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In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
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New info on the current status - we are moving towards the end

Posted by Solar Lab Co. (Creator)

Dear backers!

The waiting is coming to the end, so it's time to sum up all what we have so far regarding the shipping time.

We're glad to announce that the production should be completed next week. The final batch of components should arrive to the assembly shop within a couple of days and assembly itself starts today! Right after that the QC will follow. 

The straps are being produced in Italy right now and will be ready approximately on March, 20. After undergoing the QC as well, they will be delivered to the manufacturer and it'll also take several days to attach these straps to the watches. So, basically, there shouldn't be any critical delays according to our initial schedule. The only thing that may postpone the shipping is delivering the straps, attaching it and packaging the watches. However, it's a small thing comparing to what we've already done, so it won't affect the shipping terms significantly. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robin Wittmann on

      Hello, can you name a more specific delivery date now?

    2. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Because of the some details above it's really hard to tell the exact dates, shouldn't be hard to figure, guys. We've told several times that the shipping is expected in the end of March or in April if one of the components will be slightly late for the assembly. It should begin very soon, a little bit of patience, please.

    3. Missing avatar

      LeeJaeMin on

      Again waiting for the next progress

    4. X to the M on

      Please communicate more often. I'm disappointed by the level of communication so far. When will these ship?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      Good,to hear

    6. Egor Alexeevich on

      So, what is currently expected shipping date?