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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
6,611 backers pledged $1,290,522 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Soda Pop Miniatures (Creator)

Apologies. This update for Way of the Fighter was accidentally posted to Super Dungeon. We apologize for the confusion.

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    1. Whut Whut on

      Still want a refund.

    2. Alex

      The dumpster fire that is this KS continues!

      Thanks again for your absolute and utter incompetence guys.

    3. Torsten Klitsch on

      so in real speak, you do have a working product with SDE and you do have preproduction copies lying around. The team is idly and trying new things like to combine SDE with other products (ninja All Stars). Get them to work or sack them, this would you save our money. And gget the things into production.
      But i think you are paying just one artist for this project (part time) to make some scetches for the "updates" to pretend that something is done on the product.

    4. Missing avatar


      "We're play-testing Super Dungeon Explore/Ninja All Stars stuff today"
      Why the heck do you not post something about that then?
      Anything but lore at this point.
      How are you guys screwing this up this bad?

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnson on

      @Johan - they say it isn't but there's a handful of people that have been waiting for approved refunds since at least November, and Scott himself said that the refunds are not moving as fast as they would like.

    6. Johan De Clercq on

      Only thing I've ever red is that that stopped accepting new refunds since that one update. But that they were refunding the previous accepted ones. Clearly badly because there is a queue... And that tells how bad your company is doing if you have a refund queue.
      But how do you know that it is literally frozen? ( Not that it surprises me, just wondering)

    7. Matt K on

      So they have time to post about minis for their other games, and promote their new SDE masterclass line of models, but cannot address anything about this kickstarter?

      How do you expect anyone to buy your merch or support you in any way. You fail to communicate with the community time after time. You crushed your fanbase. and you got yourself blacklisted for most boardgamers out there.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnson on

      @Eric Wikstrom - that's my thought too, especially with the rise in shipping costs. *Maybe* the Legends stuff will be digitally released, or swapped out for something no one asked for (looking at you, loot from RRI that was supposed to be card sleeves), but I wouldn't count on it.

    9. eWave on

      @Eric Wikstrom
      I'm in Europe, so given Ninja Division's track record, I'm probably going to get left hanging whatever happens.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Wikstrom on

      I have a bad feeling wave 1 will ship followed by an "heartfelt" apology and announcement that wave 2 has been cancelled. Assuming wave 1 will be completed at all.

    11. eWave on

      @Johan De Clercq
      There is no "refund queue". All refunds have been frozen by Ninja Division since November 2017, even if like me you received approval from their end.

      Current situation is that there will be no money transfer until Wave 1 ships, whenever that may be. So yeah, they are basically holding hostage backers who just want to leave this sorry mess behind, and reneging on their words and legal obligations as well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alexander Panasin on

      And so you do not need to add an update to Super Dungeon?

    13. Michiel Pillards on

      And here I was, thinking you got me at least something.
      Nope. Nothing. At all.

    14. Johan De Clercq on

      How long is the refund queue? 7months now please get the refunds done so I can stop coming here...

    15. sleepy_laughter on

      @Daren Unruh - via the WOTF KS, yes, too late. However, they might sell them on the store after the KS is fulfilled.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daren Unruh on

      So I know it was an accident, but is it too late to try to get the Way of the Fighter minis for Super Dungeon?

    17. Blake Deaver on

      Such a pity that you falsely got out hopes up for the kickstarter that we care for. (Care is getting rather distant at this point with the lack of proper updates. Seriously- give the backers what they ask for- it's not that hard to do. INFORMATION.)

    18. sleepy_laughter on

      @wasa the wotf chi is are resin.

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Wikstrom on

      LOL. Can they do anything right on this kickstarter? Kinda shocked they didn't accidentally post background fluff for way of the fighter instead.

    20. Jared Bond

      Well, look at it this way. There might have been far worse things (for them) that they could have accidentally cut-and-pasted into this update...

    21. Mike Norris on

      Sadly...this update is more informative about this project than the last bath of fluff posts. :(

    22. Recon Games on

      @Garamond LMAO That is a perfect representation!

    23. Missing avatar

      Garamond on

      HAHAHAHAHA PLAYTESTING Super Dungeon/Ninja All-Stars!! How about instead of playing around, you give us a production update?

      i actually started playtesting my custom super dungeon cards but for some reason i keep failing.

      but i guess it just reflects Soda Pop's current state.

    24. Mike the Knight on

      Thanks for letting us know you are shipping minis from a project that came out long AFTER this one funded.

