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A card game + booze + geeks + conventions + hot cosplayers + more booze + a freaking tiger + death + EVEN MORE BOOZE.

What the Hell is Room Party?

It's the party game about parties!

After years of working conventions big and small, like Comic-Con, PAX, AC and E3, we've seen more than our fair share of colorful characters. During that time, we have ended up in many hotel room parties, hanging with tons of different types of people from all walks of geek culture. (Hey, it's not a really great convention if you don't try to drink a Klingon under the table. Protip: you can't drink a Klingon under the table.)

The idea of Room Party is to take what makes those weird shindigs either awesome or horrifying, and turn it into a hilarious interactive experience for your next soirée.

The goal is simple: Build the most awesome room party at the convention.

It's fun, easy to play and different every time you do. You can play with 2+ people, the more the merrier. There are different variations for more competitive play, or you can relax and just have a good laugh with your friends as you build your parties and sabotage one another!

One thing that really makes Room Party unique is the hilarious narrative which naturally develops every time you play. For instance, you may have a party where the Booth Bunny shows up and brings her Hot Girlfriend, but then an Awkward Boner causes Drama, and they flee the room to the next party over--or someone may drop the Pet Tiger into your party, which is kind of upsetting when it starts to maul people--but at least it's better than the "balcony incident" and that accidental death. There's booze, online aliases, creepers, collectors, cosplayers, noise complaints, fresh towels, ghosters, wizards, elevator lines, and so much more!

Endless combinations make each game unfold into an unique and awesome (and often disturbing) convention party!

This game has been years in the making. The first draft started as a drunken joke more than seven years ago, something to poke fun at ourselves and the geek cultures we identified with. We'd play it at conventions with friends at parties, with onlookers crowding in and asking to play the next round. The rumor of it grew, so we kept adding and improving to it. Now it's ready for its first public appearance! It retains its original foundation of some real-life experience, a little convention myth, and a whole lot of snarky, good natured fun.

The game features art by Mandi Tremblay, and was originally developed by Teagan Gavet and Tess Garman. Jack DeVries has jumped into the role of Producer. Together, we're all excited to see the project come to life!

Live the dangerous life of a room party gone out of control from the safety of... well, your own hotel room.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to make the ultimate, most awesome room party at the convention, while simultaneously sabotaging your neighbors' parties!

Game Play:

Start by shuffling the entire deck, and dealing five cards to each player. The remaining cards placed in a stack, face-down.

There are three types of cards: Items, Events, and People. Each turn, a player can play up to any THREE cards in their hand.

A card is played either by placing it in front of you (at your own party) or in front of another player (at their party.) The space in between each player is called the "Lobby," which populates with people as they move in and out of it through the game.

At the end of your turn, you draw back up to five cards. The game ends when players reach the end of the deck.

The winner is determined by counting up who has the most Awesome points in their party!


--164 Cards

  • 57 People Cards
  • 36 Item Cards
  • 65 Event Cards
  • 6 Interrupt Cards

--Rule Book

--Bonus: Additional cards, exclusive for Kickstarter backers! (At least three, more with stretch goals!)

Stretch Goals

We've announced our first Stretch Goal!

UNLOCKED!!  $12,000 - The Hipster Pack -- Exclusive card pack that adds a new element to the game, and a tricky, but rewarding character (Check the Update for more details)

UNLOCKED!! $13,000 - Blank Card Pack -- Everyone gets a set of blank cards that they can use to customize their Room Parties.

UNLOCKED!! $15,000 - Furry Con Expansion Pack -- Every deck comes with a 60-card expansion full of the most hilariously awesome/terrible people at any geek con, the fuzzy dorky super rad furries.

UNLOCKED!! $20,000 - Guest Artist Pack -- Every deck now comes with a bonus pack of cards featuring art by awesome people within the comics, video game, and movie/TV industry!

$25,000 - Holographic/Foil Printing -- If we hit $25K, we'll print the Guest Artist cards in a holographic/foil print. They'll be cooler than a first edition Charizard card that you won in a POG tournament while listening to N*SYNC (The 90s! Get it?)

When we get closer to our initial goal, we'll reveal more of the stretch goals, many of which involve even more awesome and hilarious cards to make your Room Party even crazier.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with all Kickstarters like this, the biggest challenge will be getting the project out on time. Luckily for you (and us!) the majority of the work is already done. Our talented artist has completed nearly the entire deck, and we're already talking with our printer. By the time this Kickstarter ends we'll have everything set to hand off to the printer and on to you guys!


  • That's easy! For each additional item you want, simply add money to your backing amount.

    Shot Glasses - $7 each
    T-Shirts - $22 each
    Additional Room Party Game - $20 each

    Be sure to send along a message explaining which additional items you want!

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  • Short answer: no. :)

    When we were originally pitching the idea of Room Party we contacted Sofawolf and were talking to them about running the Kickstarter. We decided to hold off on that, but neglected to change the name in the side box (oops!). After the project got published we thought it would be weird to change it, so it stays as Sofawolf Games.

    We all come from the Sofawolf Press family in some way (the designers and artists on Room Party are all talented graphic novelists), but this project belongs to the game designers themselves, not a company. When the game officially comes out it won't be printed under a Sofawolf Games banner.

    That said if you're a fan of Sofawolf Press you'll likely see our game in the same places they tend to show up. ;)

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    FURSUIT CARDS - Want your fursuit in the game? Here's your chance! Includes the special edition of Room Party, shot glasses, t-shirt and all bonus cards, plus you get to keep the art! (Fursuit must be original character and backer must own all rights).

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