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Gnomon is the unique watch project that combines the aesthetics of ancient Roman sundials with a modern stylish automatic wristwatch.
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
337 backers pledged CA$ 104,964 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Solar Lab Co. Creator 3 days ago

      Hi, Oscar. Let's proceed to the PM. We'll help you as much as possible!

    2. Missing avatar

      Oscar Isberg 5 days ago

      I'm having some shipping issues. Could you help me resolve them?

    3. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Hi, Rajiv. Judging by the tracking info there were a lot of unsuccessful delivery attempts before the package was sent back to the sender. Please, check your PM for more info.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rajiv Jain on

      Can you update tracking number

    5. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Egor, please, check PM!

      Dear Nick, thank you very much for such feedback. It really pleases us to hear such praise :) We do all of this to get this kind of reaction! Glad you're enjoying our watches and hope we'll be able to surprise you pleasantly with our future projects!

    6. Nick Sander

      Since some people are being a little negative about the watch, I thought I would write something expressing how pleased I am with this watch. I am not a watch expert and this is the first watch I will have worn since I was 14 so I should also say that I have no conception of whether this watch is value-for-money.

      But nonetheless let me say I LOVE this watch! The watch is beautiful and I love the single hours hand. The watch also stands out - I have been wearing it for a couple of weeks and have received many comments.
      The strap is very stiff but as Egor says, is strong and (to me) quite comfortable. To be fair I don't wear the watch strapped on particularly tight but I like it that way.

      For me, this watch has been well worth the money! Solarlab, thank you for all your efforts!

    7. Egor Alexeevich on

      People who complain about the band being too stiff just don't know what they are doing.

      I set strapped mine to the setting i want without my wrist in it, put in on the table and flattened it for minute or so, then i let it take circular shape and left it for couple of days.

      It is super comfortable now, and I love that it is stiff and strong.

      Other bands are thin and comfortable but get scratched up and damaged way too easy. some will get massive permanent marks from simple scratches.

      In fact I am considering getting more bands to replace the bands on my other watches with the blue and tan colors. Solar Lab, is it possible to buy the bands separately?

    8. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Dear backers! The extra bands for those who didn't receive them previously are sent! Please, be prepared for the new package :)

    9. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Dan, we understand you and can only repeat again that seems it's impossible to satisfy everyone, we are sorry if we didn't met in any way your expectations, but more than 400 people have already received their Gnomon watches and it seems that only few is unhappy, as we continue to receive enthusiastic comments every day (you can see them below from the other backers, as well as about the straps which you don't like). We are proud of our watches as well as the final result of the production, but we will take into account all the objective comments and we will certainly make our next project even better.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Stahl on

      I completely agree with Raj on his review. He was even nice about it. I’ve been extremely disappointed with this project. The leather is absolutely unwearable. I’ve had it bound for weeks now and it’s still stiff as ever. On top of that I purchased another strap that I’m not even looking forward to because of how bad this one is. The watch looks way different in the photos as well just as raj pointed out. At this price point this watch falls wayyy short. I can’t even sell this on any of the 15 watch groups I’m in. Nobody even wants it free! That speaks volumes to the missed goals on the watch.

    11. Missing avatar


      I have my watch , the packaging is bad , the other box collapse and the inner bag also bend , luckily it didn't has much damage to the watch. The color of the inner dial slightly darker color than the photo taken from the champaign, it cannot see the digits clearly unless you look at it on a slight angle and not direct.The movement has a heavy noise as you swing the watch , will not choose this movement future watch purchase. Overall is good.

    12. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai on

      Dear Solar lab, (it feels weird to address you by a company name than your actual name...anyways)

      My review is anything but unjust....I've actually been very objective about my comments...and while this might be my first "official" Kickstarter..I have supported other projects off with good results...

      My observations are feedback and it's always good to reflect on them and accept them rather than deflect them thinking that it's criticism....there just might be something in there that could help you with your next project...

      The packaging is worrying considering how courier and the post handle or rather man handle packages shipped internationally...all it takes is a heavier package to sit on it or for it to be thrown around...which does happen and I have seen it happen....

      Also, please bear in mind that me or the others could just stay quiet and not say a word which won't be to your benefit...because you'll never quite know what people actually think...

      I comment because I care not because I want to criticise while it can seem that way. ..

      If I didn't care, I wouldn't comment publicly though would share my feedback with like-minded watch hobbyists .....that's just customer service for you....and not very beneficial to business....just my final two cents... thank you...

