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Gnomon is the unique watch project that combines the aesthetics of ancient Roman sundials with a modern stylish automatic wristwatch.
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
In case you missed our project on Kickstarter, please, visit our Indiegogo page!
337 backers pledged CA$ 104,964 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Solar Lab Co. Creator about 8 hours ago

      Dixon, thanks! It's one powerful feedback :) Glad you're enjoying your watch! We'll contact you about the straps in PM. Glad to have you with us.

    2. Solar Lab Co. Creator about 8 hours ago

      Hi, Egor! Hope this doesn't disappoint you! Since all scratch textures are made separately by hand, the texture may vary from watch to watch. From the images from QC and backer's photos we see that there are a lot of watches with tons of scratches, looks like yours could be less distinctive because of this. Hope it doesn't ruin your impression on the watch itself :)

    3. Solar Lab Co. Creator about 9 hours ago

      Michael, thank you very much for your kind words! Glad you're enjoying the watch right now :)

    4. Solar Lab Co. Creator about 9 hours ago

      WYTng, we'll check it once more for your and get back in PM.

      Raj, please, see your private messages to learn more on the matter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai about 19 hours ago

      You've sent me a tracking number though what site do i track it on ??

    6. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      I still not received my tracking number in Malaysia which is close to Singapore.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Aydeniz 3 days ago

      Just got my watch after only two days from the shipping notice - all the way from China to the UK. Absolutely amazing service!

      Well done creator, the watch is beautiful, I'm so glad I backed this project, it's turned out to be one of my best backings so far.

      No complaints at all about this product or the project, you've run a great campaign. For all the moaners, remember that everything you back on KS is a project and as such delays and issues come up all the time. The creators have to work hard to turn a nice idea into a reality, so cut them some slack.

      Thanks for making my day!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dixon Yee 3 days ago


      Is there any way I can get extra straps. I really like them

    9. Egor Alexeevich 3 days ago

      Got the watch,

      I love everything, except the fact that the face plate background is pretty bland, in comparison to the original demo pictures.

      it was supposed to be scratched and have an illusion of wear or distress on on it

      yet the one i got is very tame, but in the artificial light i can see it come though.

      so, overall, i love the watch, but it is a bit more tames then expected :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Dixon Yee 3 days ago

      I got my watch today and I absolutely love it. I still cant read the time well but I dont care because it looks so good (Yes I am shallow) I was surprised to come here and read about the luminous "thing". I dont know what that is and it is probably better for me not to know and find out haha.

      to be honest, I get skeptical about this project when the items are not delivered yet but they kept launching campaigns at other sites. I get ripped off at kickstarter (stupid radiate athletics) and was at one point getting a bit worried about this campaign. I am glad to receive it and now I wish i gotten another one (the gold one)

      I also love the extra nubuck straps I got, they are well made and is there a way for me to get extra

      The only thing I dont like about this watch has nothing to do with this watch. I do not like automatic watches. I prefer battery run watches because I simply do not have enough watch winders and love changing my watches

      BTW, I am a backer from singapore and maybe this will help to provide an estimate time for your watch. I hope you guys love the watch as much as I do.

    11. Solar Lab Co. Creator 4 days ago

      Dear Arslan. We're not justifying ourselves or something like this. It's a simple fact statement, that we made a grave mistake forgetting to mention this issue in turmoil of after-campaign preparations. There's no doubt that it was necessary to mention it and we blew it up. It'll be a harsh lesson for us in future. Unfortunately, we're not robots and make mistakes too... Regarding the delivery, as we explained in the PM, let's hope for the best, it shouldn't take month to deliver usually, and the chances of faster delivery are pretty high, especially when some of our backers with the same carrier have received their watches already.

    12. Arslan Khaliq 4 days ago

      @Creator this isn’t fare as well that you can justify yourself by saying you forgot to update and we can’t even express how we feel.
      The only thing that is bothering me is that many people have received their watches and i still have to wait a month because of different delivery route as per you guys.
      I was expecting no issues that’s why i got carried away and expressed this way, anyway goodluck for your future 😊

    13. Solar Lab Co. Creator 4 days ago

      Raj, please, check your PM.

    14. Solar Lab Co. Creator 4 days ago

      Dear Arslan. The only thing that is bad here is that we forgot to mention the situation with lume to our backers right after the campaign ended. Some of our backers asked us about lume in PM and we told them from the beginning that because of our campaign's final funding it's not gonna happen. So there's nothing we were trying to avoid or hide, only the sour mistake of forgetting such an important thing.

