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Way of the Fighter is an expandable card and dice game born of classic arcade-style fighting games.
Way of the Fighter is an expandable card and dice game born of classic arcade-style fighting games.
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Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)
Greetings Fighters,  

We are happy to say that we have received our first shipment of miniatures from the manufacturers and are preparing them for shipping! 

We received the following miniatures: 

  • D'Shaun Khublai 
  • ND-2000 
  • El Falcon 
  • Ranveer 
  • Mbiraru 
  • Albertus 
  • Faris 
  • Aurelia 
  • Jun 
  • Ren 
  • Severina 
  • Lumi and Djinn 
  • Candy 

We are currently preparing them for shipment and they will be heading to you shortly! Please note that all of these are the masterclass miniatures. The Super Dungeon miniatures and the remainder of the masterclass miniatures are in production and will be following on soon. We know these have taken a bit of time, and we thank you for your patience. They'll be on your hobby tables and game boards soon. 

Keep Fighting!


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    1. Andrew Willis on

      if this is their idea of short, then I'd hate to see what long is... oh wait, I backed SDE:L too :P

    2. Tim Crothers

      Still no sign of *ANY* miniatures here despite the "shortly" from six months ago.

    3. Olivia Vigrabs

      They were heading out to us shortly...4 months ago

    4. Aaron Sleep on

      Any news on when people in Australia can expect to start receiving their models?

    5. Los


    6. Wizard of AZ

      So what about...

      Ying Pei
      Blazing Soul Candy
      SDE Chibi Miniatures

      What's the plan for them?

    7. MacenKrace on

      sodapop site is under reconstruction and pledge manager can't be accessed... I'm wondering what is happening

    8. David Zennaro on

      Wondering too what is happening with the minis. I was hoping them to not be more than one year late.

    9. Missing avatar

      merlin on

      any news ? this update is a month old now ...

    10. Joseph Fife on

      @Chiky Scares You, Email them at
      @SPM, any chance we'll get to the SDE crossover cards.

    11. Kineticmedic on

      Reading into the oops post over in the legends Kickstarter project I would presume these are the full scale minis, very nice and looking forward to them! :)

    12. Kineticmedic on

      To confirm, are these the SD scale minis or the standee substitute models?

    13. Chiky Scares You

      how do we do if we need to change our address??