    13. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Dear Raj. We're glad that you finally received your order. However, we find some points of your feedback a little bit unjust. The package for the watch itself is the pouch, not the cardboard box, it's used only for transportation means which is a common practice worldwide. So there're basically no problems that it's dented or damaged somehow :) You can simply throw it away after unpacking it. Your point regarding our strap is understandable, unfortunately we can't please everyone. But we're proud with our straps, since they're made by hand in Italian tannery - the place where they know how to makes leather stuff. The movement's noise shouldn't disturb you, it's the price for having a transparent back lid, nothing more. The dials for the prototype models on the campaign photos were produced the same way as yours. Since the scratching is created uniquely for each watch it may differ from piece to piece. As it should be obvious by now, the lack of communication was the problem only in your case, unfortunately, not without strange technical setbacks, too. And there are a lot of "wowed" customers too as we can judge by the feedback. We understand that it's your first watch project here and you don't get used to local methods and rules (which is cool though) and maybe wanted to get smoother experience, but still you have a pretty unique watch at your disposal with good specs and not trivial at all. Hope this thought will make you feel easier in time.

    14. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai on

      Received the watch a couple of days ago and here are my observations:

      I'm shocked that the watch arrived in one piece considering the manner in which it was packed for international shipping...the outer box was completely dented on all sides...somehow the watch seems to be fine...

      The leather strap is the toughest i've ever come across though strangely wasn't as annoying as i thought it would be, having worn it for a couple of could've been done better...

      it keeps good time for now...though the movement is a lil rickety inside which concerns me...

      i was disappointed with the dial as it doesn't compare with the production pics...or perhaps the pics were taken that well...

      overall, while i don't have major dislikes about the watch....for 300$, it could've looked and felt better....not to mention the lack of communication all along the campaign...

      not sure if it was worth all the hassle and if i'd support another kickstarter watch campaign...

      especially since all that i've mentioned will seemingly matter only to me and not to the creators or kickstarter...

      for the creators, a platitudinal, we're sorry it didn't meet your expectations etc will set the tone for the lack of customer service or interest in wowing a customer that i see pretty much everywhere these why should this campaign be any different....

    15. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Nam, please, don't worry. This may occur with freshly new movements like ours, it takes a couple of days to adapt. Should be ok soon!

    16. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      HI, Jarik! Didn't see your message there either. We'll look into this matter to avoid this in future! As for the strap, you'll receive another package later this month!

    17. Thilo Sarnighausen on

      My silver watch works now. Sry for any inconviniences

    18. Missing avatar

      Jarik on

      like Jaime I paid for a second watchband for the black watch which has not been in the parcel.
      I send you an email to one week ago but did not get a response.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nam Dang on

      I received the watch about a week. First of all, it is so beautiful and unique. Love it.

      However, it is gaining about 30 minutes a day. Anyone has similar issu

    20. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Tom, thank you very much! Nice to hear that you're satisfied with the watch :)

    21. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Jaime, that's strange, but the only email from you in our mailbox is dated by yesterday's night. Sorry if you felt ignored, never received your other messages. Please, consult our message, you'll get another parcel with straps a little bit later.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tom Leemans

      I received mine Monday and i'm very happy with it! Glad that I backed this project and hope to see some more watches of you guys!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jaime on

      Paid extra for watchbands that were not received. Emailed weeks ago and still no response.

    24. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Nick, thanks!

      By the way, there's still a way to get Gnomon with the sweet discount on our Indiegogo page. The offer isn't as good as on Kickstarter, but still pretty tempting and impressive. This campaign will only be active until we deliver all watches for our backers, so there's not much time left. Here's the link in case you're interested:

    25. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Pao, thanks again for your praise. You're right about the way of winding, you can do it manually this way. However, you don't need to do it, since the watch is automatic. You can simply set the current time before putting it on the wrist, the movement will do the rest :)

    26. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Thilo, hi! That's bad, but don't worry, we'll fix it :) Please, check for email from our team with further instructions.

    27. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      James, we appreciate it, don't doubt it :)

      Egor, please, check your PM.

    28. Nick W!

      Watch is awesome. Wish I had pledged for 2. :)

    29. Missing avatar


      First off - I love my black gnomon! It's a little bigger than I expected (and good thing too, otherwise telling the 10 minutes would be tough!), but apart from that,it's exactly how I imagined it. Awesome work 😊

      It is my first mechanical watch though, so naturally, it already stopped because I put it down too late long, which made me wonder-am I correct in assuming that the first pull out position is for rewinding it? Do I turn it upwards? The manual is a tad simplistic for simpletons like me 😉

    30. Thilo Sarnighausen on

      Hi, I sent you a message via email. The problem is: the silver watch that I received yesterday doesnt work. Can you give me an adress to where I cam send it. The other watch (black) works perfectly.

    31. Egor Alexeevich on

      Hi, I have sent you a message, but I will try here. Is there any way I can trade it back for another color? The gold color is very nice, and looks great with the suit, but at the moment, would prefer a different color. LMK. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      James Allen on

      The main thing I'd say guys I'd be very confident to back you again on another product.

    33. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Rinshikha, thank you once again for your warm welcome :) We're happy when you're happy! Glad that you're satisfied with our communication!

    34. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      WYTng, please, check your PM to learn more.