    25. JazzFlight

      Give us a production update for this project, now.

    26. Wasa on

      This is interesting. The post claims that the SDE cosplay miniatures are in production, but they were never marketed as being cast in resin. So, did ND manage to secure a slot for plastic printing, or did they decide to eat the cost and cast in resin for the sake of completing fulfillment?

      I can’t post this in the WotF campaign because I was a late backer, but I think it is relevant for theory-crafting production status.

    27. Crimson Ghost on

      I Genuinely mean this...

    28. Crimson Ghost on

      Y'all could Screw up serving a glass of water...

    29. Coach K on

      Ninja Division. The company that redefines kickstarter incompetence. Setting examples that will never be equaled for all time.

    30. Paul Downs on

      By way of a genuine apology, could you possibly start posting updates regularly as to the actual progress of this Kickstarter, work in progress, scratch builds, moulds, box design... anything. Alongside the filler and flavour text we've been getting posts above the above would go a long long way to restoring faith we might see a product here.

    31. James Turner

      Seriously, after how this Kickstarter has gone, you'd think people would take extra care not to make boneheaded mistakes like this.

      I swear, if there was a single thing I could do to "vote with my feet" on this project, I'd do it. But they've had my $200 for three years now, so all I can do is sit here and soak in the incompetence.

    32. Frank Wenzel

      Amateur hour again?

    33. AgntOrenge


    34. Angus Lost

      Bahahahahahaa nice one. what's worse than not receiving any actual news? Receiving news that a different KS y'all started A YEAR AFTER THIS ONE is finally getting something for their monies... you know, besides disappointment. Not angry, just tired of all the nothing from this KS.

    35. eWave on

      And here I was getting my hopes up that along with Wave 1, my refund would finally materialize. Silly me.

    36. Michael Boyle on

      Nice post Skippy, I about tipped my chair over laughing.

    37. Missing avatar


      Careful there. People could get the impression that you aren't very good at this kickstarter thing.

    38. Jason Brown

      ROFL I was excited for almost a second when I read the title lol.

    39. Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator on


      Genuinely everyone, we apologize. We're play-testing Super Dungeon Explore/Ninja All Stars stuff today, and somebody got a little excited to finish their updates and start playing. Please feel free to email in if you're seeing this and are confused.

      I can be reached at:

      With apologies,
      Ninja Scott

    40. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hicks

      Your PR hairs should be going crazy right about now Soda Pop. A damage control update would be nice! As in, does this project have a chance of being delivered or are we all just wasting our time? At this point, I'm hoping for the former, but expecting the latter.

    41. Matt Trenton

      Alright after a "ninja" edit(haha), it seems they were in error.
      Sorry for the snark.
      But I do hope for a real production update to this project soon!

    42. Missing avatar

      Tobias Orth on

      how long is the delay on the other kickstarter and how long of this one :( no refunds, no production update... just useless apologies...

    43. Matt Trenton

      I'm going to be perfectly blunt. This is an unacceptable update for this project.
      This project is not for your "masterclass minis".
      Please do not use this space for promotion, or updates on other projects you may have going on.
      While some kind of an update like this is nice, it is not relevant to this project AT ALL.
      I rather hope this second update was posted in error.
      It's insulting enough all we get is fluff updates, but now we are getting updates about non-related projects?

    44. Missing avatar

      Will on

      LOL, so the only actual update on production for this years late kickstarter was a mistake. How embarrassing.

    45. Justin Jackson on

      Ouch, right in the hope box...

      Hopefully thougb SDE will have some good news in the future.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt Ash on

      Original Update:
      "Greetings Fighters,

      We are happy to say that we have received our first shipment of miniatures from the manufacturers and are preparing them for shipping! We received the following miniatures:

      El Falcon
      Lumi and Djinn
      We are currently preparing them for shipment and they will be heading to you shortly! Please note that all of these are the masterclass miniatures. The Super Dungeon miniatures and the remainder of the masterclass miniatures are in production and will be following on soon. We know these have taken a bit of time, and we thank you for your patience. They'll be on your hobby tables and game boards soon.

      Keep Fighting!"

    47. Kim Pierson on

      It's cool we are glad you are alive and just ignoring us asking for real updates on our actual Kickstarter. This post was just as useful.

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnson on

      Lulz. They did say "The Super Dungeon miniatures and the remainder of the masterclass miniatures are in production and will be following on soon."

      So there's that