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Ursula Vernon's quirky, award-winning, 6-volume graphic novel series about a practical wombat aspires to become a single, epic tome.
1,812 backers pledged $142,240 to help bring this project to life.

$95K! Not just new stickers, but add-ons too!

Posted by Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team (Creator)

Having reached our $95,000 stretch goal, we can officially release new vinyl sticker designs! They're not quite ready, so you'll have to wait another day or two, but we hope to have them out soon. In addition to Boneclaw Mother, we have the statue of Ganesh and 2-3 more designs in the works. We'll also be releasing Shadowchild in a hyper-reflective style (think automotive reflective tape) that looks black under regular light, but shines bright when lights are pointed at it.

We will also be offering add-on options for existing rewards, once we release the final sticker designs! People have asked about getting additional copies of the book or complete sets of the sticker designs, and we are happy to accommodate. The idea of add-ons is not a feature supported by Kickstarter's tools, so we're going to have to rely on you all to follow instructions to figure out the proper amounts to add to your orders and to communicate your add-on preferences. (We will ask for input through Kickstarter's backer survey tool once the campaign is over.) On our end, we get to manually track, manage and fulfill all the extra items.

The basic rule for add-ons will be that you'll be able to add anything available at your level or lower, with the exception of book-only levels. The $45 and $75 levels will remain book-only, so at $45 you can order more softcovers, while at $75 you'll be able to order additional books in either softcover or hardcover. At $60, you will be able to add additional softcover books, pins and stickers. At $80, you will also be able to add 11 x 17 posters. At $100, you'll be able to add softcovers or hardcovers. And so on. We will release further details and prices once the sticker designs are complete.

Next stretch goal in line is the big $100,000! Should we reach this level, Ursula will get a wombat tattoo, backers will get T-shirts (free at $100 and up), and we at Sofawolf Press will get some website help. Everyone has something they can get excited about! We'll make the T-shirts add-ons too, so that backers can add them at the $60 and $80 level, and backers at $100 and up can get extras. ($45 & $75 remain book-only.)

With nine days left, we are now in the final 1/3 of the campaign. Thanks to everyone who has given their support so far!


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    1. Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team 5-time creator on

      Sarah, don't despair yet! We will check with the T-shirt printer we plan to use, and if they have 5XL shirts to print on, we will be happy to provide them for our backers. Our usual Sofawolf shirt runs go from S to 3XL because those are sizes we are pretty confident we can sell, but for pre-confirmed sales such as this we can go beyond, as long as the shirts are available.

      Sara and Glynis, we created the book-only levels in part to help keep down the number of things that Ursula is going to have to sign, personalize and sketch. We normally avoid charging people for signatures, but we're considering a $5 add-on for the book-only levels to make sure that people who really want a signature can get them.

      We may end up putting the money we raise towards treating the carpal tunnel that Ursula develops as a result of this campaign...

    2. Sarah Carroll on

      i pledged $100 and t-shirts would be grand, but I wear 5x ::sadface::

    3. Glynis on

      I mean I really do not want all the extra's for the next level

    4. Glynis on

      Would also pay extra to have Ursula sign my softcover

    5. Missing avatar

      Sara Stredulinsky on

      Speaking of add-ons, I was wondering if it might be possibly to add a signature add-on to the book-only tiers. I absolutely LOVE signed copies of things, but I'm not sure I want the additional items. I'd happily pay extra to get a signature on my hardcover!

    6. Missing avatar

      Sean Fagan on

      The Girl Genius kickstarter figured out a way to do add-ons... ah, I see, they used "". I don't know any details about it, I just mention it in case you want to look into it :).

    7. Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team 5-time creator on

      Margaret, we recommend referring to our reward matrix document for the clearest explanation of what you get at each level. It is up to date for the current stretch goals. The only anticipated change will be the addition of T-shirts at $100K. Jennifer was correct that at $100, you will get a Digger sticker plus three other designs. We will let people choose which of the three designs they prefer. If you would like a complete set, you can add on the remaining stickers.

      The Matrix…

      Jennifer, our previous T-shirts have come in a range from small to 3XL, and we don't see any reason not to do the same for our Kickstarter shirts. So as long as you fall within the S - 3XL range, you should be good!

      Josh, the shirts will be a $15 add-on each. You're welcome to increase your pledge, but we are obligated to point out that we are not officially releasing the T-shirts until we reach $100K.

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh Triplett on

      What will the price for extra shirts be? I'll happily add that much to my pledge now.

    9. Olna Jenn Smith

      @Margaret -- from what I remember of the chart, 1 Digger sticker and three others our choice of design are included at the $100 level.

      @SofaWolf -- how large of a shirt are you going to offer. Currently I'm utterly unexcited by that stretch goal because the shirts offered on KS frequently stop at XL. If it won't fit, can we indicate we don't want one, save you the expense of shipping it?

    10. Margaret Colville on

      Sanity check - at the $100 level, are all of the stickers included? I've sort of lost track with the stretch goals etc...