    35. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Christopher, looks like the first thing to do is to wait :) It usually takes some time to complete a customs clearance. So don't worry for now, we're sure it'll proceed further very soon.

    36. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Calvin, thanks for your praise! It means a lot to us. Glad you're so positive towards our watches. Hope it'll spend a lot of cheerful happy years on your wrist :)

    37. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Hello, Steffen. Sorry if you feel down about some points with our watch. First, we explained regarding luminous coating before. Unfortunately, we were unable to attract the necessary amount of funding after a lot of dropped backers after the campaign's end, and mistakenly forgot to notify our backers about it in the turmoil of production process. Very sorry for that, won't happen again. As for the date thing, it's a conceptual point of view :) We tried to experiment with date window in our design, but it simply doesn't work and messes with the idea of reference to actual sundials of the past. Hope it doesn't upsets you very much, since we wanted to stick to our initial concept until the end. We also picked this exact movement due to technological reasons, so we didn't waste a single penny :) Everything was to make it work as planned.

    38. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      James, thanks for the kind words! Sorry again for the lume issue, we'll be more attentive and caring for such things and we'll never forget something vital like that in future, we promise. The Miyota can make some noise, yes, but we don't see it as a problem, since its not loud and a regular for such kind of movement. Hope it doesn't interfere with your habits in any way!

    39. Missing avatar

      Steffen Neumann

      Hi Gnomon. Today I got my watch, it's the silver/blue Edition and I'm happy about it. Thank you very much.
      Unfortunately I'm not satisfied at all. There is no lume. Seems like you forgot the second stretch goal. The second point is the noisy movement. I already have other watches from the 82 series which are not noisy. And the third point is the miyota 8215 supports a calendar date. Next time you should integrate the date in the dial design or choose a different movement. It's a waste of money to skip functions of the movement. Thanks.

    40. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Dan, it's a pity that you feel this way about our watches. We did a lot of work to make our watches look and feed admirable. Guess, you can't satisfy everyone... Even if you don't like the looks, at least it's still pretty unique curiosity for the watch collection :) Or a good gift for someone, sure there will be people around you who'll like it! Hope you'll find the way to ease your disappointment.

    41. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Dear Raj. Please, check your PM, we've answered your questions there. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you feel such thing. Hope everything will resolve in the best way possible very very soon. A lot of people with the same shipping method have already received their packages, so don't worry, everything will be ok.

    42. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai on

      Throughout this whole campaign i ve had an issue with communication......and until i post here, i don't seem to get a response....first i had to write to get a tracking number (which ideally should've been sent to me as soon as the watch was shipped) ...then i had to write back to check on which site I can track the shipment on.....and what date it was shipped....there' still no information or's the strangest thing to not have any tracking update until the package reaches the destination......I just hope after all this, the watch is worthwhile...

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Stahl on

      Wish there was a way to return. I’m just super disappointed in this watch. Colors are way off. No lume. And it feels cheap. Not a $300 Watch by any standards. But I guess that’s the chance you take. At the very least this was the final Kickstarter Watch I’ll try. I’ve gotten nothing but disappointing watches off here.

    44. Missing avatar

      James Allen on

      Hi guys , received my watch in UK 3 days ago and been trying it out....

      First and overall impression- very happy with watch quality strap and feel and great value for the price, had a lot of compliments.

      If I had to make any criticisms can hear the movement/pendulum with some movements which is a shame. And disappointed the lume isn't present, and more so disappointed this wasn't communicated, unfortunately does tarnish what otherwise would of been a perfect campaign from my perspective.

      However still very happy with my watch it's a very good looking watch,unique & good quality. -- well done guys.

    45. Missing avatar


      Just received the watch in Singapore. I like the overall simple and clean look. Not too concern on the lack of lume because this is a sundial inspired, i.e. it should be visible during the day (literally) hahaha... If I am looking for a highly luminous watch I would go for a diver watch. There are other single-hand watches in the market but the main reason why I backed this project is due to the sundial concept, i.e. the single-hand. I am happy and proud to back this project. As mentioned by some backers, the packaging really looks flimsy but it has a proper pouch that holds the watch during transit and it is shipped with bubblewrap packaging. That also not too much of a concern to me. I shall wear it for a week before giving more comments :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Christoph Tuppinger on

      Hey. Received the shipping number some days ago. Status right now is 'held by customs'.
      What should I do?

    47. Missing avatar


      I still waiting for you to PM me the tracking number which I didn't received.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rinshikha Thukral on

      Got my watch today. Its awesome. Thank you so much. It is truly marvellous. The creators were kind enough to give me a replacement strap as well as it was a little damaged when I unboxed the watch. Now this is the customer service that is expected. Great work Creator! Will definitely buy the next watch you make.

    49. Solar Lab Co. Creator on

      Paul, thanks for such a good feedback! Please, refer to our comment below regarding extra strap. You’ll receive another package with it later in June

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