      Your attitude isn't fair at all. When you're registering on this website, KS tells you boldly that it's not a store, so please keep this in mind. We're creating watches here, from the scratch. Delays are always frustrating, but we did what we could to give info and photos on the production process, keep the product improving even during this delay and jumping out of our pants to overcome it as fast as possible. And it's not right to say that we "didn't even bother" to do something. Our behavior during the campaign showed that we're always opened for communication. Please, also note that you're getting a HUGE (almost 50%) discount on the watch as a compensation for some risks and you should understand, if you're a reasonable person, that you can't calculate every detail in production process with 100% confidence and something may happen. We delayed for a little bit longer than month, which isn't cool, yes, but it's far not the worst that happens here on KS, let's be frank. We didn't play dumb or stay silent during this delay, we were always there for you. Please, understand that we're on the same boat here. We're all under some risks during the campaign and the production process, backers and creators, and the human factor is the thing you should keep in mind too. We're not a big brand, we can severely mistake, too. We know that it's not gonna change the past, but we hope you'll be more understanding, while we'll be learning to avoid such mistakes in future.

    15. Arslan Khaliq 4 days ago

      @Creator we believed in your project and pledged for it. You guys delayed the shipment and we are still waiting for watches but this transparency about luminous coating which you guys didn’t even bother announcing won’t look good on you. If guys have announced it, we would’ve understood it but knowing this after receiving watches is shocking.

      So we aren’t getting what we were promised at all and on time !!!! 🤨 seriously goodluck for your company and future projects having this attitude 😊

    16. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai 4 days ago

      Hi, I'm yet to receive any communication on shipping and or tracking??? thanks

    17. James Nakamura 4 days ago

      No I'm not disappointed, at least not by the watch. But by the transparency of the company, surely this isn't something you just realized after shipping but something that you decided to withhold from us til now and not mentioning in the update.

      There's nothing I can do now against your action but I'm sure this action does not look good on your profile. So I wish you good luck on your next project.

    18. Solar Lab Co. Creator 4 days ago

      Hi, James. Glad that you've already received the watch. Pretty fast!

      Regarding the luminous coating. We're afraid that the lume add-on won't happen after all. As we mentioned before (and were confident in it also), we were going to add luminous material in case we hit CA$ 100 000. Unfortunately, even if you see that the overall funds are above this sum, the final amount was pretty much smaller, since there were a lot of people whose payment didn't go through, so basically the needed amount wasn't reached. We're very sorry that we didn't mention this in our updates or commentaries section earlier, it simply leaked out of our heads because of the business during the production. A lot of people asked us to strip this feature off the watches' design, too, and the final result of the coating was pretty dim and no so spectacular as we expected. So you shouldn't consider it as a big loss... Hope you won't be too disappointed because of lack of this feature and will be enjoying the watch nevertheless.

      Egor, that's very cool! Please, share your thoughts with us when you'll get the watch :)

    19. James Nakamura 4 days ago

      Got mine today but it doesn't have luminous had. Is there some kind of changes I missed?

    20. Egor Alexeevich 4 days ago

      Got shipping info yesterday. they mention Canada post to I checked with them also and the tracking shows that the item is already in clearance with Canadian customs. that is super fast shipping and hopefully I will get the watch tomorrow :)

    21. Solar Lab Co. Creator 5 days ago

      Hi, Ross. We think it's a common thing that there's no estimated delivery date through the tracking info. Can't say for sure about the delivery time in UK, but since it's an express shipping, it usually takes about 7-10 days to deliver. Please, check your tracking info from time to time to learn more.

      Arslan, technical issues may happen, of course, but you can also check your spam folder, sometimes a message can be found there. We'll also check it for you once again. The delivery shouldn't take long, but since your country has a slightly different approach to the delivery methods, there can be two results - we'll explain it more detailed in PM.

      Remi, your package will be delivered to Germany first and then distributed from there, so don't worry! Keep checking your tracking info, it'll be the same all the way to you.

    22. Arslan Khaliq 5 days ago

      @Creator it has been more than a week since you promised of shipping but I haven’t received any tracking info. I’ve plans to go on vacation and it seems like I ain’t gonna get my watch ever. 😬

    23. Rémi Douville 5 days ago

      Hi i just received the tracking email but the tracking said it'is coming from Hong Kong.
      In a previous response you said "we'll be shipping from Germany for EU orders and from Hong Kong for all other orders"
      I'm from France and it's in EU, So you change it ?

      I don't realy care where it ship from, i just guess it'll take a little more time to enjoy my new daily watch :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Ross Cook 5 days ago

      I've received an email with a tracking number on but when I enter the code online there's no estimated delivery date, only a previous location. Do you know roughly how long it should take for UK delivery?

    25. Solar Lab Co. Creator 6 days ago

      Guys, don't worry! Everyone will receive their tracking info manually soon! You don't need to write that you haven't received it yet, all you need is to wait a little bit until we'll re-send your tracking numbers manually :)

    26. Rémi Douville 6 days ago

      Same thing here, didn't receive an email with the tracking code.

