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Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
Super Dungeon Explore, the chibi board game, returns with LEGENDS — featuring a new starter box, campaign play, and RPG action!
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    1. Mike the Knight on

      Pets Parade seems to be the kind of mini expansion I had hoped it would when they first started dropping the models so long ago, hope to play it soon. This year preferably.

    2. Christopher J. Moerlien on

      Sorry to have to do this here, but I have been trying to get my refund since the end of November. In December I was told I would get it within 30 days. I still have not received my refund and SPM has stopped emailing any responses. I want my money back and I would like to be done with this mess.

    3. Federico Pinci on

      I was just thinking is this project a whooping 2 years late?

    4. Baron Alaine on

      This project is taking toooo long . I'm losing interest fast now and the crap job of boxing the rail raiders

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan Farnaby on

      That male Ember Mage will have a high chance of being painted up like Vivi from Final Fantasy IX.

    6. Jeremy Law on

      Looking good! Are we still looking at the April first wave schedule?

    7. Missing avatar

      Phinias Phlotbaum on

      At first glance I thought that Hearthsworn's flagon was a Dalek, which would be pretty badass.

    8. Knarf

      Cards look cool. I’m more interested in how the shipping schedule looks like right now for wave 1.
      The one thing I never understood is why the molds were not made yet. I get you want to spent time to adjust the rule, even though this is a bit excessive, but the miniature molds could have been made in the mean time as the minis have not changed that much.

    9. Christina Mary Janson on

      @Roguebaron We might not see one until after chinese new year. China shuts down around that time for about a week or more.

    10. Wesley Chandler on

      @ Soda Pop Miniatures I read the rule book, I though Pet Parade was to be its own separate game mode not an add-on. Wasn't the idea to make the game more streamline, would this not make the game way longer, just like it was before? Maybe my misunderstanding. Maybe someone else has an idea?

    11. Drew on

      Just looking at the NPC cards- Sir Charles Strong looks like he's based on the Thundervale Huntress. Which is cool, but unexpected (since she's on a medium base).

      I've always thought it was a cool idea to switch the base size on minis. I remember Deke mentioned that you could use some of the large based Ninjas with the crossover rules, because the advantage and disadvantage of the large base pretty much cancel each other out.

      I've been wanting to try out the Bearstruck Berzerker with a small base too.

    12. Drew on

      I love that the NPCs will have cards of their own. I figure I'd probably have been playing them as alternates for other heroes anyway, but this is really terrific.

    13. Matt Drake

      Pet Parade looks great! My wife is going to love it. Alternate cards for the NPCs is cool, too. I can't wait to get this all on the table!

    14. Roguebaron on

      Nice. Now how about you give us an honest shipping update. The only one who thinks you will meet an April deadline seems to be you. Enough run around, we've been down thatbroad, manyntimes, before. Where, exactly, is this in terms of production. The longer you wait, the more money you bleed.

    15. Wesley Chandler on

      Sweet, long wait well worth it. Good thing come to those who wait. @Michael I have tons of painting to do as well, all but original counsel.

    16. Michael Bennett on

      I'm so excited! I knew it was gonna be a long long wait when I bought in, that's never been an issue. I think people misunderstood HOW MUCH you guys needed to make! I love this, my girlfriend will love it, my friends will love it, cannot wait...I better get to painting huh?