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Ursula Vernon's quirky, award-winning, 6-volume graphic novel series about a practical wombat aspires to become a single, epic tome.
1,812 backers pledged $142,240 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Update

Posted by Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team (Creator)

Ursula is back from her honeymoon, and despite the fact that she's now busy preparing for back-to-back conventions, we managed to chat with her long enough to get her opinions about the stretch goal ideas we'd been developing over the last week. Some of our wilder ideas got shot down by reality,* but we are still excited about the ones that we settled on, and we think that you'll enjoy them too.

With the general (and expected) slow-down of new pledges, we decided to shift our stretch goals to $5,000 increments in order to keep everyone's spirits up and to have new reasons to celebrate during these mid-campaign doldrums that seem to be common. We promise that we won't use it as an excuse to spam your inboxes with updates! We will only post updates when there is something noteworthy to let you know about beyond simply announcing that we've reached another stretch goal.

We've added a mini-stretch-goal at $90,000, which is a nice number to celebrate, coming in at 3x our original funding goal. We're nearly there! Just over $2K to go. For this reward, we will release video and audio of the mysteriously missing minutes from Episode 114 of Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap.** They're not quite as mysterious or as lengthy as the missing audio on the Nixon tapes, but we hope you enjoy them anyway! The missing commentary was recoverable because Jeff happened to be there that week and had set up a camera to grab some shots of KUEC for the Kickstarter video.

In line with our move to $5K stretch goals, we've moved up to $95,000 the extra vinyl sticker designs. If we reach this goal, the number of stickers at each reward level will remain the same, but backers will get to choose which ones they want from a wider array of designs.

The $100,000 stretch goal will remain as before, minus the additional sticker designs that were moved up to $95K.

Starting at $105,000 we will begin creating author commentary tracks to accompany the books. Each $5,000 increment up to $130,000 will cover a commentary track for one of the printed volumes (each of which includes two chapters from the web edition). The idea will be that Ursula will go through the books page by page, talking about whatever comes to mind: memories, inspirations, artistic techniques, etc. They will be similar to directors' commentary tracks that accompany DVD/BlueRay movies, only readers will follow along in their own copies of the book. (With Ursula's sense of humor and ability to tell a good story extemporaneously, we expect that they will be rather more entertaining than many movie commentary tracks we've listened to!) We will clean up the audio and add aural cues for page turns, then release the tracks for free to the Internet.

Finally, we've added a fancy new dust jacket design for the $140,000 stretch goal. This will be a full-color wrap-around piece reminiscent of the original web chapter title pages and printed volume covers. For the standard omnibus covers, we decided to go with a bold black-and-white design to better advertise the style of the comic within to potential buyers not already familiar with Digger. But for our backers who already know and love Digger, we think you'll enjoy having another piece of art that you can either wrap around your books to dress up your shelves and coffee tables, or that you can frame and hang on the wall.

Because of the amount of work involved to create such a piece, coupled with Ursula's schedule for this summer/fall, it is likely that these new dust jackets will not be available by the time we are scheduled to ship the books and other rewards. As such, we may have to get creative to deal with the added costs of shipping them separately.

(If we don't make this stretch goal, we will still design a special Kickstarters-only dust jacket as part of the $80K stretch goal we already achieved -- it just won't be a brand new color piece by Ursula.)

Thanks again for your support and your help spreading the word. We think that these stretch goals are likely to cover us for the remainder of the campaign, but we would hardly complain if we ended up of having to come up with more!

* We have yet to line up any celebrities willing to mud-wrestle a wombat*** as a stretch goal. If you have any personal connections, have them contact us!

** Note to parents: while the missing video segment is family friendly, the Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap podcast in general contains occasional discussions of adult topics and adult language.

*** Because of animal rights concerns, the wombat would most likely be an intern in a wombat costume.


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    1. Olna Jenn Smith

      Quick question -- if we make the 'new colour art by Ursula dust jacket' goal, the one that will probably ship separate, will the KS editions ship with the normal dust jacket or /without/ a dustjacket?

      And how much do we have to overfund so that the $100+ levels get /all/ the pins and stickers? :P

    2. Holland Dougherty on

      I've already pledged more than I can afford, else I'd up my pledge, but good luck! 2 weeks to go! We can do this!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Bangert on

      Is that when they were eating the crab chips? I was horribly disappointed when we didn't get to hear in real-time how bad they were, hooray to getting them back!!

      Also hooray to the success on the whole, but I think that goes unsaid.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elena Dent on

      Oh My Dog! This is amazing! I am thoroughly jazzed at how well this is going!