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A card game + booze + geeks + conventions + hot cosplayers + more booze + a freaking tiger + death + EVEN MORE BOOZE.
A card game + booze + geeks + conventions + hot cosplayers + more booze + a freaking tiger + death + EVEN MORE BOOZE.
607 backers pledged $26,112 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joshua on

      So I finally cracked my box open last week (I know, what took so long). I was dismayed to find my decks were messed up. Of the 160 cards they were almost all Event cards, only a dozen Item and Interrupt cards and NO Person cards. A little help Sofawolf! Thank you.

    2. James Starke on

      Got mine yesterday, and the cards look hilarious. :D I'm excited to play it with my game group!

    3. roland drewelow on

      Awesome game is there any chance there might be more expansions?

    4. Chris "CJHacker" Ebens

      My sets just showed up in North Dakota today! Yay! Can't wait to get it to the table!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Jakubowski on

      Got my set, and got to play it with a few friends. The insanity and hilarity (Turning 'Norm' into anything but, for example, via attachable cards) was wonderful. Have fun playing, all, and can't wait to see what other expansions come out!

    6. Brian Williams on

      Still waiting for my set, guess I was one of the unlucky ones. :<

    7. Kit Warren on

      Just arrived in Florida. Thanks!

    8. Adeene on

      I got my cards today! They look great! (Only problem is that my furry expansion cards look a little worn, like the lightly played status of a magic card).

    9. Zepaw on

      The physical production began end of November. Unless there's been a delay they were expecting to have it available for pick up at FC mid-January. I imagine most will be out by end of January.

    10. Ruinaes on

      Do we have a new timeline for production?

    11. Zepaw on

      Anub'i I can tell from your comment (and confirmed in your profile) you haven't used Kickstarter before. 99% of projects are late. It's extremely difficult to gauge how long a project is going to take to complete and they tend to shoot for dates that are too optimistic. This one was actually a victim of its own success because they had to make a whole 'nother few expansions. They have had less communication than would be preferable but on the whole this was a well run kickstarter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anub'i Titus on

      I contribute to one kickstarter, and it's late. I probably won't contribute again, which is unfortunate for all the other projects out there that know how to bring a project in on time and under budget.

      And we were promised updates every week, and it's been 12 days since the last one.

      I suppose this is what I get for expecting a bunch of furries to be on time. Lol.

    13. Missing avatar

      DingoWolfAU on

      Responded with address information.

    14. Sofawolf Games Creator on

      @T.L. We'll have more information as we get closer to release. Short answer: we hope so! :)

    15. Timothy Lyon on

      Will you be at FC, and if so will be the game be ready in time that I could just pick it up there?

    16. James Starke on

      Good to hear that there's been some communication!

    17. Kit Warren on

      Wow. I got a response from Sofawolf Games already. Here is their response:

      "Thanks very much for the heads-up! I've forwarded this on to the relevant parties."

      I am not sure what that means for us. But, it is something.

    18. Kit Warren on

      Interesting: Every time I try, I get this KS page. Also, I send an email to telling them we haven't heard from them. Hopefully, we get a response.

    19. Zepaw on

      Ruinaes there must be something off with that. They contacted me in mid-September about the fursuit card.

    20. Ruinaes on

      If you look at the SofaWold Games profile, the last time they logged in was August 28th. So the creator has not even viewed this campaign in over 2 months. Unless they are here to speak up, it looks like they stole $26K.

    21. Zepaw on

      Mark, that is their initial estimate. It has said that since the campaign started and it doesn't get updated. We have no idea if they still expect to make that. For all we know the game is done and finished now or won't be ready until 2014.

    22. Ruinaes on

      Yeah? Which update/message/comment has shown you the production status?

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Jakubowski on

      "Estimated delivery: Nov 2013"
      Everyone chill: November just started. :P

    24. Ruinaes on

      Starting to wonder if I flushed $25 down the toilet here.....hopefully not.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve B. on

      I got e-mail yesterday asking for my shipping address for this project. It looks like the e-mails might be going out in waves.

    26. Chris "CJHacker" Ebens

      Just checking in as another backer that would appreciate some sort of an update. No word since it funded?

    27. Xavier Robledo

      I am hoping for update soon to. Though With ks projects they seem to never go out on schedule.

    28. willmer martinez

      Where's the love at?

    29. Zepaw on

      Gotta agree with the sentiment that an update would be much appreciated. Interested to know if there is still a chance it'll be ready by Midwest FurFest.

    30. David Palmen on

      Project backed two months ago and no updates?

    31. willmer martinez

      Will we have an update this week?

    32. Kit Warren on

      @Sofawolf Games, September Update Soon?

      @Jacqui Whitmore, the reward levels show Nov 2013. But, anyone that has been around KS a while knows this is a very soft date. So, I would say Nov 2013 through End of Time. The public relation conscious Creators send updates at least once a month even if it is to say "Hey, we are working hard but not much to show you yet". Eventually, the updates will tell you if the project is on schedule or what the new timeline is.

    33. Ruinaes on

      Any updates? It's been a little while...

    34. Zepaw on

      @Thomas (and anyone with a future concern) hit "Contact me" by their mini bio on the right. They're often very quick to respond when asked directly.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hale on

      Since kickstarting this I have had to move house - how do I correct my address so my copy of the game will arrive at the right place?

    36. Jacqui Whitmore

      I'm sorry. I've looked several times, but I appear to just keep missing it. When is this scheduled to get to us, approximately?

    37. Dane Lewis on

      Damn son! 26K and a smidgin (of 112$) nice work waiting to see your holographic cards. I mean I was informed of this from like 5... perhaps only 3 artist (because you know multiple accounts) and stuff I follow so yeah happy for the whole team.

    38. Zachary Hudson on

      Congrats on getting past the $25k stretch goal! Can't wait to get the game!

    39. Lily Zaldivar on

      Well kick me in the butt, we actually made it past 25,000!

    40. Missing avatar

      Ernesto Ochoa Jr. on

      Can't wait to get the game.

    41. Zepaw on

      @James got'cha. I missed that on the main page it labels the reward "guest artist pack". My assumption proven correct :P

    42. James Starke on

      "As a last minute stretch goal, if we hit $25K we'll print the guest artist pack in foil printing."

    43. Zepaw on

      A friend and I realized we have a different thought of what the 25K goal mean. I read it to mean the pack added at 20K is holographic but he reads it to mean all expansion cards are.

    44. Zepaw on

      no reason we shouldn't* >> Important missed word there.

    45. Zepaw on

      The average today has been at least $100 an hour. No reason we should hit $25K and some change to spare :D

    46. James Starke on

      $252 until holographic cards!

    47. Sofawolf Games Creator on

      @Rene We are going to make every effort to get the expansion done by the estimated delivery day. We'll definitely keep you all posted. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Rene Hatch on

      Quick question. I know all the art for the original game is pretty much done. With all the expansions, will there be a delay in shipping? Or do you still expect this to go out on the same schedule?

      I'm excited either way, just wondering =)

    49. Zepaw on

      Well I've pimped it as much as I can. At my count there will be 11 copies held MNFurs members. :3
      That last goal is well within reach!

    50. Sofawolf Games Creator on

      @Samuel Yes, the PDF comes with a PDF expansion

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