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In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
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The second stretch goal revealed!

Posted by Solar Lab Co. (Creator)

Dear backers!

We're glad to announce that our first stretch goal has been unlocked at last with you help! Thanks to all our supporters for your trust and sympathies to the Gnomon timepieces. Now you'll have a strap with a quick release mechanism on your Gnomon! Also we'll add an option to buy extra straps after the campaign's ending.

But let's discuss our second stretch goal! It was difficult to find the most appropriate solution for applying a luminous coating to our design. We debated a lot over it and came up with the final decision. Looks pretty cool and unobtrusive! Hope you'll find it very attractive too, since it's the best compromise we have for highlighting our design! This add-on will become available when we'll hit CA$ 100.000! Lets press it a little bit, guys! :)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikael Andersson

      The coated tip of the black hand on the brown and blue watch really doesnt look good, seems like it would be hard to see that tip on the white background or is that just me?

    2. Tom Alon on

      To be honest I am happy that you were able to reach this stretch goal in favor of supporting you and your teammates, but the coated tip of the hand completely takes away from the watch's look. I actually would prefer a non-coated hand. A creative solution would be to coat the *bottom side* of the hand (either just the tip, or or one side of it across the length) so it illuminates the dial underneath it in the dark.

    3. Ollie Hon

      Would you consider having the black watch with other more neutral coloured lines instead of the turquoise? I would think people who usually like all black watches, like them well, all black. Or maybe Black/silver, Black/gold.

    4. Missing avatar


      My observations on the lume stretch goal:

      I don't like the color combination of a green dial & yellow indices (gold model on left).

      I don't like just the tip of the dial being treated with lume material - it should be the whole dial or none at all.

      And lastly, maybe this is just my OCD talking, but I don't like the idea of a SUNdial-inspired watch having glow in the dark capability. You need sunlight to read a sundial; why not the same for the watch?

      Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I'd prefer that this stretch goal not be implemented.

    5. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      @Simon thanks for the feedback! If we get it right, you're telling that the color work isn't appropriate? We choose these highlight colors to correspond with the initial design palette.

    6. Missing avatar

      Simon Rose on

      One gets used to telling the time (to within a minute or two) on a single hand - look at Meistersinger or Botta for other examples. Re lume - if a softer look was wanted "old radium" looks good. Tritium would be expensive and spoil the line of the gnomon though with only one hand there wouldn't be the stacking problem multi-hand watches have.