find that one of two USB ports did not function. Someone else also have this problem it seems from previous comments.

      Also like someone else already mentioned, the carry bag is definitely not as described. It's basically just a environmental bag!?

    50. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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