    27. Tung Dinh 6 days ago

      I didn't receive the tracking code either. Please resend it if possible. Thank you.

    28. Solar Lab Co. Creator 6 days ago

      Hi, Ed and Gabriel! The tracking info is sent automatically, but don't worry if you haven't received your message yet, we'll send it manually once again tomorrow.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Horne 6 days ago

      I have also not seen an email with a tracking number or my package in general

    30. Ed Zylik 6 days ago

      Has shipping started? I have not seen a tracking email yet.

    31. Solar Lab Co. Creator on May 11

      Hi, Pao! Thanks! It's really hard to tell what's going on to happen next. Now we're concentrating on finishing our obligations here without any problems, so there'll be time to think about it later. Of course we'd like to hit retail successfully, but we'll need some time to plan forward. As for the brand's fate, we have a lot of interesting ideas for the new designs and even the new model in development.

      Egor, we'll be shipping from Germany for EU orders and from Hong Kong for all other orders. We'll make all necessary preparations for you to receive the package without any additional taxes, so don't worry :)

    32. Egor Alexeevich on May 10

      Where do you ship from?

      Can they be marked as a gift, if it is from US? Or declared as sample or low value item?

      I have being getting destroyed by taxes and duties from USA to Canada, by some kickstarters I received, yet others arrived without extra payment needed.

      Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Pao on May 10

      Congratulations on crossing the finish line 😊 Looking forward to my Gnomon! Just out of curiosity, what happens to Gnomon afterwards? Are you taking it to retail?

    34. Solar Lab Co. Creator on May 10

      Hi, Arslan! The shipping has started today. You should start receiving your tracking info in a couple of days via email.

    35. Arslan Khaliq on May 10

      @Creator any update regarding shipping? I haven’t received any tracking ID email

    36. Solar Lab Co. Creator on May 8

      Hi, Ed. Yes, the shipping will start tomorrow. You should start receiving your tracking info shortly after that.

    37. Ed Zylik on May 7

      Is everything still on track for shipping Wed 05/09?

    38. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai on April 30

      Hi, sent you another personal message...commenting here in case you didn't receive it...thanks....

    39. Solar Lab Co. Creator on April 28

      Pao, the moment is coming close! It should be at your disposal by the end of the next month!

      S. H. A, your watch is already packed and getting ready for the shipment, there's no way for cancelling since all fees and cost are already covered.

    40. Missing avatar

      Pao on April 27

      Can't wait to finally get my Gnomon. This will be awesome 😊

    41. Missing avatar

      S.H.A Wiessenberg on April 27

      Can I still cancel my order?

    42. Solar Lab Co. Creator on April 23

      Arslan, we understand that it may cause some inconvenience, but we described the current timeline in the update, so several people has already changed their address due to circumstances. That's everything we can do in this situation. If something happens, we, of course, will do everything for our backers to feel comfortable. There shouldn't be any delay with a delivery itself, all delays could be caused only by local customs offices. Mostly they don't create any troubles, but there's always a chance :)

    43. Arslan Khaliq on April 21

      @Creator the latest update is really disappointing, what if someone has to move or change the delivery address for the newly provided timeline? Moreover, are we really going to get these in next month or should we expect shipment delay by courier as well?

    44. Missing avatar

      Raj Pillai on April 20

      Hi, would've been nice to have seen a few closeups of the watches to assure us that the finished watches match the campaign pics....thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      James Allen on April 20

      Hey guys , update looks awesome. I've no issue with communication. Probably one of the best I've seen on a campaign and you've also pretty much met timescale.... Awesome work.... Now the product just better be up to scratch!!! 😉

    46. Solar Lab Co. Creator on April 20

      Hi, X to the M. Please, check the recent update for more info.

    47. X to the M on April 19

      Hey creators, you'd do a lot better by just provide an update up front each week. It's tiresome to have to come back to this comments section every week 'just in case' you've posted. Just post without us having to ask. It's really not too much to ask. These small delays are really adding up. Thanks.

      April 18: "The packaging should arrive in the end of this week and we're going to start the final preparations in the beginning of the next week!!"

      April 9: "We're still depending on the packagings' shipment."

      March 20: "This week we expect to get the packaging and the straps are going to arrive next week."

    48. Solar Lab Co. Creator on April 18

      James, that's nice to hear! Thanks :) Hope it'll be exactly this way!

      Arslan, hi! The packaging should arrive in the end of this week and we're going to start the final preparations in the beginning of the next week!

    49. Arslan Khaliq on April 18

      @Creator any update? It’s been more than a week now 🤔

    50. Missing avatar

      James Allen on April 17

      Genuinely can't wait for this to arrive now. This may become my new daily, or atleast in my regular rotation 😂

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