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Young adult fantasy novel by T. Kingfisher about an 11 year old girl named Summer sent to the world of Orcus to find her heart's desire
Young adult fantasy novel by T. Kingfisher about an 11 year old girl named Summer sent to the world of Orcus to find her heart's desire
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Ten Days to Go and Last Stretch Goal

Posted by Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team (Creator)

Here we are, a mere 10 days from the end of the Kickstarter and time for another update.

Earlier this week we finally tipped over the $22K mark and so put the “one free print” stretch goal into the history books. Thanks to everyone that helped us get there, including the Kickstarter Featured Project listing we got a week ago.

Once we get the finalized versions of the interior art we will do an update with all the prints you will be able to choose from when it comes time to go through your Backerkit survey and make your selection. You will also be able to add on prints at that time.

So what’s next? We’ve gone over the financial numbers and everything that we have already committed to, and don’t see enough room for another physical thing without having to introduce some new levels and the resulting chaos that would cause. However, just because we can’t offer another physical thing, doesn’t mean we can’t add on a virtual one.

Many years back, we edited and published the first novel Ursula ever wrote, Black Dogs, as a two-part print edition. For a whole host of reasons (mostly lack of time) we have been slow to tackle the conversion of much of our backlist into eBook format, but we know more than a few of you have been requesting Black Dogs for some time.

Now will be that time.

We’ve gotten the okay from Ursula to release the eBook editions for free to the Kickstarter backers as part of the final stretch goal, which we are going to set at $28K (since we are already almost at $23K and we expect the usual last week frenzy). This will be added to all levels from $8 (Baba Yaga) on up.

If you are not familiar with the story, we want to stress that Black Dogs is not like Summer in Orcus in many ways. While it too centers around a young girl, in this case named Lyra, it is an altogether harsher world which she inhabits; and she both comes from and passes through some dark places to get where she is going. The writing is both clearly very early Ursula, and at the same time, very clearly all Ursula (or T. Kingfisher, or whomever you care to reference).

So, be thee warned. If you are planning on passing Summer in Orcus on to a sweet, innocent young adult in your life (highly recommended) then please read Black Dogs before you do the same with it. If you thought Raven and the Reindeer had a bit too much murder and throat-cutting… well… Black Dogs has things that are arguably way more disturbing.

On completion of the Kickstarter the eBooks for Black Dogs will also be made available for sale via regular channels as well, so this is not an exclusive now-or-never thing. Just a nice thing we can throw in to thank all 550+ of you for getting us this far.

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